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    Lola Cruz is a fairly newly licensed PI, but she s wanted to be an investigator for almost her entire life, ever since she stalked her high school crush and snapped pictures of him from the bushes As a PI, she s given a case to look into a missing woman Things get complicated in both the investigation and her life as her high school crush, and brother s friend, comes back into her life while she s getting deeper and deeper into the investigation.Death threats, dates, and a quincineara family and history blend together to make a fascinating mystery and a delicious romance I wasn t sure before starting this if I d continue on the series, but now I need to see where things go.

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    I m not really sure why I bothered finishing this book I was emotionally finished with it by about the 2 3 mark, though I d been coasting by the halfway point I think I was just curious whether or not Lola finally gets with Jack or not.The problem is that I didn t care much for Lola She s kind of a spaz for someone who is in her late twenties and in an established profession And she s a huge spaz for someone who is supposedly a Private Investigator Of course, it didn t help that Lola has some reflexive stupidity about things like guns and politicians also I d like to know where she found a Republican Assemblyman in Sacramento I suppose that, since he was supposed to be corrupt she had to imply he was a Republican.The biggest detriment to the book is how Ramirez completely wasted Jack as a character I mean, an investigative reporter and a P.I That s built in conflict synergy right there, that is But it s completely unused Not to mention that he s supposed to be, you know, smart and stuff But all he is to Lola is a hot bod and long term crush Once it became clear that he was nothing , I quickly lost faith that Ramirez was developing anything interesting Unfortunately that was borne out by the ending.Other problems with the book the central mystery only barely holds together and depends a lot on some pretty unreasonable premises starting with a person who would be stupid enough to have the motives they did and yet smart enough to get away with the crime for as long as they did Lola s agency is populated by adults stuck in emotional adolescence Reilly s obsession with Lola s brother was supposed to be funny but came across as creepy, instead Antonio s motivations make no sense whatsoever at any point in the novel particularly with regards to the photographs of Jack.Yes, that s a lot of dumb packed into a novel sized package I m sorry for it because Ramirez isn t a bad writer at the detail level It s only characters and plots that she messed up And I did finish it when it comes right down to it.A note about Steamy This is a really light steam level There s no actual sex but the couple of groping sessions are detailed even if somewhat short I almost didn t flag it at all, but there s enough there that those sensitive to such things ought to have fair warning.

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    I got Pleating For Mercy by Melissa Bourbon and thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Bliss, Texas Deciding to check out the author s website I discovered the Lola series written as Misa Ramirez.I have to digress here and state that I read A LOT So for me to spend than 8.00 on a book especially in digital format I have to really enjoy it There are so many methods to obtain literature audiobooks, libraries, paperbackswap.com I have to really justify to myself spending on books I m not a cheapskate I just read so much I have to explore all options to get my fix The Lola series sounded fun I am addicted to Stephanie Plum and Izzy Spellman and just like the type of series I would enjoy However it s ten bucks on Nook I decided to download the Christmas prequel novella The Lola Cruz Christmas Story Darn, the book was like how people describe drugs from a dealer Once I had a taste of Lola s world I needed There is no audio hint, hint and I have no patience to wait for paperbackswap.com to get the book to me So I downloaded it courtesy of the instant satisfaction my Nook provides.I actually read the book last week However, I needed to re read it The dialogue was so crisp, the banter so great that I had to go back and do it all again I wanted to make sure I hadn t accidentally skimmed over a witty remark, know with certainty I hadn t missed a single thought Lola had.Lola and her family are relatable and charming The storyline is inventive and exciting And with my birthday next week I m going to treat myself to the next book in the series

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    I had to read a book with the character named Lola and Living the vida Lola Lola is one of my fantasy names And this book is great Lola is an almost thirty something girl living in Sacremento upstairs from her parents To their eternal consternation and disapproval, she s a black belt and a private detective She is living her career dream ever since she stalked her brother s friend Jack when she was 14 Lola fields a missing person case As she starts to investigate she finds a card of a reporter who is lo and behold Jack, he of her adolescent fantasies and stalker behavior As they move inexorably and sexily together, the case takes on a dangerous and complicated turn Exciting and funny, Lola solves the mystery and gets the guy, well at least sort of Lots of unanswered and intriguing questions to be explored in a sequelor twoor three.Funny, fun, and an affectionate look at tightly knit Mexican American families through the eyes of a woman who is both traditional and modern cool and old fashioned.

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    This sparkling debut novel, set in Sacramento, is narrated by Dolores Lola Cruz, a detective at the Martinez agency She s been assigned a missing person case, and is determined to find the woman, who disappeared leaving her six year old son behind What can her high school crush Jack, recently returned to town as a reporter on the local newspaper, have with her case She s found his card among the missing woman s possessions And is Jack hotter than ever really interested in Lola Speaking of hotness, her boss Manny who is no slouch in that department has also been giving her messages that Lola can t quite interpret Meanwhile, Lola is still living in an apartment above her parents house, and fielding Mama and Papa s complaints about her dangerous job.

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    A fast paced and witty read The main character is a Latina PI learining the ropes and coping with family expectations and love life issues It is a fast read and very entertaining.

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    This was such a fun read Very reminiscent of Bondswoman Stephanie Plumloved it, and can t wait for the next chapter in the Lola Cruz saga

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    This is a great new series It was very entertaining.

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    I really enjoyed reading this book I love how the author used spanish spanglish thru the entire book..one can relate The characters are real.Lola can be any one of us Very enjoyable

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    she is working in a pi agency she found the robbers of a market she doesnt get along with the other woman in her office the boss is hother crush from high school moved back from SLO and she is trying to get with him she is trying to figure out what happened to a missing lady that turned up dead her son died from a heart infection after getting a tattoowhile she was at the tattoo place asking questions she got her belly button pierced and its turning all kinds of colors she needs to go to a dr never heard how it healed up, maybe next book which i orderedher crush got shot in the arm her brother got in a car accident meant for her when he borrowed her car her parents want her to quit her dangerous job she wants to move out to her own apt, not above her parentswill be fun to read the next book and find out what happens.