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I DID NOT WANT TO CRY TODAY DAMN IT Some spoilers I put off reading this book for some time I would look over at the book in my stacks and say..not today Because I knew I was going to cry And I cried and cried some I added some pics of me and my dog This book is about Lily and Ted, they are best friends She is his dog and I m getting ready to cry again The love that Ted had for Lily is so very beautiful I could feel all of the pain Ted had in the book I could enjoy the happy, silly times I had those same times with my son, Dakota He was my Australian Shepherd and he was my everything People couldn t understand why I really didn t want to go anywhere unless Dakota was with me Not a lot of people can understand that kind of love I loved how Ted would talk about thinking of Lily when he was away from her I get it They are our fur babies and they should never have to get any kind of medical problems in my opinion They should just die peacefully in their sleep when it s time I loved reading about Ted and Lily having game night, talking about men and other funny stuff It was so cute Then Lily picks up a friend that Ted names the octopus The octopus that no dog or person should have and it s so sad all of the things they go through I hated it I hated it for them I didn t have to go through all of that with my Dakota I guess God didn t think I would be able to handle it My Dakota collapsed one night in the middle of the night morning We rushed him to the ER Vet and he had damn cancer After everything I did every year to try to make sure the damn cancer didn t sneak up and get him, it did anyway That same year I was going to start doing x rays every year because I knew the extensive blood work couldn t pick all of that up And it didn t and I was too late Dakota had it in his spleen and lungs It was too late because it had gotten into his lungs I told them you are not euthanizing him His vet of 11 years will do it and call him now and let me talk to him We set it up for the next morning and I was to just watch over Dakota to make sure he wasn t in any pain through the one night One damn night, that s all I got I would have done so much to make him happy if I would have known But some say it s worse if you know and watch them go downhill I didn t get to go through all of the horrible stuff Ted went through with Lily I can t even imagine that kind of pain When the time came for Ted to do what he had to do with Lily, I felt it I was right there again in my vets office with my dad begging him to put me to sleep too It was one of the most horrific things I ever had to do and anyone that has had to do it knows that I would recommend this book to anyone that loves animals You don t have to be a dog lover to understand what goes on in this book And I think you will love to read about their little antics too Thanks to the Ted and Lily, I just might start slowing writing a book about me and Dakota They are a little inspiration to me EXCERPTS This is an Arc of the book so excerpts are subject to change I worried for a second she was going to try to discourage me further from choosing this puppy She studied us both for a moment as I held the runt protectively, and eventually her face softened and relented I wondered if she wasn t just relieved to have someone take the runt so she could charge for the rest of her flawless litter Seems like she kind of chose you And then, after a beat, I suppose that s how it works She finished with the off center smile of a car salesman who s just sold a lemon for nearly full price I would like to thank Simon Schuster for a print copy of this book through The Reading Room in exchange for my honest review MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List Combining The Emotional Depth Of The Art Of Racing In The Rain With The Magical Spirit Of The Life Of Pi, Lily And The Octopus Is An Epic Adventure Of The HeartWhen You Sit Down With Lily And The Octopus, You Will Be Taken On An Unforgettable RideThe Magic Of This Novel Is In The Read, And We Don T Want To Spoil It By Giving Away Too Many Details We Can Tell You That This Is A Story About That Special Someone The One You Trust, The One You Can T Live WithoutFor Ted Flask, That Someone Special Is His Aging Companion Lily, Who Happens To Be A Dog Lily And The Octopus Reminds Us How It Feels To Love Fiercely, How Difficult It Can Be To Let Go, And How The Fight For Those We Love Is The Greatest Fight Of AllRemember The Last Book You Told Someone They Had To Read Lily And The Octopus Is The Next One Lily and the Octopus was hysterical before it became sad The audio version is as good as audio gets Actor, Michael Urie, absolutely hit this out of the ballpark People tell me they don t like audio, they tried audio a long time ago but it didn t work for them or they ask me what book is good on audio since I listen to so many of them I m here to tell you that THIS BOOK is 10 Star audio If you want to give audio a try look no further Michael Urie makes this story come to life So why 4 Stars instead of 5 For me personally the story lost me a little while they were battling the octopus Now, that doesn t mean it s going to be like that for others I personally have a hard time with magical realism Ted is in his early 40 s and is still reeling from a breakup with his boyfriend He has a crappy therapist, Jenny, and now his dog, Lily, is sick Lily is his everything He s had her for all her 12 years She even talks Which I found quite clever because if you have a dog it s likely you have a voice for that dog, too Am I right Now some Goodreads friends of mine along my journey with this novel said they won t read this if Lily is going to die We know right away she is This is not a spoiler I m here to tell you it s OK to read this Every once in awhile seldom my mother shared wisdom She once said, Having a dog is good for children It shows them the cycle of life That s what this book does, but for adults So I say read it or listen to it, don t be afraid It s worth the journey Oh, one fact I learned from this novel Rorschach from the Rorschach Test was hot Like Brad Pitt hot This is true I googled it Lol Recommended This is a very cute story about a man and his beloved dachshund You probably already know what happens, as is the nature of these kinds of books, but it was far less cheesy than it might have been Rather than spending too long on emotional manipulation, the book focuses on Ted Flask a lonely, middle aged gay man who loves no one as much as his dog It s this part of the story that really makes it a tearjerker The for want of a better word pathetic nature of Ted s love is heart wrenching, so than the familiar narrative We come to learn how Lily was the runt of the litter and she chose him when he went to have his pick of the pups Lily also talks throughout the novel, though it s not clear if this is magical realism or supposed to be all in Ted s mind I guess it doesn t really matter either way I must admit that Lily s voice got a little annoying after a while with all the CAPS and exclamation points, but maybe that s just me I also didn t love Ted s constant repetition about the octopus and how he looks it in the eye and actually talks to it it s not a spoiler to say what the octopus is, but just in case, I have tagged it view spoiler it s a tumor hide spoiler Here I go, bucking the flow of the majority opinion Lily and the Octopus did not work for me Quirky books are generally favourites of mine I am a pile of mush over dog stories But somehow this missed the mark badly I am Not a fan This is not a story about a dog This book does not remotely resemble The Art of Racing in the Rain , aside from the thin comparisons that a dog and people interact, and there are teary moments Lily and the Octopus is the story of a very self absorbed man, his love life, his loneliness and his sick dachshund The parts about Lily, the sweet anecdotes, were lovely However, the focus was primarily on the tumour on the side of her head and how it would affect Ted I didn t expect that the intimate dating life of Ted would be weighted as emotionally significant as poor Lily going into surgery I couldn t buy in to the animated tumour Octopus, with its voice and eye The coming of age mythology played out in Captain Nemo esque fantasies, with Ted fighting the Octopus rather than Moby Dick didn t resonate Ted s angst about his personal life wasn t quirky rather it was somber and essentially central to the story Not Lily The one place that I could relate was Lily s final moments I have been there myself Having been so detached from the rest of the book, I was almost astonished to find myself with tears poring down my cheeks in Lily s final moments.I expected something really good Because the publicity blurb linked the novel to The Art of Racing in the Rain , one of my favourite books, I anticipated a similarly thoughtful and wise meeting of words Lily and the Octopus is not that book, and the comparison totally ticked me off Probably lost a star because of it Obviously we must all form our own opinions I think that the publishers managed to pull that darn octopus over a large percentage of the readers eyes, remembering only Lily and her sad pull on the heartstrings Edited April, 2017 Lily is nuzzled into my armpit as I lie on top of the covers in my own bed She s radiating heat like the sun, but as long as she s comfortable I m not going to move My sweat is cementing us together I find the idea of adhesive, the idea of her being tethered to me, comforting Given so many people have read this book before me I ll try to add a few other things that I didn t read in other reviews other than, I really loved it as many other readers have too This book is sweet, lovable, schmaltzy, sad, and all around wonderful I cried at the end and I love Lily, and his best friend, Ted Meredith is Ted s sister She is a minor character supporting character I felt a strong admiration for her At her own weddingMeredith had been watching Ted, her brother, keeping a sister s love eye on him After the wedding ceremony in San Francisco, Meredith, Franklin, her husband , Jeffrey, Ted s boyfriend , and Ted, all retire to the Top of the Mark, a rooftop bar across California Street from their hotel For those of you who have been to THE TOP OF THE ll know the author got the descriptions right when he wrote this At night, the buildings around us twinkle like the night sky in the distance the Golden Gate Bridge is dappled with tiny, shimmering headlights Being in the Top of the Mark for a drink after a wedding party my sisters brought back many memories I was only 16 years old at the time How I got into that bar I have no idea but I was with the wedding party and the maid of honor Continuing the conversation in the bar.Meredith asks Ted Are You Happy For You , I ask Of Course No Are YOU happy I m not sure how to answer her truthfully Why do you ask I don t know I ve been watching you this weekend.The conversation continues Ted confides to his sister that he is pretty darn sure hispartner, Jeffrey, is cheating on him Ted doesn t want to face his relationship problem yet At the moment he is worried about his dog, Lily The dialogue that continues for a couple of pages between Ted and Meredith was very endearing to me It must have been for Ted, too Ted says, My sister is all grown up I m grateful we did our growing together My heart was aching for both Ted and Lily I adored them both Right from the start I was smiling over debates that Ted tells us he has with Lily, debates with your dog gotta love it They would have their Ryan debates Ted is a Ryan Gosling man Lily she is a Ryan Reynolds gal Touching.lovingheartfelt.heartbreakingand and a little magically surreal laugh cry love You can t say I wasn t warned First of all, dog stories tend to have sad endings Then on the first page you learn that Lily, the dachshund is 12 years old, 84 in people years Again, not promising Then Ted, the human, notices the octopus tumor on her head So we have a 300 page novel about a 12 year old dog with cancer, how did I think it was going to end Especially when I cried the first time on page 26 Yes, I knew it would end badly, because dogs don t live as long as we do, and because we give our hearts to our pets, and they return that love a thousand times without asking for anything in return And Ted, the human, had issues, like a psychotherapist named Jenny who was incompetent, and a broken relationship with a boyfriend, and a mother who didn t love him enough according to him But he had a really great best friend, and a really great sister, and Lily, the dachshund He also had a great sense of humor, and a unique way of looking at the world, when he wasn t trying to hide from it.I read this book even knowing I would cry at the end, for the same reason we have dogs in the first place Because the journey is worth the pain at the finish line. I don t really know how to rate this novel.Spoilerish review.I m sure many will love this novel I m not sure I did Actually, I know I didn t I didn t hate it either It was readable but I became tired of the forty two year old Ted obsessing and waxing lyrically about his dachshund, Lily Lily is twelve years old and at the end of her life She s got a tumour on her head the Octopus The majority of the novel is about Ted either reminiscing about Lily as a puppy, or talking about their mundane, tedious life or he s agonising over what to do about Lily s octopus There is conversation going on between Ted and Lily And between Ted and the Octopus I know I m supposed to find it quirky and endearing for whatever reasons, I didn t Somewhere around the 75% mark, the novel takes a fantastical turn, and I had to go back to check if I d skipped any pages because it discombobulated me.I probably sound heartless I do love animals, and I did cry at the end of the book But I usually cry when there s death.This is also a novel about loneliness and about being numb and purposeless.Look, it s not a bad novel, especially for a debut It just didn t quite hit the right marks, as far as I m concerned 3 stars I ve received this novel via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to the publisher, Simon Schuster, for the opportunity to read and review.Cover 4 stars Ted Flask is a 42 year old writer who is recovering from a breakup with his longtime partner He is lonely and isolated but his best friend Lily, a 12y old dachshund makes his life worth living He and Lily share everything, good times and bad, pizza and monopoly nights, icecream and movies When Ted discovers that Lily has an octopus growing on her head he realises the time he has left with Lily may be cut all too short.This is one for dog lovers and anyone who has had to part with an aging furry friend Ted reminisces about choosing Lily as a puppy and seeing the wonders of the world through her eyes and remembers their lives together He realises that she taught him so much about how to enjoy life and love without reserve The book is often funny as Ted navigates his way through the process of saying goodbye to his beloved dog He has an incompetent psychiatrist and a vet he doesn t trust Although Ted borders on obsessive at times, Lily is very cute and her voice comes through clearly in the novel as Ted hears her through her excited body language and translates it for us in CAPITAL LETTERS such as the time she first gets to taste icecreamTHAT IS AMAZING WE MUST HAVE THIS TO LICK EVERY SINGLE DAY Of course if you read this you must realise that there will be a sad chapter towards the end of the book and I would suggest you don t embarrass yourself by reading it on public transport as I did unless you are exceptionally unemotional With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Simon and Schuster for a digital copy to read and review Just lately I have started to realise that I do not always care for magical realism, especially when it takes over what is otherwise a very enjoyable book Consequently when the Octopus of the title started to take over this book I started to enjoy it less.Anyway the book begins brilliantly and I enjoyed the little anecdotes about Lily as a pup and about Ted himself Talking to the dog and having the dog answer was just part of the fun All was going well and then the Octopus arrived That was okay to start with as I could see it was Ted s way of dealing with the issue My problems began when he insisted that everyone else should see it as an octopus too and then we got into really deep waters when Ted started his fight against it That was not supposed to be a pun, but the part in the ocean left me bewildered.The ending of course is heartbreakingly lovely especially if you have been there yourself Three stars for Lily and her beautiful life No stars for the octopus.