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Oh, what a disappointing ride I liked the first book in the Moreno Brothers series so much and by the end of it, I came to loath all of them Ugh I do not find sexist, controlling men attractive at all The Moreno brothers are appalling, there is nothing romantic about the way the act around their girlfriends.How would you feel if your boyfriend demanded all of your free time, disliked if you went out with your girlfriends, and outright forbade you from even speaking with any other guy Well, if you are not a doormat type of person, you would tell him to hit the road, right The Moreno brothers are all like that, I kid you not, and their girlfriends just accept all their garbage.Besides this big flaw in the series, the plot in the later books Romero and Making you Mine was weak and very much soap opera for my taste I kind of feel bad now that I recommended this series to a friend of mine. Spoiler Free Review It s over She wants nothing to do with me any Sal in Making you Mine In Making You Mine Sal the oldest Moreno reluctantly hires Grace a young culinary student as a bartender Well actually Alex hires her after Sal said he gave her 3 strikes.lol Grace wants nothing than to be a cook and show her talent but b cuz she is so young no one is willing to give her chance She feels defeated after her interview at Moreno s especially when Sal acts like a complete A hole When Grace lucks up and gets the job after running in to Alex at Moreno s she knows she must work hard to prove herself.Slowly Sal let s down his frigid actions toward Grace And both he and Grace start to experience other feelings for eachother When the two finally admit to their feelings and start to date everything is going good That is until Sal goes to a bachelor party in Vegas, wakes up with a hangover and hears the voice of Melissa an ex fling he has been ducking I love Elizabeth Reyes and i will read anything with her name on it This series is awesome and i really hope to read about Rose and Vincent soon I loved the ending with all the other POV s and the bonus story with my fave couple Angel and Sarah.My RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline ExcellentOverall A Goodread for all Contemporary Romance lovers New Adult Contemporary RomanceAlways In Control, The Meticulous And Professional Salvador Moreno Is Thrown For A Loop When The Newly Hired Bartender Grace Zendejas Suddenly Invades His Family S Restaurant, And Infuriatingly, His Every Thought For The First Time In His Life, Sal Is Fumbling But After Recovering From A Few Blunders He Discovers His Feelings For Grace Run Much DeeperThings Begin To Heat Up Between Him And Grace, But Then The Ever Perfect Sal Does Something Even His Brothers Never Did Screws Up Royally Now He S Scrambling To Cover Up A Mistake He Knows Could Cost Him Dearly As His Relationship With Grace Grows Even Serious, Sal S Secret Is A Ticking Bomb, Threatening To Destroy The One Thing He Now Lives And Breathes For His Relationship With The Love Of His Life Grace I wanted to like this book Heck, after buying it after reading all the great reviews, I was expecting to like this book Alas, I feel like I am being generous giving it the 3 stars that I am.This is the first book out the series that I have read, but I have a feeling it might also be my last as well.It started out pretty good, but then is started fizzling out in the middle I stuck through it, hoping it will get better towards the end but it never happened.The whole book read like an episode out of a bad soap opera.I did not care for Sal Yes, he is your typical Alpha hero, but he is unbearable I got super irritated when he was jealous of his girlfriend s 2 gay best friends, since hey, you never know, a lot of those guys swing both ways GAH seriously when I read that, I wanted to toss my nook across the room.Aside from that, this book just read like any other typical contp romance novel to me.Boy meets girlBoy and girl do not like each other and do not get alongBoy and girl realize that they are actually not getting along because they are GASP having feelings for one anothergirl is an inexperienced virgin, while the boy has been around his shareenter villain problem that tear them aparta whole lot of angst goes onboy and girl get back togetherThe end Some Spoilers below view spoiler I felt that after ALL that happened, Grace forgave Sal way too easily and quickly in the end Particularly given how he approached the subject And of course the pregnancy just wrapped everything up in a pretty little bow hide spoiler Great read I gotta say Sal s is my favorite out of the series. Elizabeth Reyes made my day yesterday when I was on searching for a new read and saw Making You mine had been uploaded I screamed I was that HAPPY The best out of the whole series The wait is always so painful but so worth it when you get in to the book I can t wait to see what Elizabeth writes next.Re read 24th Aug 2012 Even AWESOME FREE on today 1 29 2020 Summary Salvador Moreno is the oldest of Moreno Brother s He s smart, sexy, and always in control Then he meets Graciela Zendejas While looking for a chef s position, Grace thinks Moreno s would be a great place to help boost her career as a chef The problem is, she s young and no one wants to take her seriously She lands a job at Moreno s as a bartender Sal isn t too happy about this, because he can t stop thinking about her They give in to their attraction and start dating Then for the first time in his life, Sal messes up big time As he and Grace get closer to their happily ever after, he has to decide if keeping the secret or coming clean is the best way to save his relationship with Grace My Take As you all know, I love this series I was so looking forward to Sal s story He always seemed so serious in the other books It was so great to see Sal come undone and find someone to love His vulnerability was so sweet and he is just plain sexy He s a strong alpha male without being overwhelmingly domineering Grace was a sweetheart She needed someone to love and trust and Sal was the perfect fit for her You ll just fall in love with Sal during the camp out chapter OH BOY I loved the epilogue It made me miss all the brother s and makes me want to reread their stories There is also a special story about Angel and Sarah at the end too, which made me melt Making You Mine Elizabeth ReyesBook 5 The Moreno BrothersSal Moreno is the last single brother in his family He takes care of the business end of the restaurants and has dreams of honoring his father, grandfather and the Moreno name by opening Moreno restaurants He is neat and most folks just say he s anal When Graciela Zendejas comes in for an interview at Alex s restaurant, it don t take long for Sal to find three strikes against her And something about her makes him a bit anal than usual.Grace had been turned down time and time again in her interviews She decided to try and look older than her twenty one years and she added a few extra on her application She knew she could be a head chef with no problems but all anyone saw was her age By the time she met with Sal Moreno, she was in a pretty nasty mood Grace does get the job a few days later no thanks to Sal, Alex hires her And she proves herself as a bartender and cook As Sal and Grace get past their first impressions and head towards starting over, one road block after another trips them up Sal has to accept her best friends, Joey Taylor And the biggest problem is one of Sal s ex s who won t let go It seems there is no such thing as a smooth sailing relationship when a Moreno is involved And you will find out that what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas Once again we get to be with our friends from the previous stories and see how their lives are changing Angel Sarah now have their own restaurant, Alex Valerie start their family, Sofia Eric are engaged, Romero Izzywell Romero will always be Romero.We get to meet a new relative as well And like all Moreno men, he carries the handsome gene as well.There is an epilogue that updates what is happening with the families and than there is a separate short story for Angel and Sarah Can their love survive tough times and suspicions Sexual situations and language.http justjudysjumbles.blogspot.com I loved Salvador and Grace they were a really great couple and the plot was interesting and different from the other books, BUT it was a bit too long It got off to a great start and then I was willing it to move forward I love descriptive writing in some books, but in this one I wanted dialogue and interaction between the two main characters When Salvador and Grace were together it was great, but they spent way too much time apart Salvador has been the mystery brother in this series, and as he was revealed, I fell in love with him Although he was initially harsh towards Grace, he made up for it with his sweet charming ways All the characters that came before were involved in the story, and we got a nice dose of each of them The family and friends element works well in this series A wonderful heartwarming extended epilogue was included, and a sweet short about Angel and Sarah, the couple who started it all With the introduction of two new characters, Vince and Rose, I feel that another book might be in the works, at least I m hoping so I just want to comment on two things The series started out as YA and then took the direction of Adult Contemporary, which was fine Then this book seemed YA to me A little confusing and I expected a bit heat in this book, since that s how the last 3 presented themselves The other issue was the editing All the other books were fine, but in this one there were some grammatical errors and an incorrect character reference Hey it happens Elizabeth Reyes is a talented author and I hope to read by her in the future.