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This was an other great murder mystry by Agatha Christie In this one there is a lot of witch craft and black magic and out and out cold blooded murder.I recommend this book to all.Enjoy and Be BlessedSteven With such a interesting hook, it s a shame that this mystery thriller just felt flat.Whilst traveling to London to inform Scotland Yard of her theories of a serial killer in her village, Lavinia Pinkerton meets young policeman Luke Fitzwilliam and shares her ideas on the train.It s not until the next day that Luke sees a newspaper story that Lavinia had been run down and killed that he starts to believe that might be into something.The problem I had with this story was that whilst the inexperienced Luke divers whilst investigating the case, there s just not enough mystery to sustain the story and I found most parts of the narrative dull.In fairness to Christie I didn t expect the ending, but it was one of her weaker mysteries. Hmmm not sure how I feel about this one On one hand, I really loved the village setting, the old ladies and I even enjoyed the actual plot a lot On the other hand, I really found the main pair quite irritating, their love story unbelievable and since everything else hinges on that bit, the entire story rather runs down a little The book starts off very interestingly with a chance meeting in a train between Luke Fitzgerald, retired policeman, and Lavinia Pinkerton, a fluffy village elderly woman She confides in Luke about a murderer who kills again and again and Luke disbelieves her But the next thing he knows, he reads about Lavinia s death in the newspaper and then sets out to investigate This part is quite brilliant After this, Bridget Conway is introduced and the characterisation flaws begin She is witch like with long and black hair, smart and perfect, and Luke immediately falls in love with her without even spending any time together with her Terrible Another extremely annoying angle is Luke suspecting a man called Ellsworthy, who is quite obviously gay and non religious Well, religious people with their terrifying rituals scare me So I wasn t particularly impressed with the Satanism bit and was just endlessly annoyed at everyone going on about poor Ellsworthy It made me severely dislike Luke, which didn t help.The murderer was fantastic, though The plot was otherwise brilliant and only lacked in its actual execution, though I am getting a bit bored of women being rescued by men at the climax in murder mysteries There were a few plot holes in this one, but the overall setting and basic premise were interesting as usual. Former police officer Luke Fitzwilliam noticed on entering the train how much he was enjoying returning to England, and sitting indoors and resting from a long and hard life abroad She looked at the passengers in the train car and realized that the old lady sitting in front of her was not going to be quiet for long You hit it right Miss Pinkerton, a clever old lady, knew of his whole life in a short time She was amazed to learn that Luke had been from the police because she was going to Scotland Yard He quickly explained that the cop in the town where she lived was a fine person, was not very well suited to deal with murders.Faced with Luke s doubt and astonishment, she explained that people can be deceived the first time, but not in the second, third, and fourth Luke can not help but agree For that very reason, that later he felt compelled to begin the investigation where he had stopped for a very strong reason death For murder. A BBC Radio adaptation in three parts, dramatized by Joy Wilkinson.This is my first audiobook ever and I loved it, the voices, the sound effects, just great.Agatha Christie is the best when it comes to crime books and I am glad I choose her as my first audiobook.Extraordinara lectura , mi am adus aminte de Teatru radiofonic pe care il ascultam seara, cand eram mica, iar Agatha Christie ramane cea mai buna. 98% of the time I LOVE Aggie Agatha Christie is my go to gal when I m in a reading slump Like a hot rich Brazilian man under the covers, you know you re not going to be disappointed Well, usually But there is the rare DUD in her collection And if I can relate it to the above analogy of the sexy South American, this book is the equivalent of hopping in bed with this Brazilian hottie and discovering that OOPShe pooped the sheets Sorry, but Easy to Kill by Agatha Christie was a surprise frothy lumpy turd Aggie girl, why you have to go and done that This book is a skipable one in her collection Now, I will never give up on Miss Christie, but this book left me going really It starts out thrilling enough A retired cop meets an excited spinster on the train to London who is on her way to report what she feels is a series of murders in her small town She said she knows the next victim and wants to report it before anything else bad happens Our cop Luke later discovers that his spinster friend was run down by a car on her way to Scotland Yard Also, the victim she predicted, a doctor, is found dead in her village Luke decides to investigate and goes to the town where he meets crazy cast of character caught up in the folklore of tales of witchcraft.It started great and quickly went downhill None of the characters are interesting except maybe the spinster, and shes killed off right away There are a buttload too many characters I couldn t keep track of them all, even though there is a handy character list up front there seemed to be no logic at all Also, it is WAYYYYY too repetitive She repeats the same information OVER AND OVER again It became annoyingly exhausting To top it all off, I EASILY predicted whodunnit I was hoping it would be a red herring and I would be shocked to learn who the killer was But nope I was right If you are a fan of Christie and have read all her stuff except this one, or if you haven t read Christie, or jeesh if you have any taste at all you can throw this one on the top of the TO GOODWILL pile Sorry, Aggie.P.S If you happen to know a hot Latino man who ISN T going to be a dud who leaves milkduds, send him my way, STAT Choose Your Own Adventure You are aged but you are no fool You are stronger than the foolish victims around you They never listen It will be the death of them, you say But they dismiss you, they find you charming but inconsequential, they ignore that you have lived an entire life of emotion and experience and the world is no playground to you It is a mine field, it is a pit, it is a coal mine and the people around you are canaries Canaries die Murder is easy if everyone thinks it is an accident Poor little canaries.If you feel that murder is just another way of saying I Love You, then choose this adventure.If you feel that murder should be recommended by two out of three physicians as the easiest cure for what ails you, then choose this adventure. A New Signature Edition Of Agatha Christie S Thriller, Featuring The Return Of Superintendent Battle Luke Fitzwilliam Could Not Believe Miss Pinkerton S Wild Allegation That A Multiple Murderer Was At Work In The Quiet English Village Of Wychwood Or Her Speculation That The Local Doctor Was Next In Line But Within Hours, Miss Pinkerton Had Been Killed In A Hit And Run Car Accident Mere Coincidence Luke Was Inclined To Think So Until He Read In The Times Of The Unexpected Demise Of Dr Humbleby