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Night Time Is The Right TimeGwendolyn Kidd Has Met The Man Of Her Dreams He S Hot, He S Sexy, And What Started As A No Names Exchanged Night Of Passion Has Blossomed Into A Year And A Half Long Pleasure Fest Sure, It S A Little Strange That He Only Appears In Her Bed At Night, But Gwen Is So Sure He S The One, She Just Can T Turn Him Away Hawk Delgado Knows About Gwen Than She Could Ever Imagine She S Gorgeous, Headstrong, And Skittish About Relationships But Hawk Is Facing His Own Demons, Demons That Keep Him From Connecting With Anyone Yet When Gwen Is Drawn Into Denver S Lethal Underground Scene, Hawk S Protective Nature Comes Out Full Force The Problem Is, When Gwen Gets A Dose Of Hawk S Alpha Attitude In The Daylight, She S Not So Sure He S The One Any 4 13 18 ON SALE for 1.99 off the bat, if you want to know if this is a book for you, ask yourself this question and answer it HONESTLY do you find the idea of meeting a ridiculously hot alpha male we re talking ex special forces at a bar, taking him home for the best sex OF YOUR LIFE, never learning his name, then afterwards him leaving, never to be seen again, except a few days later he s back in your bed, waking you for of the best sex OF YOUR LIFE, a pattern that continues for over a year, until a situation with your wild child sister puts you in danger and drags him out of the shadows and into the daylight of your life, b c Big, Strong Man protects what he considers his i.e YOU , and the best sex OF YOUR LIFE turning into somethingHOT I didn t ask if you thought the scenario was wise I didn t ask if you thought it was realistic I asked if you thought it was HOT.And if the answer is a resounding YES, then you will love this book If not, don t waste your time It ll just make everyone mad You, b c you will NOT love the book, and everyone else, b c OHMYGAWD we do and don t want to feel slut shamed for OHMYGAWD loving it Full review to come HOLY ALPHA MALES Yowza fans self I m surprised this book didn t self combust from the degree of utterly squee drool swoon worthy, bossy, possessive, unapologetic, sweet, tender, badass, HOT UBER ALPHA males in it I mean WOW This book is pure over the top deliciousness This book has it all to die for hero, a sassy, smartass heroine, lots of action, hot hot sex, secret lairs, badass commandos, badass bikers, badass cops, drive by s, cosmo parties, family time, romance, a few misty eyed moments, laugh out loud humor, alpha males out the wazoo and just general over the top fun If you are at all a fan of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, the guys in this series are very much like the human versions of them Epic alpha badasses You are kind of thrown right into the story Gwen met her Mystery Man at a bar a year and a half ago She was just sitting there having a good time with her friends when in walks this big, tall, smoking hot guy that she can t take her eyes off And after an entire evening what trying to get his attention but being ignored, he gets up to leave andI felt a warm hand on the skin of my lower back I twisted my neck, looked up and there he was.I held my breath and he asked, You comin or what That was it That was his pickup line You comin or what I wentswooooooooooon Yeah DHe begins to come to her at night every few days, but never shows his face and always leaves before morning and Gwen, just can t bring herself to end this relationship such as it is with her Mystery Man But trouble brews right from the beginning of the story, namely with her very messed up sister getting herself into some SERIOUS trouble with the wrong people and Gwen is thrown head first into Badass World where she comes face to face with her Mystery Man, Cabe Hawk Delgado and the sparks fly for real, in daylight.Hawk literally defines alphaYou re bossy, arrogant, intrusive, annoying His minor grin amplified.See Totally unrepentant Do I have anything going for me you can be sweet, you re a cuddler, and you carried me out of a burning building I m a cuddler You spoon His brows went up That s important enough to be on your list Uh yeah He s grinning Fuckin ridiculous what women think is important The writing style is very real Its almost written exactly as someone would speak or think It flows quite nicely and ends up reading almost as if you are hearing the main character think out loud Babe has always been my favorite term of endearment that a guy can call a girl There is something just so possessive, and sweet and swoony about it But Hawk takes it to a whole new level That one word can mean so many different complete sentences It takes a good author to make you understand exactly what he means without him saying it with just one word And Hawk is not the only Alpha in this story by far He s the badass commando leader But we also get to meet drool over Mitch Lawson badass cop serious swoon material can t wait till book 3 to read his story , and Tack badass biker leader among many many othersAre you here to freak me out in any other way Nope This would include asking me for a date, I warned Babe, don t date, he replied You don t Do tequila shots followed by 5 hours of sex count as a date he asked Um no, I answered Then I don t date I smiled at him.Then, stupidly, I asked You can have sex for 5 hours He smiled at me.Yikes.Moving on There is a little bit of repetativeness in the dialogue, and the main couple have one stupid moment where I wanted to throttle them both, but the smooth writing, badass overload, laugh out loud moments, action, tender sweet moments, and uber alpha males kept me turning the pages and not wanting to put the book down And talk about a HEA Such a sweet epilogue goes off to join the Kristen Ashley Support Group How I see Hawk and Gwen For of my reviews, go to join my FB group Starting off the year with a re read fave MYSTERY MANHAWKGWEN You live in your head too much, you curl up and shut shit out and spend so much time doing it, you forget to live your life You can t live your life in your head That isn t living You re livin in Badass World, baby, he whispered in my ear Fair warning, until I fix what I cut in you, you re there to stay You re in deep with me, aren t you, baby I whispered my question just to confirm Drowning he whispered back Find me at 5 Cabe Hawk Delgado Stars I LOVE HAWK Just going to put that out there before I review this book How can you not What a yummy alpha male Okay okay now to the bookA year and a half Thats how long Gwendolyn Kidd has been sleeping with MM, her Mystery Man A year and a half ago she heard these words at the barYou comin or whatShe took MM home with her that night, and now he makes regular weekly visits Sneaks in at night, then disappears Gwen is having some issues with her sister, Ginger Ginger is bad newsWhy me Why Just innocently being born and seven years later, zap God curses me with the sister from hellGinger is in trouble and Gwen is threatened She doesn t know who to turn to, so she goes to the local MC club where Gingers bf Dog is She meets Tack there She catches his attention She also catches the eye of Mitch Lawson, the detective on her sisters case This same day, she finally sees MM in the light of day.Hawk shows up at Gwen s house to help He explains things to her and stakes his claim to Tack and Mitch Gwen is his woman She s a little confused about all this, especially the fact that he knows everything that is going on in her life when they only sleep together She doesn t even know his nameHow do you know so much about me Sweet Pea, I know who I fuckHawk is a bad ass alpha man He is sexy, protective, bossy and hot as hell How he answers a lot of Gwen s questionsBabeand when he leaves its because he sGot shit to do, babeTheir first dateTonight, you in a little black dress and high heels, I ll be there at seven thirty Are you asking me out on a date Sweet Pea, I ve been fuckin you for a year and a half I know So no, I m not askin I m tellin You, dress, heels, I ll be there at seven thirty So you re not asking me out on a date, you re telling me we re going on a date That s about it You can t tell me we re going out on a date Just did, babe Love Hawk Just love him He wants to make Gwen his I also really like Gwen She is funny and spunky I like her attitude She is hesitant to be with Hawk There is so much going on in her life right now, with her family and all the drama Gwen is still keeping Hawk at arms length They both have issues from past relationships, but are willing to try to make it workDo you promise to handle me with care Promise he whispered Swear I pushed Swear, baby You had a hand up too, Hawk I told him Dropped it a while ago, Gwen There is a lot going on in this book I won t go on and on just READ IT Loved Hawk and Gwen s story It was super hot no woman in their right mind would have kicked Hawk out of bed , lots of action break ins, drive by shootings, kidnappings, firesyeah , romance swoooon Hawk , and steam I will just say, I can t wait to read Tack s book because I kind of love him too D Some of my favorite quotes there were so many good onesSweet Pea, the way you eat means you got tits and ass This is good because I like tits and ass A year and a half Totally fuckin missed out Cookie dough, I explained My booty is carefully crafted from copious intake of cookie dough Whatever you re doin , sweetheart, it s workin , so don t stop You got it wrong, in only a weekI was already tied to you I wal already in deep It was only a week, but it happened, you didn t see it and you wen in for the kill You re in deep with me, aren t you baby I whispered to confirm my question Drowning He whispered back Sadly, this book was a DNF for me I got half way through and had to stop I really wanted to like this one since it has the kind of hero I love a mean, over the top alpha jerk The story of how Hawk and Gwen met is not what bothered me It s what occurred after that sent me over the edge It was absolutely ridiculous and I just could not get past it Gwen has a one night stand with a man, who is presumably to be Hawkbut she s not quite sure and to be honest, neither am I After that one night stand, this man appears at night in her bed for sexwhenever he wants Who in their right mind let s a man break into her house at any given hour of the night to have sex with them and then leave This went on for almost two years Gwen didn t even know WHO it was or HOW he got into her house either, hence the name Mystery Man A little creepy and grotesque if you ask me Gwen opening her legs to random strangers does not work for me, especially if you can t even see his face Hawk is a man of few words I don t think his vocabulary consists of than a five sight words He mumbled and grunted most of the time and I had no idea what he was trying to say.The suspense part with Gwen s sister didn t really move me eitherkind of boring.Don t even get me started on her writing I find it comical that the heroine is an editor when this book needs serious editing itself Even though I could not finish this book, there are a few other books I ve seen by this author that I still plan to read Hopefully I can get past her editing. Some of the story premise was a little out there but it had the sexy alpha male you come to expect from KA Hawk is actually one of the less intense heroes I ve read from her as far as possessiveness is concerned He had enough to play it up but he was pretty cool about it Well compared to someone like Knight that is lol The plot did lose me briefly but it wrapped up nicely Gwen did not win me over like the other heroines have I d rate this a 3.5. Just 0.99 today for Kindle Mystery Man is the first book in the Dream Man series and while it has Kristen Ashley written all over it no pun intended, it s a little romantic suspense than the Colorado Mountain series Cabe Hawk Delgado is another hot, over the top, super alpha hero and I love, love, LOVE him Gwendolyn Kidd is a great heroine Smart, savvy, independent, and takes no crap from anyone Though I love how, being wooed by three alpha males, she doesn t quite know what to think, but that doesn t stop her from putting them all their places when needs be.I don t know how she does it, but Kristen Ashley produces book after book of fantastic stories and characters, and I can t get enough of them If you re a Kristen Ashley addict, or just interested in checking her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads 1.000 StarsWhen I decided to read this book I thought I was in for something, at the very least, interesting if not mind blowing, since most of my friends seemed to love it What I got was a messed up relationship, a shallow and idiotic heroine and a hero who a hero um, I really don t know what to say about the hero Reasons why the heroine was an impecile who should have died long ago 1 She was having sex with a guy whose name she didn t even know Not once or twice, but every week for 1,5 year 2 Said sex was unprotected even though she suspected the guy had a parade of other lovers.3 Her sister is in a ton of trouble which will lead at best in jail, at worst in death Someone broke into her house Someone set her father s house on fire Yet all our brilliant heroine thinks about is dresses, shoes, guys.4 The aforementioned guy knew everything about her even though she knew nothing He had installed cameras at her house without asking permission or informing her , he had her followed and he is determined she belongs to him, despite her protests.All that even though he thought of her as a slut who all but dropped her panties to get his attention the first night, and then had sex with him without knowing who he was for 1.5 FUCKING YEAR Despite these facts she is seriously considering a relationship with him because he installed her a security system without asking btw , got her a pair of dreamy shoes and carried her out of a fire and I know it sounds all heroic and shit but she could have easily walked out on her own.I guess let s forget his creapiness an his domineering ways since he got her shoes About the heroI seriously can t tell you anything about him because at the 40% mark, the heroine doesn t know anything except that he is hot, he has 3 brothers and he used to be in the army all of which she learned in the last two days, not the 1.5 year they d been lovers.I love a possessive, hot, Alpha male as much as the next girl but all this girl has seen of the hero so far is stalker creepy, not sexy.Btw did I mention that this TSTL girl with the fish IQ, this serial killer s victim waiting to happen, this godawful STD s best friend, has 4 hot guys pining for her And as if she wasn t pathetic already, she also pants after them like some desperate 40 year old virgin Seriously And the writing Don t even get me started about the writing,After I read about 40% of the book I got a little afraid that idiocy is contagious and decided to drop it as a precaution.PS Did I mention that this guy had been breaking into her house all this time She hadn t given him keys or anything like that. Re Read number 100000001 I STILL get all pissed at how KA twists Hawk s being an asshole that dumps Gwen into somehow being Gwen s fault and she has to beg him to forgive her AndDO NOT even get me started on his mother coming to yell at Gwen and guilt tripping her when it was HER son that was being the assholesigh Why do I keep re reading this book LMAOThere are so many things that annoy me with this book, Gwen s an idiot, Hawk is a douche, but it is still one of my favorite books and I re read it oftenRe Read April 2017 My above sentiments are the same Such a ridiculous book but I still love every minute of it