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First, The Involuntary Colonists Of New Kashubia Rescued Their Planet From Crushing Debt By Becoming Virtual Reality Mercenaries, Then They Successfully Revolted Against The Oppressive Government Of Earth, But Now They Are Menaced By The Mitchegal, A Species Whose Biology Has Made Them Inherently Evil The Carnivorous Adults Lay And Abandon Vast Numbers Of Eggs, Some Of Which Grow Into Vegetarian Juveniles, Which Are The Adults Only Food Supply Their Culture Has No Family Life, They Eat Only Meat, Have Nothing Like Sex, And Their Main Pleasures Are Gambling, Art, And Killing Each Other They Are An Ancient Civilization, Millions Of Years Old, With Thousands Of Densely Populated Star Systems In Their Realm Lacking An Immune System, They Must Completely Sterilize Any Planet Before They Colonize It The Region Of The Galaxy They Occupy Is Rapidly Expandingand Human Space Is Their Next Frontier

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    This was a very strange book Apparently there are some humans out there who are getting ready to be invaded presumably in the sequel This book is not about the humans This book is about the aliens who are going to be doing the invading.The alien Kren is born with some unusual mutations making him unusually smart and strong He takes over the world Along the way there s quite a lot of torturing alien children and then eating them Not because Kren is particularly evil, understand that s just the way the alien culture is.The author is trying to do world building here, but I don t think he did it very well We re told that this alien society is millions of years old and spans thousands of worlds, and that they re bioengineered to perfection for certain definitions of that term So Kren comes up with all these clever ideas, and I m left wondering why nobody has thought of this before Perhaps worse, the Alien Culture is held in place by a bunch of arbitrary rules which everybody has to obey, because the Space Alien Culture will kill any non space traveling alien who breaks the rules What holds the Space Alien Culture in place We never find out.

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    Starting after The War With Earth and concerning events of 10,000 years earlier, this novel introduces what was going to become the bad guy in the series.The Mitchegai Effectively immortal, as inhuman as it would be possible for most to conceive, and when measured by human standards evil walking the earth view spoiler The Mitchegai race is millions of years old They have genetically engineered themselves to their vision of perfection One of their odd evolutionary traits is that when they eat brain tissue, it is absorbed through an auxiliary stomach and added to their own This allows the elderly, wealthy and powerful to have themselves eaten by a younger, healthier body that has not developed a personality and essentially be reborn.This also leads to a stable, stagnant culture Because the culture is so old, and relative rarity of new minds emerging, they are conditioned to believe what they are told In one scene, there is a comment made that an engineer many millenia earlier had proved mathematically that transistors could not work, so no one ever tried.When a young feral is captured and enslaved, he is put to work in a copper mine As he lives his lives, he is reborn several times and grows intelligent When the mine is attacked, he comes across an injured soldier Starving from neglect and abuse, he consumes the soldier and eats a bite of the brain, which once it assimilates into his own gives him language and thus begins the story of Kren hide spoiler

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    AN interesting book, if for no other reason than the fascinating character study of evil It s obviously a middle book in a series Apparently, the author intended 3 books in the series, but Baen the publisher apparently hated this book and made him work on other books Not necessarily a bad thing, for his other series are popular anyway Nonetheless, when the author died, pretty much all hope of this series continuing was lost Too bad, I was strangely sort of enjoying it RIP, Leo Frankowski.

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    Kren is quite the awesome antihero He is a canibalistic, vampiric, murderous, very bright alien I am definitely going to reread this book.