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Treating Such Contemporary Design And Development Issues As Identifying Customer Needs, Design For Manufacturing, Prototyping, And Industrial Design, Product Design And Development By Ulrich And Eppinger Presents In A Clear And Detailed Way A Set Of Product Development Techniques Aimed At Bringing Together The Marketing, Design, And Manufacturing Functions Of The Enterprise The Integrative Methods In The Book Facilitate Problem Solving And Decision Making Among People With Different Disciplinary Perspectives, Reflecting The Current Industry Toward Designing And Developing Products In Cross Functional Teams

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    If you are starting in the product development process this book will work fine.Each chapter foucses in each phase of the new product development process NPD , with a complete explanations of different methodologies and approaches along all the processes.this edition is most about a product heavy on engineering, I work in the food industry and probably might need another kind of examples, but for those on engineering the example will be great.Because It is an older Edition it does not has information about the use of Big Data on the NPD process

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    This is a short textbook targeted at engineers taking interdisciplinary graduate courses about how their industrial design work fits into the overall product development process It is strongest in outlining the key concepts that make industrial designs succeed In its 4th edition, this is a well written text with good supporting tables, charts and pictures There is a good balance of theory and practice The text could be digested by any junior level engineering or business major It could be especially helpful to a non technical marketing or finance MBA student seeking to understand the structural drivers of technical design success.Chapters 1 4 lay out the usual process, plan and customer requirements components of a broader new product development course They are not a substitute for the comprehensive treatment in a marketing course Chapter 5 on product specifications is strong on the basics of metrics, values, technical and cost factors, but weak on the process of actually selecting and prioritizing factors at this stage.Chapters 6 7 on concept generation and selection are strong, outlining the research and problem solving steps, followed by examples and processes for making choices Chapter 8 on concept testing is elementary.Chapters 9 11 are the heart of the book, explaining how product architecture, industrial design and design for manufacturing are done and why they, rather than technical brilliance or marketing innovation, are commonly the greatest drivers of life cycle project success Product variety, standardization, modularity, chunking, interfaces, interaction, platforms, cost types, target costs, sequences, secondary features, assembly and support factors are defined and illustrated.Chapters 12 13 provide an introduction to the important roles of prototypes and robust design These are descriptive chapters with limited depth.Chapters 14 16 cover the complementary topics of intellectual property, economics and project management at a surface level.Anyone involved in the industrial design process will find value in this helpful textbook It s 350 pages can be skim read in less than 2 days.

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    Great book for engineers.

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    Came in in a timely manner and is the assigned textbook, however it s not appropriate for the class it s assigned for But it is what its supposed to be.

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    best textbook in the field so far.