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A Brilliant Cultural History Scull S Book Fills A Gap In The Literature And In Popular Understanding Of Madness And It Deserves To Be Widely Read Madness In Civilization Is A Methodical Yet Always Engrossing Account Of How Insanity Has Been Regarded From Ancient Times To Modernity The Times A Far Ranging, Illuminating Study Of Minds Gone Awry Across Space And Time Scull Is Sharp On Every Point, But Some Of His Best Moments Come When He Explains The Introduction Of Psychoanalysis Into Pop Culture In The Postwar Period, Thanks In Good Part To Hollywood, And When He Takes A Sidelong Look At Both The Drug Dependent Psychiatry Of Today And Its Discontents, Such As Scientology To Be Read As Both Corrective And Supplement To Foucault, Szasz, And Rieff Often Brilliant And Always Luminous And Rewarding Kirkus, Starred ReviewA Wonderful Book, Fascinating And Beautifully Written, With Scull S Usual Verve And Erudition Madness In Civilization Explores How Ancient And Medieval Societies Coped With Psychosis And Shows That, Brain Imaging And Psychotropic Drugs Notwithstanding, Modern Psychiatry Has Much To Learn From These Societies Sylvia Nasar, Author Of A Beautiful MindAn Engaging, Learned, And Wonderfully Thought Provoking History Of Human Efforts To Understand And Manage Those Behaviors We Call Mad An Uncommon Combination Of Learning And Accessible Writing, Scull S Admirable Book Is A Must Read For Anyone Interested In This Most Solitary Of Afflictions Charles Rosenberg, Harvard UniversityIn This Engrossing Book, Scull Takes Us From Ancient Greece To The Pharmacopoeias Of Today To Give Us The Long View Of How Reason Has Understood And Treated Unreason This Is History At Its Best, Scintillating In Its Detail And Passionate About A Subject That Concerns Us All Lisa Appignanesi, Author Of Trials Of PassionMadness In Civilization Is A Brilliant, Provocative, And Hugely Entertaining History Of The Treatment And Mistreatment Of The Mentally Ill Packed With Bizarre Details And Disturbing Facts, Andrew Scull S Book Offers Fresh And Compelling Insights On The Way Medicine S Inability To Solve The Mystery Of Madness Has Both Haunted And Shaped Two Thousand Years Of Culture Required Reading For Anyone Who Has Ever Gone To A Shrink Dirk Wittenborn, Author Of PharmakonAndrew Scull Is The Premier Historian Of Psychiatry In The Anglophone World, And This Book Triumphantly Demonstrates This Taking A Broad Canvas, From Antiquity To Modernity, Scull Dissects What Madness Has Meant To Societies Throughout History And Throughout The World He Writes With Passion But Humor, Has A Brilliant Eye For A Pungent Quotation Or A Telling Story, And Holds The Reader Spellbound This Is A Compelling Book From A Master Of His Craft William F Bynum, Co Editor Of The Dictionary Of Medical BiographyDr Scull Is One Of The Preeminent Historians Of Psychiatry In The World Today There Is Almost No One Else Who Could Write A Volume Of This Kind With The Panache He Brings To It, The Ability To Hold Both A Lay And An Academic Readership In Thrall At The Same Time, And The Sense Of Balance And Proportion That Comes To Some With Experience But To Others Not At All There Is No Other Volume Comparable To This In Scope And This Is A Once In A Generation Effort David Healy, Author Of PharmageddonA Powerful And Disturbing Book Fascinating Engrossing The Sunday TimesIn This Ambitious Chronicle Of Mental Illness Over Two Millennia, Historian Of Psychiatry Andrew Scull Ranges Over The Jumbled Landscape Of Unreason With Crisp Authority NatureVast In Scope And Learning A Book That Is As Illuminating As It Is Compendious Absorbing And Often Discomfiting A Magisterial Survey New StatesmanScull Is A Good Storyteller And Not Shy Of Expressing His Own Opinions He Offers Up The Best And Worst Of What Has Been Thought And Imagined, And What Has Been Done, In The Name Of Mental Healing It Would Be Hard To Imagine Auseful Single Volume Synthesis Well Researched, Strong On Details And Alert To The Big Picture, This Book Certainly Deserves To Find A Wide Readership Literary Review Scull S Wide Ranging Survey Chronologically Presents Factual And Imaginative Material About Insanity Scull, A Historian Of Psychiatry For Almost Years, Has Been Well Served By His Publishers, Who Have Laid Onthan Black And White Images And Almost High Quality Colour Plates The Financial TimesThis Hugely Ambitious Volume, Worldwide In Scope And Ranging From Antiquity To The Present, Examines The Human Encounter With Unreason In All Its Manifestations, The Challenges It Poses To Society And Our Responses To It In Twelve Chapters Organized Chronologically From The Bible To Freud, From Exorcism To Mesmerism, From Bedlam To Victorian Asylums, From The Theory Of Humours To Modern Pharmacology, Andrew Scull Writes Compellingly About Madness, Its Meanings, Its Consequences And Our Various Attempts To Understand And Treat It