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Adorable Good read aloud chapter book for young children Will probably inspire the making of many mouse houses I clearly remember making a mouse house when I was in about second grade, and I wonder if it was related to this book I don t remember reading it or having it read to me, but I remember that I loved the mouse house that I made There was a small stone that someone had spray painted yellow for me, and I think I drew a face on it and gave it a pipecleaner tail Wish I still had it, or at least pictures of it As I remembered it I got mouse house a couple of years after it was first published, after I was finished with it I read and re read it many times , my younger brother and then sister enjoyed it That copy died long ago, but I ve now bought it on kindle for my niece and severalGrandkids The story is as sweet as I remember it to be Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Mouse House It Was Like A Doll S House, But Not For Dolls, For Mice Not Proper Mice, But A Flannel He Mouse And She Mouse With Beady Eyes And Bristle Whiskers Who Stand Quite Still, Propped On Their Hind Legs In The Sitting Room Mary Knows Real Mice Run And Scamper, And Disappointed With Her New Gift, She Puts The Mouse House Away In Her Room Meanwhile, Down In The Basement, A Real Mouse Named Bonnie Has Been Jostled Out Of Her Woefully Inadequate Flowerpot Home By Her Older Brothers And Sisters Overlooked By Her Harried Parents And Desperate For Shelter, Bonnie Ventures Upstairs And Finds The Mouse House And Before Too Long What Was A Miniature Make Believe House Becomes A Marvelously Messy Home For Proper Mice Who Know How To Play, Much To Everyone S Delight Two and a half stars It s not a particularly original story or if it was, many other books have been written in a similar vein subsequently It reminded me somewhat of the Puddle Lane books of a later generation I liked Adrienne Adams mice illustrations, but everything else apart from the mice I found rather boring, and greatly disliked her design for the Mouse House which had no charm about it whatsoever A child would probably enjoy the story but I found nothing in it to engage my interest, and if I was a parent I m not sure it would be a story I would enjoy having to read time and time again to a child I don t think much of the style of writing either Godden has an unconventional way of structuring her sentences which can be rather awkward to read and don t always make total sense. This is a great book that has us all laughing I bought it as we have enjoyed playing with our own home made mouse house for years and it seemed perfect It s of a picture book than I expected, read it in about 15 minutes , and the kids were keen to read it again the following evening Mouse House presents a story which, despite having been written sixty years ago, will still charm today s audience.For the full review Sweet story Plan to use the idea for my grandkids someday A young girl receives a jewelry box as gift from her father, but decides to use it as a house for two toy stuffed mice, but it soon becomes a house with real mice living in it. This children s book, originally published in 1957, contains charming illustrations drawn by Adrienne Adams to accompany Rumer Godden s delightful tale of a young girl s jewelry box and the mouse family who repurpose it Rereading it brought to mind fond memories of curling up in my favorite little cubby and reading of a character, Bonnie Mouse, smaller than me, in fact, the smallest in her family who has the wherewithal, bravery, gumption and a little good fortune to change her circumstances and make a better life for herself and her family. I love the language use in this charming story Mice whisk and they flick This is another entry in the genre of little girls and their cunning little doll houses and doll people, with a twist Here the little girl is disappointed in the dullness of her stuffed mice, and enchanted when she encounters the real thing Rumer Godden is a wondrous writer of both adult and children s books who has been lost to today s readers due to changing fashions in publishing Do yourself a favor and check her out.