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This Third Edition Of Modern Criticism And Theory Represents A Major Expansion On Its Previous Incarnations With Some Twenty Five New Pieces Or Essays Included This Expansion Has Two Principal Purposes Firstly, In Keeping With The Collection S Aim To Reflect Contemporary Preoccupations, The Reader Has Expanded Forward To Include Such Newly Emergent Considerations As Ecocriticism And Post Theory Secondly, With The Aim Of Presenting As Broad An Account Of Modern Theory As Possible, The Reader Expands Backwards To To Take In Exemplary Pieces By Formative Writers And Thinkers Of The Late Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Centuries Such As Marx, Freud And Virginia Woolf This Radical Expansion Of Content Is Prefaced By A Wide Ranging Introduction, Which Provides A Rationale For The Collection And Demonstrates How Connections Can Be Made Between Competing Theories And Critical SchoolsThe Purpose Of Thecollection Remains That Of Introducing The Reader To The Guiding Concepts Of Contemporary Literary And Cultural Debate It Does So By Presenting Substantial Extracts From Seminal Thinkers And Surrounding Them With The Contextual Materials Necessary To A Full Understanding Each Selection Has A Headnote, Which Gives Biographical Details Of The Author And Provides Suggestions For Further Reading, And Footnotes That Help Explain Difficult References The Collection Is Ordered Both Historically And Thematically And Readers Are Encouraged To Draw For Themselves Connections Between Essays And Theories Modern Criticism And Theory Has Long Been Regarded As A Necessary Collection Now Revised For The Twenty First Century It Goes Further And Provides Students And The General Reader With A Wide Ranging Survey Of The Complex Landscape Of Modern Theory And A Critical Assessment Of The Way We Think And Live In The World Today

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    I had to use this book for an upper level Literary Criticism and Analysis class in undergrad I tried doing some of the readings early on in the semester, then got bored.Towards the end of the semester, we had to write an essay using a number of essays from this text, to which I felt horrible for not doing many of the readings.As I went back through in preparation for my essay, I realized how great many of the essays were Not only do they apply to great literature or poor literature many a Twilight reference was made in that class , but they also apply to life In my graduate speech, I was able to incorporate some of what I learned from Foucault in this text.My teacher once made a joke about how if she was stuck on a desert island with only one book, she would pick this one because it could entertain her for hours I laughed at how ridiculoous this statement was until a few months later when I realized how accurate this statement was.The class is done, and I have the degree, but this is one of those books you just wanna hang on to

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    An excellent reader with concise introductory information on each theorist neatly cross referenced to help situate the individual author in a framework of critical thinking.

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    I ordered this book for school Very useful and taught me a lot about the different schools Good read whether it s for school or personal.

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    good quality, like a new good to do bussiness with you

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    A jumbled mess of pseudo intellectual, warmed over Marxist political claptrap, where race, gender and identity politics are elevated to near fetish Advise study Shakespeare instead.