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Key StageScience Is Easy Chemistry Is The Easiest Way For Your Child To Master The KS National Curriculum For Science Containing A Vibrant Mix Of Visual And Activity Based Learning, Including A Breakdown On Each Topic Of What Your Child Needs To Do To Score % In Their SATs Within This Guide Your Child Will Be Provided With Example Questions, A Step By Step Breakdown Indicating The Easiest Methods To Revise Each Topic, Top Tips To Help Children Master Chemistry, The Answers The Assessors Want To See In Your Child S Actual Exams, Fun Characters To Make Learning Enjoyable, Plenty Of Questions For Children To Work Through, Explanations Detailing How To Get The Correct Answer For All Questions This Unique And Child Friendly Guide Teaches Science In A Fun And Easy To Learn Way It Is The Ideal Revision Guide For Children Who Wish To Improve Their Scores Either For The Classroom Or For Assessments, Especially The SATs This Unique KS Science Guide And Testing Book Contains Fun Loving Superhero Characters And Plenty Of Sample Questions To Work Through Guaranteed To Improve Your Child S Ability In Chemistry To A High Standard

8 thoughts on “KS2 Science is Easy: CHEMISTRY: In-depth revision advice for ages 7-11 on the new SATS curriculum.

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    I really enjoyed reading through this book, and think that youngsters doing their KS2 Chemistry would really find this book useful I was impressed with the start of the book giving tips for parents to help their child in revision, which cover some great points The rest of the book includes test questions for the different sections of the KS2 syllabus and are broken into easy to understand chunks The superhero characters who are woven into the revision sessions help the learner in a fun and engaging way Whether it is Scarlett helping you to learn properties of materials or Freddie needing help with his essay the characters really make a difference in making learning fun A good resource to learn the various KS2 Chemistry topics.

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    This is a fantastic resource for pupils and parents alike It gives a good grounding of the basics of KS2 chemistry, as well as providing plenty of questions and examples for pupils to work through As a former educationalist in primary education I can definitely see the value in reinforcing learning by working through this book outside of school The book is designed in such a way that it can be dipped in and out of, and small sections tackled in a relatively short period of time without a pupil feeling under pressure I like that the book has a section for parents providing reassurance and guidance on how to best utilise it Personally I think some of the use of the super heroes in the book is a little patchy inconsistent but other reviewers have said their kids enjoyed that element so what do I know Overall I d say that if used in a relaxed, low pressure and bitesize way this book is an excellent aid to reinforcing a KS2 pupil s understanding of the concepts they are taught in school.For transparency I was supplied with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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    My grandson loved this book He was so enthusiastic about the subject after working through both the chemistry and physics books that he now regularly tests ME on my knowledge The super hero characters ensure that it is not viewed as just another boring text book It s such a joy to see a child enjoying a real book

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    This book was simple and easy to follow with good pictures and even better diagrams Broken down into clear and distinct sections for ease of use The content was interesting and again easy to digest without being overwhelming The mock exam section at the end of the book made for a thorough and comprehensive review All in all a really good book.

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    Excellent book Extremely informative The layout is clear I would definitely highly recommend to anyone studying this specific topic A great overall view of what is required and what the topic is about The book covers all main areas of chemistry KS2 with tips and tests to confirm progress and understanding.

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    Excellent book and my son has enjoyed working his way through the series I would purchase again covers all main areas of chemistry KS2 with tips and tests to confirm progress and understanding.

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    Very helpful and easy to read My little one, enjoyed reading this and the mock questions made it easy challenge her understanding I had been looking for such a book to and I feel this is definitely the best one by far.

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    This series is brilliant it comes across as an easy to understand.