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Grace And Luke Are Among The Lucky Few Who Find Love Early In Life At Seventeen, Both Are Equally Certain That Their Love Will Last A Lifetime But When That Love Is Cut Short By Forces Beyond Their Control, Grace Must Answer The Question Of Just How Far She Is Willing To Go To Get Back To Luke But This Is Not The Typical Romantic Tale And Just When You Think You Know Where The Story Is Going, You Find Yourself Drawn Into A Whole New Reality, Where The Fate Of An Entire World Rests Upon The Choices Of This One Girl Prepare To Experience The Adventure Not Only Through The Eyes Of These Two Lovers, But Also Through The Intertwined Experiences Of A Group Of Remarkable Dogs, As Grace S Journey Becomes So Much Than Her Singular Quest To Return To The One She Loves Grace and Luke s love story makes me reflect on the true meaning of love and what it looks like in real life Love isn t easy and there can be lots of complications. I am so sorry to report I have finished reading Paradox Love by Dorothy Gravelle What an amazing story It is filled with twists and turns so very unexpected The characters are believable and lovable Just as fun as Where the Deer Dwell but totally different As well written as her first, just the lack of Clan of the Cave Bear or the time travel sci fi genres.Instead, I found myself saying, Ms Gravelle, you ve given Richard Bach a run for his money Think One or Bridge Across Forever Add into this soul mate mix Lassie Come Home and a box of Kleenex and you get a bit of the idea Rather than the angsty YA romance typical these days, there was a strong couple who lived their own truths.Now, I need to tell you that this is a first book in a series But notice the star rating I gave No cliffhanger Yay You can tell there isto the story but you aren t left worrying about the people You just know there isyou want to know I can t wait to read the next book By the way, this Kindle ebook is free with Kindle Unlimited There is also a Giveaway on GoodReads FirstReads If you want to read the tree copy. Wow This book from the first time I know it existed to the time I won it, received it and read it had me.I was astonished at how it affected me.I lost my dog and miss her daily and knowing someone came back as a dog multiple times to be close to the one they love most astonished me.I cried out of pure emotion at the decisions Grace made.She used her free will and in doing that affectedpeople and their lives then imagined.We all do this everyday and to realize it blows me away.Her experiences as someone or something else was intriguing.She was limited to the body she was in and yet very determined to be near Luke.If the universe is really like this wow A definitely good read and it will stay with me for a long time. I received a copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads Part of me wishes that the premise behind this book that we are all souls that are sent back to Earth to learn from the lives that we lead were actually truly the case I love this idea And also the idea that free will is of the utmost importance I really just enjoyed the book, and can t wait for the sequel so that we can find out what happened to Gabe and whether he gets returned to Castellans. Paradox Love is a quick read It wasn t a page turner for me Perhaps it is because of what genre it is in It is a love story that involves reincarnation and dogs Two things that do interest me I felt that the main character was so selfish that she was unlikable Her soulmate was just sad This book would definitely appeal to those who like love stories and stories about soul mates If you find that too sappy, then you will most likely not enjoy this book If you like dogs, it could go either way I receive this book through Goodreads Members Giveaway The opinion is solely my own. The book absorbed me but are you kidding me with that ending I literally shouted when I finished. In the fall of 2013, I was out with my husband having coffee It was one of the most stressful times of our lives and the simple treat of getting away for coffee was a rarity We were both working seven days a week and had been for years Yet even with the craziness of our situation and the preciousness of even a few minutes of free time, I wrote whenever I could That day over coffee, I was talking to him about the book I d just started He was interested and asking questions, but for some inexplicable reason just then, I pivoted and started talking about the idea I had for another book The description had his attention immediately He must have sensed a change in me, too, as I felt my own excitement rising while I spoke about it It had another title back then, Love in the Seventh Life My husband put his coffee down for a moment and said to me with as much conviction as any words he d ever spoken to me Don t write the book you re working on Put it away for now and write, Love in the Seventh Life It was just that simple and yet so profound at the same time I set aside my other manuscript and began work on what eventually became, Paradox Love And in the stolen moments of my life, it poured of me unchecked He was right.The reason writers write is an individual affliction, so to speak Most of us agree that we simply cannot help ourselves I ve wanted to quit a thousand times But when it comes right down to it, I just can t When you have this affliction, there s really no cure And Paradox Love, wanted to be written like a baby in the womb has to come out eventually.I have a hard time writing the typical novel Maybe that s a good thing Maybe not I wanted to write an epic love story that spanned a series of novels I wanted to write about young love I didn t want to present it as angsty, which is the trend right now I wanted it to be as real as any love felt by the most seasoned, grownups among us I wanted to write about the kind of love that makes you so sick inside that you almost can t stand it, and yet you d rather die than lose it That is the premise of the love between Luke and Grace.I must admit, there are not many out there as yet who know my work enough to understand this next thought But if you do know me, you might have an understanding that I don t write to jump aboard the latest marketable trend I write to entertain, of course I write because it s an obsession, of course But I also write because I have something I want to say This is the reason this love story includes characters of the four legged variety Their stories are hard to read, but the lives of dogs are often times far from fairy tales Alongside the story of Luke and Grace, there will be dogs in this first in the series and those that follow Maybe you can let me know whether you thought the concept worked or not But in the end, it wanted to be written and it was I got some great advice back in the fall of 2013 Paradox Love, is the result I hope that you might enjoy it a little , having read about this tiny snapshot in time along the journey I hope you ll love all the love stories in it, both the human and the four legged ones.