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October , Is The Last Open Book PE Mechanical Exam Get Your PE Mechanical Study Schedule And PE Mechanical Reference Manual Index At Ppipass DownloadsMaximize Problem Solving Efficiency By Quickly Locating Equations, Figures, And TablesNew EditionQuick Reference For The Mechanical Engineering PE Exam Consolidates The Most Valuable And Commonly Used Equations, Figures, And Tables From The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual You Will Maximize Your Problem Solving Efficiency And Save Time During The Exam By Having The Most Useful Equations And Data At Your FingertipsThis Book S Extensive Index Quickly Directs You To Desired Equations, Figures, And Tables You Can Find What You Need Without Wading Through Paragraphs Of Descriptive Text Or Solved Problems The Quick Reference Is Organized According To The Companion Reference Manual The Two Share Chapter And Section Numbers So You Can Easily Identify Related Supplementary Material

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