{Read books} Linear and Integer Optimization: Theory and Practice, Third Edition (Advances in Applied Mathematics) (English Edition) eBook: Gerard Sierksma, Yori Zwols: Amazon.it: Kindle StoreAuthor Yori Zwols – Vivefutbol.co

Simply the best one in the field No words are needed Excellent book Suitable for the learning of linear programming, whole and network theory Suitable for bachelors and masters Nice design and presentation Didactic and pedagogical The software used is wonderful Highly recommended for industrial engineering, systems engineering and business management engineering programs Dr Samuel Hidalgo, Professor of National Technology of Mexico This is very good reference book for linear and integer persons. Presenting A Strong And Clear Relationship Between Theory And Practice, Linear And Integer Optimization Theory And Practice Is Divided Into Two Main Parts The First Covers The Theory Of Linear And Integer Optimization, Including Both Basic And Advanced Topics Dantzigs Simplex Algorithm, Duality, Sensitivity Analysis, Integer Optimization Models, And Network Models Are Introduced More Advanced Topics Also Are Presented Including Interior Point Algorithms, The Branch And Bound Algorithm, Cutting Planes, Complexity, Standard Combinatorial Optimization Models, The Assignment Problem, Minimum Cost Flow, And The Maximum Flow Minimum Cut TheoremThe Second Part Applies Theory Through Real World Case Studies The Authors Discuss Advanced Techniques Such As Column Generation, Multiobjective Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, Machine Learning Support Vector Machines , Combinatorial Optimization, Approximation Algorithms, And Game TheoryBesides The Fresh New Layout And Completely Redesigned Figures, This New Edition Incorporates Modern Examples And Applications Of Linear Optimization The Book Now Includes Computer Code In The Form Of Models In The GNU Mathematical Programming Language GMPL The Models And Corresponding Data Files Are Available For Download And Can Be Readily Solved Using The Provided Online SolverThis New Edition Also Contains Appendices Covering Mathematical Proofs, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Convexity, And Nonlinear Optimization All Chapters Contain Extensive Examples And Exercises This Textbook Is Ideal For Courses For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students In Various Fields Including Mathematics, Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, And Management Science