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    A poignant and excellent tale from one of the leaders of Lieutenant Prose The Dawnsis a story of a tough sergeant leading a band of female anti aircraft crew during the Great Patriotic War The initial frosty and formal relationship soon blossoms into mutual trust and camaraderie against surmountable odds in the form of German paratroops trying to cross the valley Set in May 1942, written by Boris Vasiliyev in 1969, it is a major milestone in soviet literature The author lays down this short but humane story taking readers along with band led by a tough wary soviet Sergeant and five female soldiers who take on a suicidal mission to hold Germans from crossing into the open The characters that you come across in this story especially that of female anti air crew are simple but yet distinct, full of strengths and vulnerabilities Their inter relations and journey of friendship is a testimony to how ordinary people take on extraordinary responsibilities The story take readers into the beauty of Soviet Russia and beastliness of World war The outnumbered group tries to hold Germans at bay, with little help they havedying in the end one by one Their death are not heroic but normal and evident, still Vasileyev with his writing excels in bringing their struggle for survival and duty to others, together in this remarkable story As each of the character speaks to the reader, you can relate to them..see their self doubts and all but human nature One of the best books I have ever read, an excellent story of courage, sacrifice and friendship Read it along with Stanislav Rostotsky s brilliant adaptation on film with same name..both as remarkable as other.

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    the best book ever it combines everything you know and want in a book a good story and not a clich brilliant characters and such a wonderful ending.

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    I cheated, I watched the movies but I want to read this book.The story is a simple one A combat soldier is given a group of women in place of men to operate an anti aircraft unit.A unit of Germans are dropped behind the lines And the Sergeant leads the only troops into combat I won t spoil the ending, but what a great ending.PS this is a classic Soviet story from the Great Patriotic War.Wayne

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