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Never trust your heart to the New York Times bestselling master of suspense Stephen King Especially with an anthology that features the classic stories Children of the Corn The Lawnmower Man Graveyard Shift The Mangler and Sometimes They Come Back which were all made into hit horror filmsFrom the depths of darkness where hideous rats defend their empire to dizzying heights where a beautiful girl hangs by a hair above a hellish fate this chilling collection of twenty short stories will plunge readers into the subterranean labyrinth of the most spine tingling eerie imagination of our timeContents· Introduction · John D MacDonald · in · Foreword · fw · Jerusalem’s Lot · nv Night Shift Garden City NY Doubleday 1978 · Graveyard Shift · ss Cavalier Oct ’70 · Night Surf · ss Cavalier Aug ’74 · I Am the Doorway · ss Cavalier Mar ’71 · The Mangler · nv Cavalier Dec ’72 · The Boogeyman · ss Cavalier Mar ’73 · Gray Matter · ss Cavalier Oct ’73 · Battleground · ss Cavalier Sep ’72 · Trucks · ss Cavalier Jun ’73 · Sometimes They Come Back · nv Cavalier Mar ’74 · Strawberry Spring · ss Ubris Fll ’68; Cavalier Nov ’75 · The Ledge · ss Penthouse Jul ’76 · The Lawnmower Man · ss Cavalier May ’75 · uitters Inc · ss Night Shift Garden City NY Doubleday 1978 · I Know What You Need · nv Cosmopolitan Sep ’76 · Children of the Corn · nv Penthouse Mar ’77 · The Last Rung on the Ladder · ss Night Shift Garden City NY Doubleday 1978 · The Man Who Loved Flowers · ss Gallery Aug ’77 · One for the Road · ss Maine Mar ’77 · The Woman in the Room · ss Night Shift Garden City NY Doubleday 1978

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    I reread this book because I'm about to start working on my own collection of short stories and I wanted to reconnect to the book that inspired me to be a writer 35 years agoI enjoyed it so much as an adult than I did as a kid because I have lived and have of my own experiences to relate to the stories characters and experiences in the different chaptersBut the thing I loved the most about this was how much it inspired me to write my own stories and how much it reminded me about plot structure and narrative in stories that are about 5000 words eachReally glad I read this again Thanks Stephen King

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    What I learned from Night ShiftIt ain't easy to uit smokingThat I know what you needThat I am the doorwayThat he walks behind the rowsThat sometimes they come backIt ain't over in 'Salem's LotDon't drink bad beer Get off your ass and mow your own lawn goddammit

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    King's first short story collection comes in at 4125 stars As you can see below I rated and reviewed each story Then I added all the ratings together and took the average to get my overall rating This was my second time through and better than I remembered A few stories that could be skipped but you might as well read them all to get the full experienceJerusalem's Lot 45 starsAnd earlier story of the same town and environs found in the novel 'Salem's Lot Written in a style letters and journal entries that reminded me a lot of horror classics like Dracula and Frankenstein This is a nice little taste of demonic shenanigans and eerie foreshadowing A great way to start off a short story collectionGraveyard Shift 5 starsTime for some spring cleaning Nature is crazy sometimes Your boss can be a jerk sometimes Combine the two and you get this terrifying story of revenge I spent most of the time cringingNight Surf 25 starsNot bad but not really a full story As it takes place in the world from The Stand it feels like a writing exercise that King used to help build the bigger story Or maybe an anecdote he was thinking about including but pulled it out of the final product Without knowing the backstory of The Stand I am not sure this story will mean much to a readerI Am The Doorway 5 starsThis story explains the cover of the edition I am reading Great horror sci fi King does a great job jamming a lot of content in ten pages or so I also love it when the very last sentence of a story hits just as hard as the whole rest of the story Awesome stuff hereThe Mangler 5 starsMore demonic possession I am sensing a theme here I am pretty sure that most King fans consider this short story one of his classics It led to a series of what I am sure are very cheesy horror movies I never saw them but I have read this short story many times and I know that I love itThe Boogeyman 4 starsThis is an allegorical tale about a racist sexist generally unpleasant man who is willing to judge others but cannot see his own faults But you can't hide from the boogeymanGray Matter 4 starsDoes this taste a little bit off to you? In an age of e coli and biohazard scares this story will play off your fears about what might be out there waiting to get you from the inside out 10 out of 10 on the gross meterBattleground 5 starsDefinitely one of my top 5 favorite Stephen King short stories Probably the best King ending of any of his stories This story is short but sweet and worth reading even if you don't read the rest of the bookTrucks 5 starsThe basis for King's only directorial endeavor the classic Maximum Overdrive yeah I said classic FIGHT ME They also made another movie based on it but I am not sure why What if all those semis on the interstate took over? Maybe they're mad? There is a nostalgic place in my heart for this storySometimes They Come Back 35 starsYou guessed it demons again This was the longest short story so far in the collection When reading short stories I feel like they have to be crafted perfectly to get in get out BOOM You end up blown away in just a few words While I enjoyed this one I think it rambled on just a little bit too long and the end was probably the least shocking of any so far in the bookStrawberry Spring 4 starsI like the story telling in this one a lot I also think is is interesting how the rumor mill and media twisting of stories we see today was just as big of an issue back in the 1970s; everyone had a different take and everyone believed it 100% A bit of a cheesy twist at the end but overall not badThe Ledge 5 starsThis is another short story favorite of mine Also this is one that made its way to the big screen in the 80s classic Cat's Eye No demons or monsters in this one just humans pushing morality and fear to the limit in the name of money and prideThe Lawnmower Man 3 starsI remember reading this story a long time ago and it is always what I think of when I think of King short stories that I do not like uite as much as the others It is just out there; kind of creepy but not super enthralling to me They also for some reason made a terrible movie based on this that was mainly just the same titleuitters Inc 5 starsAnother classic King short story and probably one of his most well known Like the previously discussed story The Ledge this is also one featured in the 80's King movie Cat's Eye The plot of this one is just so oddly cool and the means to an end so logically maniacal that you can't help but say That's f#%ed up But kinda makes senseI Know What You Need 4 starsStephen King's version of the movie What Women Want But of course it isn't a comedyChildren of the Corn 45 starsKids can be super creepy You won't taking driving through the country side for granted after this one This is another classic King that I think most people have heard of Also I believe it has led to movies than any other King story or novel I just checked and there have been 10 the earliest in 1984 the most recent in 2018The Last Rung on the Ladder 2 starsMeh Not a bad story but just kinda doesn't feel right in the context of this book So far my least favorite in this collectionThe Man Who Loved Flowers 45 starsNow that is an awesome way to tell a whole story in 6 pages Well executed and mysterious To be blunt young love can be painfulOne for the Road 45 starsWe've been here before many times and we will definitely go here again someday But whenever we go evil is sure to follow A very creepy seuelThe Woman in the Room 25 starsAs my mother is in a nursing home I struggled a bit with this one Kind of an unexpected end to this collection I think it would have done better to end on the story before this one

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    These are short stories though not truly novellas which actually serve as delectable intros to popular King mythologies for a staggering example see or better yet don't with the exception of Trucks aka Maximum Overdrive for B level entertainment and Children of the Corn with its uaint moments of childlike chills all the movies made from like eight of these tales Here King is at his most bizarre most morbid Most of his part time heroes just a few heroines end up dead or suffering the loss of a child wife mother Sometimes one story seems to bleed onto another one by motif corn rats snow death machines death duh The editing I must admit is masterful The most avant garde stories bookend it nicely; it even makes reference to 'Salem's Lot one book I must admit I still have to read and there are comical undertones some misogynist parts I love how un Stephen King this is for someone who's used to being satisfied with around 78% of his work

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    Also posted at my blog find it really difficult to review short stories especially anthologies Night Shift is a collection of King's short stories and if I'm not mistaken this is a collection of the first short stories he wrote in his early years of writing The most shocking thing you have to know is that the writing is not outdated That's the thing about King I've read his first book Carrie and the writing of it still felt like he wrote it months ago Amazing author indeedI'm unsure of what to write here It would make this review damn long if I were to review each short story so I'll just list down my favorites and not so favorites then give a brief explanation why I likeddisliked it The ones not mentioned were either likable or boring The likes Graveyard ShiftSomething about mutated rats really caught my interest I'm not normally afraid of rats but if ever I see one as big as the ones described in this short story then I would probably be scared as hellNight SurfThe basis for The Stand which is one of my favorites novels of all time It was short but uite satisfying I liked how King introduced the disease that would cause so much havoc in The Standuitter's IncHonestly it would be a sin not to like this No spoilers along your way though so all I can say is choose your decisions wisely It has been proven how addictive smoking is I've never smoked in my life and after reading this I don't think I ever will The plot presented here is not unlikely to happen in real life and that's the reason why this was so scary and entertaining at the same time The Woman In The RoomOriginality might not be the most prominent factor of this short story but it was executed uite nicely I liked the main character and it was a satisfying short readSometimes They Come BackPlease don't let them come back The main character here was really likable and the supernatural element was creepy as fuck Good thing I was reading this one in the afternoon A bit scarier than Pet Sematary if one were to look at the bigger pictureThe LedgeWho doesn't like to read about gamblingbets? I sure do The deceiver becomes the deceivedI Know What You NeedCreepy as fuck if ever I meet a woman of the same kind as the weird man in this one For me this tackled psychological factors with a pinch of supernatural elements along the way Typical King Amazingand last my favorite of them all The Boogeyman I read The Boogeyman at one in the morning That was the worst decision I've ever made in my reading life so far maybe alongside Pet Sematary This one was fucking scary I had to turn on the lights right after As none of you know I'm a bit of a nocturnal person I'm most productive at night and being a Stephen King fan doesn't really bode well with the nocturnal life Really likable characters that were fully developed despite this being a short story The Boogeyman was fucking scary and the ending scared me the most The best of the whole collectionThere are the ones that I disliked I don't think I should do an in depth review of them any because the ones that I did like managed to make this review long already Let me just comment on how much I hated Jerusalem's Lot but really liked One for The Road Both are related to 'Salem's Lot a novel that I really didn't like I was expecting to like JL so that I could have a better reread of 'Salem's Lot in the future but nope I hated it just as much Another noteworthy disappointment would be Gray Matter I'm sure it was showcased at the back of the book for a reason but I'm uite unsure of what that reason would be 455 stars Not a perfect collection but some will never be forgotten This collection was executed beautifully considering this was written in King's early writing years There's a reason why King is my favorite author and most of his works prove my point This is one of those works Read this if you want to be scared and I'd recommend reading this at night

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    As I continue my Stephen King binge I seem to be leaning towards his short story collections As I've said before Stephen King is one of the best short story writers around Night Shift was a bit of a mixed bag but there were way great stories then bad onesMy favorite stories were The Boogeyman in which a man learns to keep he's closet doors closed Grey Matter in which we all learn that beer is bad Sometimes They Come Back in which a teacher finds out that you can't out run your past uitters Inc in which a man learns that he should have read the fine print Children of the Corn kids are monsters and corn is important and The Man Who Loved Flowers in which we meet a young man who won't give up on love I really only had 3 stories I disliked Number 1 was The Lawnmower Man I don't even want to talk about it It was awful Number 2 Trucks so boringNumber 3 Graveyard Shift damn RATS Night Shift is a vintage read and some stories are super dated but as I said before there are great and timeless stories in this collection then there are clunkers No rec Either you like Stephen King or you don't

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    First read this collection when I was twenty I think Not sure Does it matter? Probably not Three things to mention before hitting you with my one sentence reviews I forgot how much of King's early work tied into these stories and how much I enjoyed his non horror outings Truth be told I probably didn't like the literary stories that I read once upon a when because I was a tried and true idiot in those days I'm still an idiot but my wife turned me into a functioning idiot and I say thankee sai Finally this is probably the most fun anyone will ever have with a King collection There are stories in here that are simply fucking cool The concepts are fun even if they are a tad bit violent but there's a heaping helping of humor to go along with the sadness and the terror I don't think any other collection novella or novel of his can match the sheer entertainment factor of this his first published collection You might disagree; and if you do give some examples in the comment section Once again I know there's scarier and moving stories of his out there but do you think any of them are thing much fun? On with the single sentence reviewsJerusalem's Lot King's first attempt at Lovecraft fan fiction is a three star outing for me because of the epistolary style which I don't likeGraveyard Shift Four stars worth of nasty fun that shows King's not opposed to the time tested rule of get in get dirty and get outNight Surf A four star jaunt back into a Captain Trips ravaged world that I dug uite a bitI am the Doorway A tasty tidbit of sci fi horror that gets under your skin and explains that the cover you see above is uite literal in this four star outingThe Mangler Five demon possessed pieces of industrial laundry euipment out of five for being the goriest thing I've read all year Grey Matter I'm going deeper into this one I believe this story was the catalyst to great many things in the King verse The Grays from Tommyknockers and Dreamcatcher make an appearance as well as a little story about a man going into a Bangor sewer to find a giant spider The man comes out with his hair white as snow and dies two years later crazy as a shithouse rat Of course these are only my theories but I'm giving this story five stars based on possible coolness factor aloneBattleground Ten pages and four star's worth of big fun that any kid who's ever played with little green army men will enjoy Trucks Three stars for the story that inspired the movie Maximum Overdrive that B movie masterpiece penned by King himself Sometimes They Come Back Two stars for this predictable little ditty that never has struck the right chord with meStrawberry Spring This five star number is probably up there in my top ten Stephen King shorts; short stories not the man's knickers The Ledge A different kind of three star thriller that makes me wonder why King has written two tales the novel Cujo and this seventeen page story about a woman who has an affair with her tennis instructor The Lawnmower Man This two star pile of offal was turned into a movie so horrible King himself reuested his name be stricken from the credits but the story was just as bad as the movie even though neither one had shit to do with the otheruitters Inc I honestly cannot believe that the same man who wrote The Lawnmower Man wrote uitters Inc because this five star tale of willpower and familial love is altogether a horse of a different colorI Know What You Need This three star read first appeared in Cosmopolitan and that's all I have to say about thatChildren of the Corn My favorite story in this collection easily gets all the stars because kids and corn are scary yoThe Last Rung on the Ladder Well that one was a mule kick to the feels so I guess it gets all the stars tooThe Man Who Loves Flowers Gets four stars based on nostalgia factor alone as I believe it's the first short story of King's that I ever sampled One for the Road The second to last story in this collection gets four stars simply for being a companion to 'Salem's LotThe Woman in the Room Is an emotionally driven four star effort that hits a little too close to home for meNotable namesThis time around King references his other books in multiple ways but mostly by the towns that would come to host some of his most famous works Below you will find a list of these towns and any names that struck a chord with meHemingford HomeDerryJerusalem's LotGates FallsHavenPatrick Hockstetter this name pops up all throughout the King verse but I don't think it's the same person every time mainly because when he's just a teen Hockstetter dies at the hands of Pennywise yet he goes on to write a book that's referenced in Carrie then becomes a scientist in FirestarterIn summation Probably the most fun you will have with Stephen King From animated army men to great beasts that tromp behind the rows this collection is sure to please Highly ecommendedAuthor's note I said I wouldn't be doing his collections during my massive reread of King's catalog but I'm well ahead of schedule so here you go I plan on doing a decade of Kingly works every three months I started in October and have read everything he published between 1974 and 1984 Aside from Different Seasons I'm all caught up with that time period I think I'll do the audio books of those next

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    Stephen King’s first anthology The general rating is an average result of each individual rating of the stories contained in the anthology JERUSALEM’S LOT Rating 3 stars This is a short story which serves as an introductory preuel if you later wanted to read Salem’s Lot novel Set in 1850 Charles Boones inherited the Chapelwaite manor which is feared by the people of Preacher’s Corners town and that has a dark connection with Jerusalem’s Lot a deserted village uite near of the manor When you started to hear something inside the wallsit’s the beginning of the end GRAVEYARD SHIFT Rating 4 stars During the holiday weekend of Fourth of July in a mill it’s offered to several employees to get an extra bonus for cleaning a very old basement that it hasn’t been cleaned for 12 yearsobviously there are rats but oddly there aren’t as much as you may expectwhere have gone the rest of them? NIGHT SURF Rating 1 stars A bunch of awful teenagers go to the beach at night in the middle of an apocalyptical world where the most of population have died due a contagious decease I AM THE DOORWAY Rating 4 stars In a parallel reality where the NASA space program was able not only reaching the Moon but also Mars during a mission to Venus one of the astronauts suffered an accident losing the ability to walk but got in his hands a very twisted and dangerous ability instead THE MANGLER Rating 5 stars In an industrial laundry facility due an odd series of coincidences a speed ironer machine tasted bloodand it liked it THE BOOGEYMAN Rating 5 stars A man goes to the psychiatrist to talk out his strange and deadly past experiences that caused the death of all his childrenand never lose of sight the closet’s door GRAY MATTER Rating 2 stars A kid arrived to a bar and one of the customers offered to take him back to his appartment where his odd dad is wating BATTLEGROUND Rating 3 stars A profesional hitman suffered the revenge of a toyman whom he killed TRUCKS Rating 4 stars Madness is unleashed in a gas station when trucks and semi trailers got alive and started to kill any human around until a small bunch of survivors got trapped in the dinner part of the gas station facility SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK Rating 5 stars Two young brothers cross fates with a gang of punks and after one of the brothers died the other escapes Years later the surviving brother got married and became an English teacherhowever after Xmas break his students started to die while getting odd replacement students STRAWBERRY SPRING Rating 5 stars During a “strawberry spring” a kind of false mini season provoking fog at nights perfect ambiance for a serial killer’s murdering spree at New Sharon Collegethe Springheel Jack killer is looseSeveral students are murdered and panic is everywhere at the New Sharon CollegeEight years later the “strawberry spring” is back the fog is back andthe Sprinheel Jack killer is back THE LEDGE Rating 4 stars Something that you shouldn’t do is having an affair with the wife of a criminal lordand other thing that you shouldn’t try is playing odd bets THE LAWNMOWER MAN Rating 5 stars There is a successful lawnmowing company however none client has ever being able to see who s the owner of it one of the clients decided to take a peek and found out the mysterybut there are mystery beyond your wildest nightmares and they should remain unknown UITTERS INC Rating 5 stars Some people say that habits are nasty thingsbut sometimes uitting those habits can be even nastier thingsnot only for the addictbut hisher family too I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED Rating 3 stars In war and love everything goesbut there should be limits for some used stuff CHILDREN OF THE CORN Rating 5 stars Vicky and Burt are a troubling married couple doing a road trip through the heart of the United States hoping to save their fragile marriage However when they are traveling alongside of a massive cornfield they hit a boy with their car but when they checked the body they noticed that they boy had his throat already sliced and he was almost dead when hit They opted to take the kid’s body to the nearest town which the map says is Gatlin but when they arrived there it’s a ghost town and everything seemed to stop 12 years agohowever the town isn’t as deserted as it seemedand zealot kids isn’t the only thing that they should be afraid about THE LAST RUNG ON THE LADDER Rating 4 stars Heart breaking tale of two sibbings brother and sister and how their strong connection when they were kids was getting weaker and weaker meanwhile they got older and their paths took separate but kinda of similarly depressing fates THE MAN WHO LOVED FLOWERS Rating 4 stars Love is in the air but so is murder and the fateful date of a man with the woman who loves will turn into a tragedy ONE FOR THE ROAD Rating 3 stars This is a short story which serves as a seuel for the Salem’s Lot novelSet a couple of years later of the events of Salem’s Lot in a bar two men decided to venture into a deadly blizzard to try to save a family stranded just in the middle of the dreadful Jerusalem’s Lot village THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM Rating 3 stars Remorse and guilt overwhelm to a troubling man after deciding to end the suffering of his unhealthy mother

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    This is a good creepy collection As in lots of short story books he seemed to place the best ones towards the end My favorites are the ones that have no supernatural elements at all The Ledge The Last Rung on the Ladder The Man Who Loved Flowers and the very last story The Woman in the Room King is a king of the horror and devastation we feel in real life and that is plenty scary

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    Many readers consider this book to be one of Stephen King's most popular short story collections and I can't disagree with that opinion mostly because it's only the second anthology by King I have read so far Many original horror stories are included in this collection with most of them having been adapted into classic horror movies like Children of the Corn Graveyard Shift or The Mangler In its entirety however I consider Night Shift to be a rather weak collection of short stories and critics will certainly find affirmation that King is also able to write true crap But on the other hand some of the best short stories which might be discovered in King's writing universe are included hereIn the following I will list a short overview on the particular stories with my opinions on them Because well it's impossible for me to review this collection without taking a look at each of the stories itself with so many crappy and so many fantastic short stories combined in one book 1 Jerusalem's Lot 255 starsThe first short story in Stephen King's first anthology deals with the origins of the fictional town Jerusalem's Lot which the reader already knows from 'Salem's Lot However the story hasn't a lot in common with the novel counterpart and whoever expects to find the roots of Kurt Barlow and the vampires will end up being disappointed In epistolary form Stephen King allows us to take a look at the story of a man called Charles Boone who inherits the estate Chapelwaite and soon realizes that something with his new residence is not uite the way it should beNothing felt particularly outstanding in this story except for the epistolary structure and as an introduction to the anthology it was a little bit deterring to me 2 Graveyard Shift 35 starsImagine working in a mill No light except for electric torches A bullying foreman who wants you to keep working no matter what happens And big fat rats straying through the mill I'll give a piece of advice to you Don't read this story if you have a rat phobia Don't read this story if you like your protagonists realistic and without weird changes in behaviour And definitely don't read this story if you intend to enter a cave or a mill anytime soon It might not be your wisest idea in those casesGraveyard Shift was a good story with creepy moments but certainly with too much build up in the beginning and too much speed in the ending 3 Night Surf 15 stars »Even his big radiotape player was hardly than a nice looking hunk of junk« I'll borrow that uote from King's own story and apply it here to describe it 'Hunk of junk' is actually pretty appropriate I can't even explain what this story is about because it frustrated and bored me so much 4 I am the Doorway 45 starsA crossover between the genres Horror and Sci Fi this story fantastically explores the effects of a confrontation of one human being with alien powers I was hooked from the beginning and suffered vicariously my way through to the ending along with a hardly remarkable protagonist who turned into an interesting character because of his fate as after being exposed to a certain mutagen tiny eyeballs break out on his fingertips 5 The Mangler 15 starsRidiculous attempt to write about a haunted laundry Let's better forget this story even exists 6 The Boogeyman 35 starsA father who has lost all three of his children to 'the boogeyman' visits a psychiatrist to tell about the terrifying deeds which have been committed against his familyOne of the frightening stories but certainly also belonging to the forgettable ones in this collection 7 Grey Matter 15 starsThis one just didn't catch my attention or attract my interest I forgot what it was about ten minutes after reading it 8 Battleground 15 starsI didn't get what this was supposed to be A man attacked by tiny soldiers one inch and a half big?Seriously? Was Mr King on drugs while he wrote this? 9 Trucks 15 starsA small town is attacked by haunted trucks that's the basic essence of this short story It may be used as the exact definition of ridiculousness No soul behind these words; no sense behind this plot; no characteristics behind these appearing persons Just another stupid story to be forgottenYou may think that I was so frustrated after those first nine stories that I was tempted to give up on it? Well yes I certainly was But I kept telling myself to continue not to abandon this to believe in the power of King's writing And he proved me right 10 Sometimes they come back 355 starsIn one of the longest stories of the collection Stephen King explores the life of a teacher for English literature who has been marked by a traumatic event of his past Now one after another new students enter his class And they look exactly like the teenagers who have attacked and killed his brother about fifteen years ago A very good story with a lot of action insight and interesting twists and turns I would have liked to read a full length novel of this with a fleshed out protagonist; the potential was clearly visible 11 Strawberry Spring 45 starsDo you know this feeling when you're reading a mystery and suddenly have an idea on the potential outcome which is so unlikely you immediately pass it but then you realize the author has actually chosen this outcome for his story? I experienced it here and it made me love the story even One of King's less known stories but definitely a fine piece of writing The ending can be spoiled so easily that I will not even attempt to give you an idea of what it is about 12 The Ledge 55 starsIn The Ledge a rich man is cheated on by his wife with her tennis instructor The two men are confronted with each other in the penthouse of a skyscraper And the husband has to settle a score he comes up with a plan you will not believe that a human being is able to createSo so good This story is one of my favorites from King's works action drama suspense unbearable tension believable character motivations a uniue idea and a wonderfully interesting plot The Ledge has everything a good short story is supposed to have 13 The Lawnmover Man 05 starsForget it forget it forget itOne of the worst short stories ever written I will introduce zero stars to Goodreads ratings extra for this story 14 uitters Inc 55 starsA middle aged man wants to uit smoking and visits someone who claims to be able to make him do so The man doubts these claims until he realizes whereupon he got himself into This short story is perfect; it's as simple as that No supernatural elements but instead chilling and suspenseful writing with an ending which made me swallow than once Easily one of my favorite short stories of all time 15 I Know What You Need 355 starsAt university a young woman meets another man who she falls in love with not knowing how dangerous this connection may turn out to beAnother very good story Stephen King knows what he is writing that's for sure well if you ignore certain stories like some of those I've mentioned above I really liked the complex plot and the hidden appearance of supernatural elements 16 Children of the Corn 35 starsA married couple enters a deserted village with only children inhabiting it and they clearly have no idea of how to welcome strangers with politenessOf all the twenty stories in this collection the one I was most excited about didn't work at all for me It was scary yes scary and thrilling with the religious fanatiscism included very atmospheric and creepy Maybe it should have been longer the potential for a full length novel was clearly present Everything felt a little bit too underdeveloped for me 17 The Last Rung on the Ladder 355 starsThis story deals with the adventures of a young boy and his sister in their childhood Too short to be really able to explore the characters but with a surprising twist a realistic story and suspenseful writing It's interesting to see how King is able to delve deep into a character's mind within only seven pages Definitely one of his better stories 18 The Man Who Loved Flowers 255 starsIt's impossible to say what this story is about without spoiling it King came up with an interesting concept and an unexpected turn but on only four pages it was nearly impossible to get into the story 19 One for the Road 45 starsA deserted town A heavy snowstorm Vampires lurking in the dark Sounds like everyone would want to be right in the middle of this scenario doesn't it?This story creeped me out It is by far the scariest one in the entire collection You should avoid reading it in the middle of the night just like I should have done 20 The Woman in the Room 35 starsA very serious and highly relevant issue portrayed with very weird writing From a writing point this story might be worst executed in comparison to all the other stories if you ignore the Lawnmover Man It profits from emotion and potential alikeIn conclusion Night Shift did not live up to my expectations but it also didn't disappoint me Even if you are not interested in Horror or King's writing in general you should give either The Ledge or uitters Inc a try Both stories don't include any paranormal activities but they cover interesting subjects and will keep you on the edge of your seatIt's a must read for fans of Stephen King's writing and the Horror genre in general but if you don't consider yourself to belong to one of those parties then you might think about skipping these stories apart from The Ledge and uitters Inc of course But then with readers raving about this collection everywhere maybe I'm not the one to trust in this matter