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Fourteen Year Old Gracie Wright Escapes Her Impoverished And Unconventional Life By Impersonating Her Rich Cousin At An Exclusive Summer Camp, Until A Series Of Weird Events Convinces Her That Her Mother S Delusions About Being The Deposed Queen Of A Distant Planet Just Might Be True

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    My favorite part was when the Maluxziad s on Earth were destroyed, and the wormhole was permantantly sealed My least favorite part was when Wren and Chuck were kidnapped, because Lance thought Wren was actually Gracie I also didn t like the part when Wren and Gracie decided they would switch places.

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    Great book I wish this was a series I didn t want it to end I recommend this book to anyone who feels like a nice, quick, humor book I hope you read it and like it as much as I did Maybe even

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    it was way better then the cover looks.i normally do not like books with lovey stuff in it but this book was a exception.

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    Gabriella Castellon Period 3 247 pagesThis book is about a teenage girl named Gracie that is very annoyed at her mother because her mother believes that she is the queen of a planet called Pannadeau Now she believes that 4 aliens from Pannadeau called Maluxziads are coming to capture her and her family to take them to Pannadeau and publicly murder them Gracie ignores her mom and lies about playing softball when she is actually switching places with her cousin Wren and going to a horseback riding academy As Gracie is at camp she meets complete strangers that happen to know alot about her family Then Gracie finds out that her mother wasn t lying about the Maluxziads and discovers that two campers at her camp are actually Maluxziads.With her mother s tips she was able to destroy the Maluxziads and she is now living a regular life.

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    When I read the title, I thought this book would be a humorous fiction, something like Princess diaries But turns out this one is really about princess from another planet.Gracie s mom always says that she is a queen from Pannadeau, a planet outside Earth, and she came to Earth because the enemies are chasing her royal family members Nobody believes her, obviously But her mom doesn t care Lately she gets messages about enemies from Pannadeau looking for her and want to kidnapp her children, and she became restless Things started to get complicated and Gracie s little brother was kidnapped I give it 2 stars because I don t really like the plot I think even fantasy should make sense, and this one don t.

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    Appropriate for 3rd 4th grader Definitely for the silly type reader A mix of contemporary setting with aliens that accidentally kidnap the wrong kids Gracie s mother is a little crazy She talks about being part of royalty and encourages her kids, Gracie and her little brother, Chuck to do bizarre things Her dad met her mom at a mental institution so Grace is not sure her mother is really all together But then some strange things start happening and her mother seems real than she realized A little bizarre, probably supposed to be funny, but if you have a parent with alzheimers or a mental issue, it might not seem so light hearted a story.

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    I remember reading this book several times when I was younger I got it for free during some book fair or literacy campaign and I loved it It s a really quirky story and sort of u sensual but for my younger self it was good entertainment I was able to read it all in one sitting back then since it was so engrossing, mainly because it was just a weird story that captured my weird imagination I haven t read it in years though so I can t really say how I feel about it now However, it was a great story when I was younger.

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    This is a cute book about Gracie whose mother thinks she is the queen of the planet Pannadeau Of course, everyone thinks the mother is crazy and getting crazier all of the time until Maluxzuids kidnap Gracie s brother and cousin and it s up to her to destroy these evil aliens.I would say this book is probably on a 4th 7th grade interest level I enjoyed it, and it is a wholesome book for children.

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    Princess From Another Planet is about a girl named Gracie, and she goes through some lets just say adventures that normally a 14 year old girl wouldn t do Her mom thinks that she s the queen from planet Pannadeau on the other side of the milky way galaxy This book is amazing I think so you should read it i didnt think it was that exciting by just looking at the cover but, dont judge a book by it s cover

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    This was a book one of my friends was reading I shouldn t have even thought of reading it from the cheesy cover, but I asked The plot was so predictable, you knew who the unknown aliens were before anything actually happens It was slow, boring, and flat I didn t have fun with this one I still can t get over of how obvious the plot was.