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Who Says A Rising Neurosurgeon Can T Fall From His Pinnacle From The Skullduggery Taking Place Deep In The Tennessee Woods To The Silent Tension In The OR, Doctor Danny Tilson S Life Takes An Abrupt Turn After Performing Surgery Alongside A Scrub Nurse With Aqua Eyes And A Velvet Voice Can Danny S Situation Get Any Worse After The Alluring Lady Disappears, He Inherits Her Roguish Retriever, And His Albert Einstein Historical Book Turns Up Missing A Pack Of Tennessee Attorneys Pursue Danny While He Develops A Scheme With His Paramedic Best Friend To Payback The Mysterious Woman Who Left In A Hurry

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    I was so puzzled by the glowing 5 star reviews on that I had to go back to and make sure we were reading the same book By then, there were two dissenting reviews so at least I wasn t in the minority any I can only assume the 5 star reviews had to have come from friends and family I read at least 1 2 books a week and at page 155 I had to give up on this one Despite a semi intriguing first chapter, there was absolutely no character development, no story, no depth whatsoever Yes, there was some medical terminology thrown into a paragraph or two concerning a couple of patients and weird incidents but you didn t care because the author barely described anything to make us care Here s the 155 pages in a nutshell boy marries girl, becomes neurosurgeon, has three kids, one dies abruptly within two pages but you don t care because you can t even remember which daughter it was and by that time they had apparently had three kids but I couldn t remember past the second, husband has an affair, wife finds out about it These characters are so one dimensional and lacking story, I couldn t care about any of them It s very rare I don t finish a book much less one under 300 pages, however I couldn t justify wasting any of my life on this nonsensical drivel.

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    Dr Danny Tilson has everything going for him A beautiful wife, 3 loving children, a father who you see has his ups and downs in health, and a Class A best friend But when Dr Tilson falls in love with a scrub nurse, his life begins turning inside out Love, Loss and Lust is found throughout the book along with medical details that chill you to the bone.Will Dr Tilson be able to hold himself back from new scrub nurse to his family or will the events in the book make him lose everything to be with a woman he barely knows Rating 8.0 10.0Review Operation Neurosurgeon brings you through the rise and fall of the main character, Danny Tilson, as he struggles with Love, Loss, and Lust First and foremost, this book brought me to tears at points I felt so connected to the characters that once something happened, I could feel the anxiety as well Secondly, the characters were so real mini spoiler You watch Danny s family grow from births to deaths and you feel connected to every one I m usually not a romantic reader, but this book was mixed so well with the medical information and accuracy that it distracted me from the book being overly romantic Very well done, and I would recommend this for anyone that likes General fiction, Medical fiction, and Romance fiction.

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    Bad language started and included the f word Tried to continue then came a shower scene with descriptions than I want to read

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    Could have been a good bookI liked the story well enough, I suppose, but There was no plot line The book jumped and jumped through time without letting the reader know, Hey, we just skipped two year at that last paragraph The medical aspect was good and real, but definitely written by a doctor who doesn t know how to break things down into laymen s terms Considering that the specialty of the main character is neurosurgery, I m not the least bit surprised In my extensive dealings with neurosurgeons and thoracic surgeons, they are incredibly good at what they do, but have very poor to non existing bedside manners This, the author could have written them medical portions in a way that a non medically educated person could understand everything.

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    Just found Barbara Ebel s books, Operation Neurosurgeon took awhile to get into Started to not read, but Barbara s writing keep me going I realize now, it took some time to get all the characters history in I was hooked, and I love to find a series where all the books are out, I don t have to wait 6 months or so for a book to come out The I read, the addicted I am Such a good series, I wouldn t suggest reading out of order, I am on 4 Great reading.

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    EbookHe s a happily married neurologist surgeon who takes care of his family but get seduced by a surgery technician and losses his family and job.

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    I gave up when he started the affair Too much medical Mumbai jumbo I am into ER and medical type tv shows and books but this just didn t grab me.

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    I don t even know why I finished this The poorly developed characters and uninspired storyline made this a less than mediocre read Basically Danny, a neurosurgeon leading a charmed life, decides randomly to have an affair with a woman who is deviously trying to bear his child and raise the baby with his money Yes, Danny s eldest daughter did die, which is a simple setup to explain why he made bad decisions, why his life needed a change except the author didn t even use that to explain it Just one day after fifteen years, this handsome, rich, supposedly likable guy who had a fairy tale marriage and family checks out of his family and falls in love with some other chick for no good reason The only thing we know about her is she has aqua eyes and once stole some money from the salon where she used to work.Oh wait, he liked her eyes because they distracted him from thinking about his dead daughter The brain surgery He pays about as much attention to it as a kid building a house out of Legos Yeah, it s something to do, I m a superstar at it, but at the end of the day what matters is bonking this nurse and extricating myself from my perfect family life as quickly as possible All of the characters are painfully one dimensional and I kept getting the names mixed up because there was nothing to distinguish any of them from one another was Mary his wife or his sister Was Sara the mom or the daughter Does it make a difference No, it didn t really I ve read many, many stories about affairs and the complications that lead to them This one completely fell flat It seemed like the plot to a soap opera, with about as much depth Maybe less The ending was breathtakingly short, anti climactic, and unbelievable his wife is going to give him another chance really same with his surgery partners I don t want to waste time elaborating on what a stupid story this was, so I won t A waste of time and not recommended.

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    A UNIQUE DEPICTION OF LIFE AND THE HUMAN SPIRIT First a disclaimer As a reader I am also an author, hence my reviews are critical, but I do not post reviews for anything read I consider less than an excellent or exceptional work I do not wish to saddle any author with a less than favorable review.Upon starting my read of OPERATION NEUROSURGEON I was not sure this novel by Barbara Ebel would meet my criteria as excellent or exceptional, but it has The first chapter left me in a quandary The chapter introduced a rare autographed book purchase by a character that at the time appeared to not be part of what was to follow The book became significant as an important element, but I could not relate the importance of the first chapter until late in the novel.As I read I wish to be able to develop empathy for characters, and it took a while for this to happen, but once it did, I was hooked With an excellent plot I became mesmerized as I watched physical and emotional tragedy wreak havoc on a loving family My emotions were kindled as I saw a highly regarded professional s life fall apart due to bad choices made and circumstances beyond his control This novel portrays life and relationships that at times are wonderful and other times become a nightmare It shows how the human spirit can rise and fall yielding to both depression and hope.Because this is the first book of a series, the novel ends with a cliff hanger, yet the reader is left felling hope for the characters I rate OPERATION NEUROSURGEON at 4.5 stars and round it up to 5 stars I look forward to reading the second book in the series.

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    This is the first book I have read by Dr Ebel I briefly chatted with the good Dr before launching into this read I m not sure if the title really captures the essence of the book Maybe Operation Neurosurgeon Fall of the Mighty Regardless, here we go The read starts out with a very slow pace as the author introduces us to all of the characters It is a little confusing at times, but, do not despair The pace quickens and tightens up as the story unfolds.Dr Danny Tilson has everything in life one could want A great family, a promising career, and good friends But like most males, he develops a terrible itch that is going to undue everything he worked so hard to achieve The aqua blue eyes of a new assistant in the OR Rachel will bring him to his knees He will go from living in a very nice house to sleeping in his car with a new companion.Compounded with the new female assistant are two personal tragedies he could not foresee And it doesn t stop there With his mind wandering about the new relationship, his usual sharp eye and mind over look a MRI that will come back and haunt he and his partners.Being a divorced single parent I could relate to some of the situations presented I recommend this book to any male thinking about having that little affair when no one is watching The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence Well done Dr Ebel, well done.