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The Sugar Maple Inn In Wagtail, Virginia, Is The Country S Premiere Vacation Hot Spot For Pet Owners Who Can T Bear To Leave Their Furry Friends Behind But This Tourist Town Smells Trouble When A Killer Goes On The ProwlHolly Miller S Life Has Gone To The Dogs She Has No Job, Her Boyfriend S Former Flame Is Sniffing Around, And A Scruffy But Loveable Jack Russell Terrier Is Scattering Crumbs All Over Her Borrowed Car Just When She Thought Things Couldn T Get Worse, A Troubling Phone Call About Her Grandmother Sends Her Rushing Home To The Family Inn On Wagtail MountainThe Staff And A Frisky Calico Kitten Named Twinkletoes Adopts Holly And Her New Dog On Arrival But Someone In This Friendly Town Is Bad To The Bone One Of The Employees At The Inn Has Been Killed In A Hit And Run Accident Which Is Looking Anything But Accidental Now Holly And Her Furry Companions Will Have To Nose Out The Murderer Before Someone Else Gets Muzzled

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    Murder, She BarkedAuthor Krista DavisPublisher Berkley Publishing276 pagesMysteryI have to admit I picked this book up at Barnes Noble because the title reminded me of Murder, She Wrote There were even a couple Jessica Fletcher allusions in the book That made me happy Holly Miller has lost her job, so she takes a road trip to see her grandmother On the way, she rescues a dog and witnesses a car explode Things aren t all peaceful at her grandmother s Inn either an employee was run over by a car and a local man is found murdered outside his house Holly teams up with locals to discover the murderer before her grandmother becomes the next victim I enjoyed this cozy mystery The characters were a bit stereotypical and the plot wasn t deep, but a cozy mystery is meant to be a fun read not intellectual Holly Miller is a likable main character, and the story line kept me interested til the end I do have to say there were times where Holly s reactions were slight facepalm moments, especially when it came to her fiance, Ben She just seemed unable to comprehend the situation or to stand up for herself I don t know a single woman who would have reacted that way, given the situation Just sayin It didn t hurt my enjoyment of the book though There were also two minor characters that I wanted to punch in the mouth If you read the book, you will know which ones Davis obviously meant her readers to want to punch these people It worked I did The book includes several recipes at the end, including four for dogs I will cook the pumpkin cookies for my chihuahuas and see how many stars they give them All in all, a fun read My Rating 7 10Ages 12 RE READ 3 2019 Holly Miller gets an emergency call from her grandma s best friend and rushes to Wagtail, VA without even packing a suitcase She arrives to discover her grandma has been in an accident, one of the employees at the Sugar Maple Inn has been killed in a hit and run, and a thief has been stealing valuables all across town Soon, another resident of Wagtail is dead and Holly finds herself in the middle of the investigation I enjoyed this book It s a light cozy mystery..no blood, no graphic violence, no sex, cursing, etc The plot is light and a bit cozy tropey, but I didn t care The story is fun to read The setting is fun a tourist town catering to pet owners The characters are tourist town quirky The main character calls her grandma oma my grandkids call me Oma Favorite characters Trixie and Twinkletoes, of course The dog and kitten steal the show all the way through the book There are five books so far in the Paws Claws series, with a sixth coming out in October 2019 I ve had the series on my TBR shelf for quite awhile I read this book in 2016 and then got sidetracked by life and other books I listened to the audio book this time to refresh my memory before reading book 2 The audio is about 9.5 hours long and narrated by Jeanie Kanaley I have hearing loss but was easily able to hear and understand the entire book Happily moving on to book 2 The Ghost and Mrs Mewer Krista Davis also writes the Domestic Diva Mysteries and Pen Ink cozy series.

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    So this was my first foray into the cozy mystery genre, and it was really cute Like, super cute I figured, how can a puppy dog themed mystery story go wrong And sure enough, whatever flaws this book had were certainly forgivable, because doggies The plot was I don t know, DOGGIESThe characters were Uhhhmm, DOGGIESThe murderer was Who cares, DOGGIES I will say that this would probably have been better in a text format than on audio, because the performance by reader Jeanie Kanaley was substandard The pacing was excruciatingly slow with a very careful enunciation of every word, her voice was almost girlish, and her European accents were not like any I ve heard in real life.

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    A wonderfully satisfying cozy I would ve read it anyway as it had dogs First, the setting an entire town where the cats and dogs are welcome EVERYWHERE Can I move there Second, the main character and her erm love interests She did irritate me a little if only for the fact that she actually considered Ben an adequate boyfriend He wouldn t let her have a dog, he didn t want anything in his car Let s not worry about murder, car accidents, theftsThird, there were way TOO many nice people in this book It left you with only a few suspects since there were too many that were too nice to commit a murder.All in all, I was delighted with the book Other than the fact, that I m really not that fond of Jack Russel terriers Or as I call them, Napoleon dogs.

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    I want to move to Wagtailsans murders, of course.

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    Murder, She Barked was a cute cozy mystery, with animals mostly dogs This book gets an extra star simply because I loved the idea of a small, pet friendly community, and the animals featured in the book I enjoyed getting into the book, the setting, details and characters even if it seemed to have a very large cast of characters I ll probably get familiar with them as the series continues but for the first book there are quite a few characters to remember most with names some, like the housekeeper, without The mystery was good, actually better than I originally thought it would be One of the culprits was fairly obvious early on but the how was trickier , but the other wasn t quite so clear as there was a fairly large pool of suspects There was a lot going on in this book, some things and characters like Runemaster and Chloe appeared and disappeared just as quickly leaving me with some questions but they weren t huge issues There were too many characters being introduced or even just mentioned so it got confusing at times but not a huge issue Since is the first book, I ll let slide things that might normally bother me in a standalone like the crowded storyline and all the characters What stopped this from being a great book is that it was a little rough some times with some things scenes that didn t transition well or make sense and Holly The big one in this is Holly If I don t click with or like a main character it is usually pretty hard for me to fully immerse myself in the story There were a few things about her that made her hard to connect with mostly her treatment of and attitude towards Ben, which just jarred me There was also Trixie view spoiler I have two dogs and would be devastated by the loss of either one of them that being said, why did Holly not go to the vet to get her checked up or see if perhaps she was microchipped stolen That is the first thing I would do if I found a lost dog or if a lost dog invited themselves into my car , simply because if that dog did come from a loving family I know they would be devastated even if this scenario isn t likely given Trixie s circumstances and behavior early in the book, it still kind of bothered me hide spoiler

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    THIS was a very fun mystery it really kept me guessing until the end I liked the characters even some I should not have LOL and felt it was really well written I read the author s other series Domestic Diva and I really love those books I am glad that I can add another series to my ever growing list of really good cozy mysteries.

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    This was a fun, entertaining read It had a great setting with the pet friendly tourist destination and well written, quirky characters The mystery was solid and the writing flowed smoothly throughout the book I m looking forward to reading in the series.

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    Good start to the series I liked the characters, setting and the pets were so cute I had no clue whodunit until the reveal Looks like Oma and Grandma Rose have at least a two phase plan going and phase one was a success, looking forward to seeing if they get their plan to work.

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    Silly, cheesy, quirky yes, it was all of that and A giant leap from the heavy thrillers I ve been reading lately.Holly Miller lives a high powered life in Washington DC When she gets a distressing call from a family friend, she rushes to Wagtail, Virginia to see her grandmother Little does she know that when she arrives she will find herself in the middle of a murder investigation and everyone is suspect I really enjoyed the characters and connected well with Holly She loves animals as I do, and it would be hard not to like her Trixie, her Jack Russell, is a funny little dog with her own antics.Wagtail sounds like a dream come true Who wouldn t want to go to a quaint mountain town that caters to pet lovers I wish I could live in a place like this with my own little dog I would visit all the pet friendly shops, eat fabulous gourmet food, have funny, quirky neighbors and just enjoy all the adorable weirdness I was a little hesitant about this book at first because I thought it was going to be too childish with talking animals and such It was not, and I ended up enjoying this charming story very much I was able to read this so quickly that I was actually sad to finish it Lucky for me I can read the next in the series, so I don t have to leave Wagtail behind quite yet.

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    A very fun book in a town I d like to live Likeable characters and I look forward to seeing how they continue to grow throughout the series.