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eh That s about all I can say about this book It was fairly interesting how all the subplots came together but it felt like work I slogged thru parts and some I skimmed and skipped Characters were pretty thin and predictable Overall I was just left with a feeling of meh at the end. Beautiful story of the ultimate giftI really enjoyed this book There were several story lines that came together beautifully This story is a testament to organ donation and the lives it can touch From those who have lost a loved one, to those that are given the miracle of life through that devastating loss.I really liked the characters, except one that shall remain nameless, as well as the intensity of the situations they find themselves in The technical scenes in this book were written so brilliantly, that I would not be surprised to learn that the author, Dr Barbara Ebel, was a trained pilot as well as an anesthesiologist I came to really care about the characters in this book and feel with them as well as for them Okay I ll admit it I cried.This book has something for everyone in it, even dog lovers I m not going to tell you anything about Whiskey Putt Putt Sandy I want this very touching part of the book to unfold for you as it did for me.If you get a chance to pick up a novel, I recommend this book, Outcome, A Novel, by Dr Barbara Ebel You will not be disappointed. Outcome English French Dictionary WordReference Outcome Traduction Anglais Franais Forums Pour Discuter De Outcome, Voir Ses Formes Composes, Des Exemples Et Poser Vos Questions Gratuit Traduction Outcome Franais Dictionnaire Anglais Reverso This Misapprehension Confuses Outcome With Process Cette Mprise Rsulte D Une Confusion Entre Le Rsultat Et Le Processus The Outcome Was A Major Step Backward Outcome Traduction Franaise Linguee It Adopted Conclusions Stating Its Intention To Adopt Restrictive Measures Against Those Who Are Obstructing The Process Of Peace And National Reconciliation, And In Particular Those Who Are Jeopardising The Proper Outcome Of The Electoral Process Traduction Outcome Dictionnaire Anglais Franais Larousse Outcome Traduction Anglais Franais Retrouvez La Traduction De Outcome, Mais Galement Sa Prononciation, Des Exemples Avec Le Mot Outcome Dictionnaire, Dfinitions, Traduction, Sectionexpression, Conjugaison Outcome Traduction En Franais Exemples AnglaisTraductions En Contexte De Outcome En Anglais Franais Avec Reverso Context Outcome Document, Successful Outcome, Positive Outcome, World Summit Outcome, The Final Outcome Outcome Definition Of Outcome By The Free Bottom Line The End Result, The Final Outcome, The Upshot The Net Profit Or Loss Of Any Transaction Or Undertaking, Financial Or Otherwise This Accounting Term For The Final Figure On A Profit And Loss Statement Has Been Incorporated Intogeneral Usage And Extended In Meaning As Indicated Above It s a nice story, though I never really figured out what the plot of the book was, if the transplant was to be the shining star of the book, then the author achieved her purpose, because the sub plots were weak and that is unfortunate because there was a lot of potential for some great stories to develop I wish the rest of the book had been as well developed as the parts when we were in the operating room The medical lingo was way too in depth, at times I felt like I was reading a manual Sure it s great that the author, as a medical professional, knows what all those machines, tubes and procedures are called, and can describe them in detail, but do we really need to know as non medical professionals just trying to read a novel I didn t, and felt it was distracting.I have not read anything else from this Author to know if that is typical in all of her books If someone I knew were on a transplant list and wanted to know everything that was going to happen, this would be the book to recommend The most glaring issue I have with the book are the grammatical errors and lack of depth when NOT discussing the medical procedures I found most of the sub plots to be un believeable, and lacking depth The parts from the dog s view were a nice touch, though the rest of the sub plots were just barely touched on, and the characters and their stories just weren t fleshed out enough, or believable enough.Comment Comment Permalink Outcome is a fictionalized tale of a real event, Hurricane Ivan in 2004.The story follows the cascade of events that begins with the evacuation of the Gulf.Unlikely friendships are forged, lives are lost and lives begin anew as the massive hurricane bears down on Florida I really enjoyed this read Barbara Ebel is an MD turned author, and she makes excellent use of her medical background.The drama of the operating room is one of the things I loved about this story.she balances the medical language with explanations that strike the right balance Her characters are every day people caught up in extraordinary events.I was caught up in the story right away and stayed that way through the end.Loved this book As Hurricane Ivan barrels toward Florida, a woman trying to evacuate a vulnerable coastal area is involved in a fatal car accident Through her death, the gift of life is bestowed upon a complete stranger We follow the story of harvesting her organs, transplanting, and the donor recipient families struggles to cope with the process A parallel storyline tracks the family pet, PuttPutt, who escaped the crash, but is set adrift in a world turned upside down by the aftermath of the deadly storm.Dr Ebel is a master at writing medical dramas Her background allows detailed views of the complicated course of organ transplantation A lot of the jargon was over my head, but gave a good sense of the amount of work behind the scenes and the dangers inherent in the procedures I found it fascinating.Well written and fast paced, the tension will keep you turning pages well into the night She manages to balance grief and hope, sadness and joy, disaster and recovery Read it This story really touched my heart A woman and her dog are leaving an island to run from a terrible storm However, a policeman makes a terrible mistake and the woman dies in an accident But soon they discover someone needs a liver transplant The family has a tough decision to make and the woman who needs the transplant is a single mother with two teenage children Will they offer refuge to the single mother to save another life Only time will tell in this wonderful and heartwarming story with many twist and turns And what happens to the poor pet dog who wandered aroumd trying to find a new home An excellent read I would actually have given this 4.5 stars, but it was muchengrossing than others I have rated as 4 star Loved the story and was really drawn into the lives of all bar one the characters, including that of the dog Usually I have several books on the go at once, but this got read straight through The only parts I found hard to read were the detailed medical terms, they distracted my attention, yet I dared not skip them in case I missed some important details. Great read I enjoyed this book first and foremost because her characters were interesting That each one showed me not only what they said and did but, I also found out what they were thinking at that same time even the DOG I love good medical novels and I enjoyed Ebel s true to life descriptions of real life in the ER in surgery, at times in the ICU s of the various kinds and the follow up and care that the average patient receives The story line was interesting, as a stage to help people understand what goes on in our hospitals But, not realistic because usually the donor fAmily Nd the recipients family highly discouraged from meeting I would recommend this author to those who have an interest in medicine. Whilst this could have been a wonderful story, I was lost in a pile of medical jargon I thought I d never get out of I found myself skipping over pages just so I could get to the actual story I ve never used my kindle dictionary so much in one book Whilst I love expanding my vocabulary, in some instances not even the dictionary could help me This went from being an interesting novel to an absolute pain in the butt that I had to struggle to read I believe the author could have done way better by limiting the medical jargon to the places where it was actually needed.