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The work is naturally divided into three sections of roughly equal length by those biographical accounts More fundamentally, however, as we shall see, there is a thematic division corresponding to the classic Sufi itinerary of mi r j ascent , pp 31 88 the ruju return , pp 139 176 and the divine sphere mush hada where these multiple mi r js and ruju s actually take place, pp 88 139.Critical Arabic edition made by University A79 with verification to 5 other finest copies This edition is as authentic and pure as intended by the author We are pround to present in collaboration with Ustaz al Mansub the Most Authentic Edition of Ruh al Quds fi munashat al Nafs.This edition includes full Arabic text, complete Urdu translation, Urdu notes, Takhr j of Quranic Ayas and Ahadith Ibn Arab S Hagiographical Work, The Ruh Al Quds F Mun Sahat Al Nafs Is A Masterpeice In His Introduction There Is A Vicious Attack On Contemporary Sufism, Mentioning The Adoption Of Sufi Dress, The Kh Naq H System, And A Twice Iterated Ban On The Sufi Practice Of Sam However, Self Criticism By Sufi Authors Is In No Sense A New Genre Initiated By Ibn Arab Indeed, The Shaykh Tells Us Here That Al Qushayr Most Severely Rebukes Them At The Beginning Of His Ris La It Remains To Be Seen Then, What Positive Contribution Ibn Arab Offers In His Criticisms And In Particular If Companionship Is Now Flattery Based , How Is It That In This Corrupt Age, Ibn Arab Himself Manages To Form Over Fifty Meaningful Companionships Of Which, Over, He Has Recorded Some But Kept Quiet Concerning Most The Work Is Naturally Divided Into Three Sections Of Roughly Equal Length By Those Biographical Accounts More Fundamentally, However, As We Shall See, There Is A Thematic Division Corresponding To The Classic Sufi Itinerary Of Mi R J Ascent , Pp The Ruju Return , Pp And The Divine Sphere Mush Hada Where These Multiple Mi R Js And Ruju S Actually Take Place, Pp Critical Arabic Edition Made By University A With Verification To Other Finest Copies This Edition Is As Authentic And Pure As Intended By The Author We Are Pround To Present In Collaboration With Ustaz Al Mansub The Most Authentic Edition Of Ruh Al Quds Fi Munashat Al NafsThis Edition Includes Full Arabic Text, Complete Urdu Translation, Urdu Notes, Takhr J Of Quranic Ayas And AhadithRead Online Samplehttp Booksgoogle Books Id D