read online One of the Guys (Love Unexpected #5) Author Delaney Diamond –

I was looking for something short, light and sexy to read and this fit the ticket I enjoyed Ronnie and Diego, and was super happy to catch up with some of the other couples in this series Good story, but it lacked a little of Delaney Diamond s usual style, but having said that, Ms Diamond is always a must read, so if you haven t read this one, please do yourself a favor and check it out. CUTEFUNNYand SEXYI enjoyed the verbal sparring and INTENSE sexual tension between Diego and Veronicaand Ronnie s father, Ezekiel is quite the characterit was nice catching up w rest of cast from the Love Unexpected seriesI hope this isn t the last bookI would love to see some of the other cast in previous reads of this series find their HEA too He Makes Her Feel Like A Woman Mechanic Ronnie Taylor Spends Most Of Her Time With Men As Such, She S Always Been Tough, But Diego Molina Makes Her Feel The Opposite Of Tough The Big Cuban Is Brash, Bold, And Gets Under Her Skin She Finally Has To Admit The Reason He Annoys Her Isn T Because She Dislikes Him It S Because She Likes Him A Little Too MuchWhen Diego Turns The Tables On Ronnie, He Uncovers The Sensual Woman Hiding Underneath But Past Regrets Threaten To Derail Their New Relationship Before They Can Get To Forever, They Must Trust That They Ve Found What They Ve Been Looking For All Along 3.5 stars Cute Ronnie was a little too prickly for no real reason in the beginning but it didn t last so that is good But Diego is sexy as hell.Very quick read and even though I do like them longer, this author does better than some with the shorter length.Tomas and Talia from The Wrong Man are my favorites from this series Tomas is hot buttered butter 3.5 Stars Simply put, this was a satisfying read, but the ending left something to be desired In my opinion, the lack of an epilogue short or long , affected the quality of this book.However, I must say that despite this craptastic move by the author, that I enjoyed reading this quirky tale of a square peg Chica, who gets wrapped up in a latin fiya type relationship with a gorgeous Cuban adonis.I m so glad that one of my fellow Fans of Interracial Romance group members, was cool enough to loan it to me via Kindle.Giving this one 3.5 stars. Great But Too ShortI always live DD books I just wish they were longer This is a short sweet story about Ronnie, a young woman who owns an auto mechanic store She is a great heroine because she is so nontraditional, from her career to her looks Diego is the cousin friend of characters from previous books He runs the towing company next to Ronnie and he s been fluting with her for a year but she ignores him because he s a player.They finally come together when he kisses her when she loses a bet to him and there connection initially is primarily physical but intense They eventually learn to trust each other and fall in love.As always, loved the characters, plot was a little thin but i think that s because the book is so short Look forward to reading by thus author. As usual Ms Diamond has written a fantastic read Having the main female character, Veronica, be in a non traditional field was a wonderful plot twist Having the lead male, Diego, be the one with the major emotional angst added such a dimension to this read I read this book in one sitting and even though Anika was not a major character I can t wait to see how the author handles her unexpected love. Hehpopcorn Not bad, not substantial No development, rushed pacing, two dimensional characters Notwithstanding, the story was okay I especially liked that Veronica had a low hairstyle I recently cut my long locs and am now wearing a teeny, weeny fro so it s good seeing this option in characters Also, Diego is physically yummy He does, however, lack any of the vitality his cousin, Tomas, had in his own book This book feels churned outblah And Diamond needs to work on her verb tenses. Very well written Awesome book