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Powers Of Horror Is An Excellent Introduction To An Aspect Of Contemporary French Literature Which Has Been Allowed To Become Somewhat Neglected In The Current Emphasis On Para Philosophical Modes Of Discourse

6 thoughts on “Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection (European Perspectives Series)

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    Kristeva rules To everyone who has some interest in the ABJECT matter, here s the Bible Uncanny

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    This is an important work by a leading French writer It s about the psychological role of disgust and rejection, the innate sense of horror that establishes within us what is acceptable and appropriate, and what s on the other side of that divide It s not an easy read by any means, but quite beautifully written This is probably only going to really resonate with people with some familiarity with Lacan and psychoanalytic theory.

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    Required reading for a graduate course on abject bodies Reads like Gadamer which I love and you will never look at milk the same again or anything else.

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    This is a superb illumination into the depth of the human condition.

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    Insightful Terribly insightful Not an easy reading Deep, revealing, an eye opener It s something between psychology and philosophy, a serious, sound, fascinating reading Depending on your inner ego, depending on how much close to death and horror you have been, this is one of the best books I have ever read.David

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    This is by far one of my favorite texts The abject touches everything in our lives and Kristeva poetically engages with the third position beautifully A must read for feminists, art students, and anyone into psychoanalysis or disgust.