Modeling in Wax for Jewelry and Sculpture –

Demonstrates The Many Techniques Using Wax To Produce Jewelry, Including The Lost Wax Method, Wax Carving, Molds, And Other Procedures

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    Marvellous book While this is a much used skill, it s not easy to find a thorough and well illustrated manual for the use of someone far from the usual centres of jewellery making and this is the best book I ve seem recommended on the subject It s not particularly cheap, but it is, after all, an original volume, and far better than any modern treatment of the subject.

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    Just as described A good book to start with.Techniques and tools of wax carving and wax modelling are explained with illustrations.

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    A very useful book.

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    Great book great condition

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    Very good book Lot of informations on a lot of subjects The best comme in at the middle to the end of the book He gives you lots of trick on wax caving, wax build up and how to make wax inlays techniques It is worth the money.

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    J ai achet ce livre en vue d un cours sur le modelage en cire pour le mois prochain.Ces 255 pages me donnent un aper u du pouvoir immense de cr ation que vous permet l acquisition de la technique.Il y a norm ment de dessin tr s clairs et 6 pages centrales couleur avec des r alisations finies.Il y a beaucoup de texte et des explications sur le mat riel et les diff rents proc d s de realisation des pi ces et la corrections des erreurs ventuels.Il aborde aussi la r alisation des pi ces pour une finition avec la technique de l mail.Toutes les techniques et les explications sont claires,maisce qui me d range c est que mise part les pages centrales,le livre soit tout en noir et blanc.Ayant commenc le cours de travail avec de la cire chez Free form artists j ai apport le livre au professeur qui l a trouv tr s int ressant et digne de figurer dans la biblioth que de l cole.

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    Very useful reference book

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    Perfect book. helpfull. Love it

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    Informative with lots of good tips

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    great book

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    This is a great book for those interested in learning wax carving The author lays out a number of projects wisely chosen for their versatility Learn the basics about blue, purple, and green carving waxes and some specialty waxes as well get started with a pretty basic, low cost set up and the sky s the limit once basic techniques are mastered.I do not recommend this as the only book to get if you re interested in wax, however While the information presented is worthwhile, some of it is too outdated We ve been fortunate in the jeweler s industry to benefit from scientific manufacturing advancements in recent years, and some of the moldmaking information, etc is no longer as relevant There is much available to us now, which wasn t commonly available when this was originally published new moldmaking materials, new waxes, new application methods.That said, the author makes excellent points regarding the use of what can be described as shortcuts in the wax working process if one is to truly master a craft, it s better to learn the long hard way first So while this book may be a little behind the times, it still contains key lessons in wax working and makes a worthy addition to a beginner s library.

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    This book has paid for itself already, even though I haven t yet read every page I did learn how to design and carve jewellery in wax, but our syllabus only allowed literally enough time to barely scratch the surface of what is possible Having set myself the task of carving a complex freeform mermaid, I had been struggling with her wild, fine, seaweedy hair Thanks to Lawrence Kallenberg s book, several new items have joined my arsenal of wax carving tools and they didn t cost a cent because I already had them I just hadn t thought of using them on wax And my head is spinning with new ideas for larger pieces using the sculpture techniques he suggests and describes so well.This is a book that is meant to be read, and read thoroughly, rather than as a ready bench reference, and at times, it is slightly heavy going, but with that said, it s a well worth while addition to my library.

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    This book is really helpful in the regard that it guides you to what tools materials you need to get going with wax carving Also, it is good in describing techniques to use for different carving projects It gives you a general idea about how to go and complete wax modelling projects and describes working with different qualities of wax and their characteristics Only minor thing is that it does not EXACTLY describe projects step by step, which leaves a gap there for the absolute beginner, I think A good initial step was the book Basic wax modelling by Hiroshi Tsuyuki, which gives the beginner the essentials to be able to go further in a project.As a conclusion, I definitely would recommend this book, I think it is very useful for everyone that wants to get into wax modelling

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    I ve bought several other books on wax carving before, but none near as useful as this one This is the book where you start, if you are beginning wax carving and already understand a bit about jewelry making I m a metalsmith see who has been hand fabricating for a while, and this book is just right for me It s got a good progression of complexity, sufficient illustrations, and lots of great information If you ve never made jewelry, this book may not be for you unless you are particularly handy.

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    This book looked new Perfect condition Speedy shipping from the seller too Couldn t be pleased A must have for anyone into carving wax for casting.