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Love Love Love this book It gave me that excited tingly feeling as soon as I started it, I knew it was going to be FAB U LUSH.and it WAS YAY Had to pull an all nighter cause I could NOT put it down This is my first E Reyes book and I can t believe I ve been missing out This book had everything that ignites my passion for reading, it was beautiful.The intensity, the build up and the passion was amazing It made for a beautiful journey that had me on that emotional roller coaster that you can t get off and don t want to either It had me laughing, swooning if that s a word lol , angry, frustrated, and I had tearsNoah BIG SIGH works at the 5th Street Gym and wants to become a personal fitness trainer Jack who owns the gym gives him his first chance with Veronica and Nellie who have coupons for a free week.Veronica has let herself go since her mum s death She has put on lots of weight because she doesn t leave her house That is until her best mate Nellie drags her to a local gym There they meet their gorgeous and young trainer Noah Noah is not only a fab personal trainer who sorts out Roni, he becomes her best friend and house mate when his place falls apartand so the story begins Noah has had a tough life but came through and is a professional boxer in training He is totally alpha male but has this vulnerability that just made him completely love able and sigh YUMMY He is 20Roni is 28big dilemma for Roni but so for me, as I am 36 and TOTALLY crushing on Noah right now Can t wait for the next book in this series which hopefully has a bit of Noah in it too The hero and heroine are living together as roommates and have this wonderful bonding thanksgiving night but the next day he goes and has sex with OW. Veronica Cruz Has Been Through Hell And Back After Disconnecting With The World Two Years Ago To Be At The Side Of Her Dying Mother, She S Left Alone, Unemployed, Overweight, And Feeling A Decade Older Than Her Twenty Eight Years When Her Best Friend Coaxes Her Into Joining The Local Gym To Ditch Her Depression And Rejuvenate Her Life, She Meets Noah Assigned To Help Veronica Lose Weight, Noah Is Everything She Expected A Young Trainer To Be Perfectly Chiseled, Supportive And Motivating Add To That, He S Incredibly Sexy He S Everything She S Ever Looked For In A Man What She Least Expected Was For Him To Fall For Her, But He Has There S Just One Glaring Problem Noah Is Eight Years Younger Noah Quintanilla Has His Eye On A Boxing Title Someday Down For A Few Months With An Injury, His Maintenance Boy Pay At Th Street Gym Won T Cut It He S Finally Given The Opportunity To Train The Catch His Trainee Is An Out Of Shape Woman With A Free Week Pass Taking On The Challenge, Noah Stumbles Into One Of The Closest Friendships He S Ever Known, And Before He Knows It, He S In Love But Veronica S Not Having It The Age Difference Is Too Much Their Platonic Relationship Means Having To Watch Her Date Other Men Something That Would Make Him Crazy Believing He S The Man For Her, Noah Sets Out To Prove That Age Is But An Illusion, And There S To Him Than Just A Number Adult Contemporary Don t read unless you have read the book There are spoilers ahead.My emotions for this review are seriously summed up with this gif I honestly thought this book was an utter load of bullshit The blurb sounded interesting and when I read it, I assumed there would be lots of training session s and gym time between Roni and Noah but after four or so chapters Roni magically lost 40 lbs pounds and wasn t overweight any or feeling down about herself.What No, seriously, what How was it possible or even healthy to lose forty pounds in a month Getting past the annoyance of that, I was hit with a wave of anger when we didn t even get decent gyms workout with Roni and Noah We didn t get to see her progress, build stamina, get used to been on a treadmill or other work out machines or anything like that.No, what we got wasLast week I lost five pounds, it s the end of my second week and I m about to weigh in I know I worked out hard but I m nervous WHAT I HATE when all of a sudden a scene skips over the weeks during a novel, it s okay to do it once or twice, but it happened a lot during Noah and I didn t like it one bit It went from be nervous around her sexy, young trainer to living with him It made it out as if Roni and Noah knew each other many months when in reality it was only about two or three And apparently things progressed really fast during those two or three months.I couldn t get head around any of that, I also didn t get Nellie, she was in the start of the story then randomly disappeared to go on vacation to work on things with her cheat of a husband I literally feel like her and Rick where put in this story just to be a point to Roni that older men mess up and that it really has nothing to do with their age, a problem which she stressed so often about because Noah was eight years younger than her.I m a firm believer that age is just a number when it comes to dating someone a lot older than you once you re 18 or over but I honestly thought it was stupid to make the heroine have hang ups about an eight year age gap between herself and the hero because there was and eight year gap between her and her ex boyfriend That really pissed me off, talk about being a fucking hypocrite Noah was what saved this story for me, he was sweet, sexy, a boxer and personal trainer, very persistent and extremely mature in certain situations I can t say any of these things about the heroine, she acted like an eighteen year old virgin rather than the 28 year old woman she was supposed to be I mean she got pissed off about Rita a girl Noah casually hooked up once in a while and never talked to him about it because she was trying to convince herself they were just friends and she didn t care, she instead acted like a child and ran back to her ex the douche who left her when her mother was dying, when she needed him most for lunch and dinner dates and didn t tell Noah about any of them She pissed me off to the point I wanted to punch a hole through the screen of my Kindle I seriously feel like I was robbed of the 1 Euro I paid for this crap It was boring, annoying and the blurb was seriously misleading, I won t get back the two hours it took me to get through this stupid thing Just My Bucking Book Blog The heroine in this book ruined it for mereview to come.. This was such a fun read The story wasn t much but it pulled me out of my reading slump so I guess it was good enough I LOVED Noah He was such a cute perf male character I like Roni I thought she was really annoying at times, like hell, just do him girl and get this over with The only real problem I had, was that we didn t get a good description of how the characters actually looked I don t even know what hair Noah has but I can tell you exactly how Gio looks, this was kinda annoying And talking about Gio, I can t wait for his book BLUURGH how do I rate this book First things first, this book was FREE, I m amazed that authors who put together well written books do this, so Thank you author, its very kind of you So Where do I start This book had a mish mash of feelings for me There were bits I LOVED, bits I liked and some parts were just ok ish Veronica has just lost her mum to cancer, following this difficult time she found herself depressed and overweight she is encouraged by her friend to join a local gym to get back into shape, and meets younger fitness trainer Noah This story shows what happens when love intervenes and brings two unlikely s together.So the things I loved liked NOAH, he was a great character and my enjoyment factor of this book mainly hinged on this boxing beauty I also thought the author did a good job of putting the book together and produced a well written, sweet friends to lovers story So where did it go wrong Well for me this book stayed in the friend zone for too long I was ready to jump into the book and sort it out for myself, don t get me wrong I m an advocate for drawn out tension, but this took the biscuit My other niggle was with Veronica bless her, she was a tad drab and dreary and may on occasion have irritated me I admit I skipped and skimmed the last third of this book shameful i know.All in all a sweet, partly engaging read with a hunky, chunky male lead and a ending that romance books are made for, but sadly for me it fell a little flat 2.5 3 stars I had a lot of fun reading this sweet romance about finding love in unexpected places Veronica and Noah meet when she is forcibly taken to a free training session at the gym Noah works at He s the trainer assigned to whip her back into shape after she s put on forty pounds Veronica puts this weight on while caring for her sick mother during a lengthy illness Her mother finally passed, and she s dealing with depression over that and basically having no life after putting everything on hold She has one friend to her name, Nellie, who drags her to the gym after trying everything else to get her out of her funk Veronica and Noah end up hitting it off, and there is a mutual attraction growing Trouble is, he s twenty and she is twenty eight Well trouble to Veronica, anyhow This is a problem that she has a hard time wrapping her head around Not Noah though He knows what he wants, and is willing to stick it out to convince Veronica they are meant for each other I have to say at first I was a little slow to warming up to these two The age difference threw me a little and then their chemistry took a little time to heat up But heat up it did You could slice the tension between these two with a knife They were so obviously hot for each other I loved how Noah was so territorial about his Roni wanting to make it clear to anyone around that she was his and that he was crazy about her Even though Roni was reluctant to fall for Noah, she s green with jealousy over any other girl getting near him too I loved that they started with friendship and caring for each other first But let s face it, the steamy parts, which may or may not have included whip cream, hickeys, and string cheese, were high points for me Another plus was that the author kept the drama and frustration to a minimum and things were resolved quickly This is my first Elizabeth Reyes book and this won t be my last I really want to check out her Moreno Brothers series and I guess there is another 5th street book coming that will tell Gio s story Gio Can t wait to hear about that dreamy boy and his green eyes The best thing about reading this story is that is marked the kick off of Smut Monday I had so much fun reading this along with my hilarious and smut like minded friends Like Arlene said, this is what makes me love this site so much Mondays will never be the same Oh geez, here I go with the over usage of s again Cheers for a romance novel cover that looks adorable.I can t find any of these over used stereotypes in sight 1 Headless Man Apparently, readers don t want a face to ruin their image It s too bad I prefer a gorgeous face to a hot body What s the point of a good body if you can t look someone in the eye 2 Shirtless man w winking nipples Don t believe me Take a spin through someone s romance book list Let it be said that I m a nipple aficionado talk about a bitch to get the spelling right on that word Most book nipples look deformed 3 Couple locked in passionate embrace, with at least one or both people looking as if they re about to pass gas. Yep I m glad the bodice ripping days are over but some publishers don t seem to be quite aware of this fact yet.4 Woman in a scandalous pose, about to fall out of her dress historical , or woman in high heels and short skirt, with the top half of her missing contemporarySelf explanatory.5 Flowers or a house on the cover. Again, self explanatorySo yes, I like this cover It actually fits the story and characters perfectly What s even better I actually liked the story Contemporary romance and I have a love hate relationship usually hate than love White collar stories are my least favorites to read I love gritty men who like to get their hands dirty The lead is a boxer Yes, I do believe I will like this.What s goin on Noah and Veronica Roni have an age difference of than 8 years Roni met Noah because he d been assigned to her as a personal trainer, while she struggled to lose than 40 pounds A friendship forms, he moves in with her because of some damage to his own house, and sparks flyThe conflict Even though Roni s hangups stalled the relationship for far too long, the outside conflicts were amusing Past exes came back into the picture and questions of Noah s previous dealings were speedbumps on the road to smooth sailing.What rocked my world The setting and characters It s nice to read about young guys who act like young guys Too many older woman younger man scenarios have the guy acting like he s the same age as the woman, ready to be the man full time This book makes everything seem realistic A guy who s not even twenty might be hanging out drinking with his friends and playing video games Huge points to the author for getting this right Noah was youthful, yet still responsible, which made him a good match for Roni who needed a jolt in her life.Even though the sex didn t happen until almost the end of the book, it was satisfying if a bit rushed.My WTF moment The epilogue No Just no We didn t need to go there Am I going to read book 2 You betcha. The guys on 5th Street are just as fantastic as those Moreno Brothers I adored Noah I ended up losing two nights of sleep because I couldn t put Noah down The romance between him and Roni is so incredible sweet Well and incredibly hot too A must read for all romance readers FYI Reyes ability to create the best alpha males out there is alive and well with the 5th Street series I can t wait to read Gio.