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How Can Barkley, A Sweet Springer Spaniel, Belong To An Arrogant Guy Like Jack, Who Laughs Whenever One Of Our Dogs At Perfect Paws Has Literally Dragged Me Through The Dirt Plus He S Dating Megan The Mega Snob I M Not Sure Why That Gets To Me It S Not Like I Like Jack, Despite His Surprising Smile And The Way He Is With Dogs Sigh How Do I Know So Much About Puppies And So Little About Love TWO WORDS CUTE FUNNY Oh man Allie s life is such a disaster I felt bad for her but she doesn t let me It seems like everything she does turn into her own downfall But what is important is she always get to rise and save the day Thanks to her spirit and her super cool Mom No thanks to Megan the meanie by the way.Jack Her jerkboy He s so cute and sweet and he s perfect for Allie Both dog lovers I think I want a dog now too and build my own center DI find their love for dog, especially Allie s, heartwarming Nooooow, go grab a copy and have this very light read that will leave you smiling and puppy eyed Lol. ssooooo cute Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn NguyenAllie can t believe her luck This summer she gets to do the one thing she loves the most, be around dogs It works out great, especially since Allie s mother owns a dog grooming shop With a little mention of starting up a doggy day care, Allie is officially a dog sitter in the shop, and she gets paid for it Being in charge of a doggy day care sure does has its benefits, like being able to see the new guy in town, Jack, who just so happens to love dogs and decides to let his own dog, Barkley, stay at the day care But his sweetness towards the dogs and very attractive looks just doesn t excuse how much of a jerk boy he is Of course there is always company that isn t really wanted, and for Allie it s Megan, the very rich and very snobby girl who happens to have one of the meanest and most unfriendly poodles around, Tallulah It s bad enough that Megan just can t keep her paws off of Jack, but also owning a dog who happens to pick on other dogs is just so inexcusable for Allie But why is it that this sometimes nice jerk boy, Jack, is becominginterested in Megan then he is in Allie And why is it that whenever Allie is with a pack of dogs in public, something has to go terribly wrong Allie just doesn t know why everything bad has to happen to her But maybe, just maybe, there is still a chance for Allie to make everything she ever dreamed of officially work out like her first kiss Another great addition to the FIRST KISSES line of books, PUPPY LOVE is both charming and satisfying The interaction between Allie and Jack is what makes this book worth reading, since they will make you believe that anyone can find the perfect person for their first kiss. I read this years ago and loved it It stands out enough that I still recall most of the novel today As a young teenager, I remember that I was aware that it was shallow and full of cliches, but I still enjoyed it It s a cute book full of fluff, romance, and animals I probably wouldn t like it now that I m older, but I would definitely recommend this for pre teens It s a fun story. Corto, lindo, me gusto Algunas partes se me hicieron un poco exageradas El libro en si esta cute, me encantan los perros por lo que disfrute mas el libro Aparte creo que te dan un buen mensaje Que a veces uno cree cosas o se crea historias que no tienen nada que ver con lo que en verdad paso. Cute but not what I hopped for, most of the funny stuff didn t make me laugh only made me feel sorry for Allie because it was always at her expense even the expected kiss sucked because she tasted like bacon that s just sad Cute book about puppies and and their owners who get the wrong impression about each other. Pretty good Nice pre teen to teen romance story The dogs sound very cute The only problem is that this story doesn t really have a plot except for the boy, so stay away if you don t like that kind of stuff. Great addition to the series Cute story about never judging a book by its cover