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Reviewed for Confessions From Romaholics To see review at ConfessionsGrace Santiago is lucky to have landed where she is after flunking out of law school thanks to the devastating Ethan Castle who she was dating at the time Fast forward seven years and she is now working for Senator Kip Holloway, a family friend who had been there for her ever since her mother started working for him She got the job she wanted but she s on the straight and narrow path with no time for guys like Ethan Besides, she s got her eyes on Blaine Holloway, grandson of Kip, who she has been in love with since she was all of thirteen.As fate would have it, she bumps into Ethan when she is out following the Senator at a Crab Fest because the senator doesn t want to miss one and is forced into having a conversation with Ethan Ethan Castle has become a successful freelancer who helps campaigns and Grace is the only one in his dating past that he still has feelings for He can t over the fact that Grace just walked out of his life and law school one day and that he never heard back from her again He thinks he wasn t the perfect gentleman to her but he believes he did the best, given the situation that left me, the reader, ROFL Seriously a DVD set Oh, sure he hadn t done a great job of romancing Grace No flowers, no fancy dinners out He hadn t been rolling in dough back then But he d given her his prized DVD set of The West Wing That had to count for something.Ethan wants to pick things back up with Grace and she is forced to use a lame excuse that doesn t sway the determined Ethan from seeing her again But little they know what is about to happen.Senator Holloway decides, despite being eighty and retirement material which most of his family wants and some of his key staff does as well , to run for re election Determined to win, he needs the wonderboy Ethan Castle to help him Which leaves Grace not so happy as there is a reason that she has been keeping distance between them She is not happy that the senator wants her to use her personal relationship to Ethan to get his services.All of which leads to a happy Ethan and a furious Grace as Ethan comes up with an idea to promote Senator Holloway to the younger generation Ethan and Grace having a campaign romance is getting on people s nerves for all the wrong reasons Will they be able to make a thing out of this relationship or will the secret Grace is keeping stop them Welcome to political games, love, blackmail and who knows what else well I do, but you need to read for yourself to find out because I m not giving it away For those who want something different from an established writer who has made her name in paranormal stories, this is the book for you Draven surprised me and won herself a fan in contemporary category romances Who knew she could write like this about politics in a fun and sexy way 5 couples. This story is so cute We ve all been there or at least I have where you doubt your inner feelings and think with your head, and what you think you re supposed to do rather than what you really want to do The romance is hot, but not too and both the heroine and hero are likeable A lot Based on the author s experience in the real world makes the story all the believable. Armed With A Sassy Haircut, A Sharp Wit, And A Personal List Of Rules For All Life S Exigencies, Grace Santiago Is A Fiercely Loyal Senate Staffer Who Has Everything Under Control At Least Until Famous Political Pundit Ethan Castle Walks Back Into Her Life Grace Hasn T Forgotten Their Disastrous Affair In Law School, But She Can T Resist His Bad Boy CharmWhen Grace Learns That Ethan Has Been Hired As A Political Gunslinger For The Other Side, Her Loyalties And Her Heart Are Torn In Two Though Their Sexual Chemistry Can T Be Denied, They Find Themselves Locked In Political Combat Ethan Believes That All Is Fair In Love And War, But He Won T Throw The Election Not Even To Win Grace S Heart So What Can A Good Girl Like Grace Do, But Learn To Play Dirty Two Candidates One Election May The Best Man Or Woman Win Reviewed by DesereThis was the very first Stephanie Draven book I have ever read and I shall be looking for The passion,intrigue,mystery and political drama really packed a punch The characters were fun,sassy and wonderfully realistic,yes like I was inside the book behind the scenes And boy what wonderful scenes this author created I loved how they challenged each other around every corner and at the same time could not deny each other And the wonderful rekindling of old flames was beautifully incorporated by in my books a very talented author who certainly knows what she is doing and just what to say and how much detail to go into to make me as reader keep reading.The characters were delightful and very addictive I only have one complaint the book was some what too short at the end it felt like I needed it to go one for say one or two chapters But none the less a excellent read 5 5 star review There wasn t one line in this novel that I didn t like From the sass to the crass and the passion between the two characters I was sold I ve been waiting to read this from the moment I first heard about it and I wasn t disappointed I received an ebook copy of this manuscript to read and review on my blog, Babushka s Baile My first time reading an ebook, my first time reading Stephanie Draven In neither case will it be my last.Here s that review This was election year so it was sort of fitting to read a contemporary romance with a political election as the backdrop I found this to be one of those books for me that when I started reading it I wasn t that impressed with it due to my feelings about the heroine it was not getting my vote at that point Thankfully I m rarely a quitter so I read on and after the first half of the book found myself delightfully surprised book started pulling ahead in the polls and glad that I pushed forward it got my vote when Election day came around.The story revolves around Assistant to Senator Halloway, Grace Santiago Grace has know the Senator since she was a young girl when her mother went to work for him as a cook He encouraged her through her father walking out on her and her mother, he mentored her, he helped pay her way to attend university and now she s giving back by working on his staff The Senator is near eighty, but he determines that he s got one campaign for office in him though Grace privately thinks his health won t stand up to it and he s slipping a little She finds herself busting tail to keep up with his vague memory, faux pas and demanding needs She devotes so much time to him that she doesn t have a life outside of work and now its just going to get worse with a campaign going on.And into this atmosphere walks Ethan Castle her old flame from law school In her mind, he is the reason that she never finished school and never started the political career she set out on Ethan remembers Grace too, but he remembers the past a bit differently than Grace when she inexplicably left school and left him with no explanation Now years later, when he s become a huge success as a campaign manager, he is surprised to see her at a social function with the Senator He is determined than ever to get to the bottom of why she disappeared and to figure out why Grace is the only memorable woman in his past.Grace and Ethan play a bit of cat and mouse, but things really start to heat up when he accepts the position of campaign manager for a rival for Halloway s Senate seat.The plot on this one was good I loved the insider s view of a Senatorial race and what it s like in a Senator s day and about their office I enjoyed the possibilities of a romance that crossed enemy lines so to speak What I wasn t too fond of at first was Grace s wishy washy personality and issues Yes, I understand how it must have been for her to be caught in a compromising photograph that was taken by a supposed friend and used as blackmail and yes, I get it that it would be hard to deal with having a father walk out and feel rejected I do get all that, but what I didn t get was where it was alright to first blame Ethan for his part in the compromising pose she was a consenting adult and whole heartedly into what they were doing and then to hold him at arms length with all her rules years later I didn t like that she was so selfishly wrapped up in her issues But then she started to grow She owned to her mistakes and started to live a little with Ethan s help It ended up being very satisfying to see Grace grow so much from the first part of the book to the end Just as an aside, I got to where I was eager to see what spectacular sexy clothing stunt she was going to pull around each holiday Its a toss up between the Wonder Woman costume at Halloween or the hint that she wore shamrock printed undies on Paddy s Day.Now Ethan, he was Grace s opposite in some ways He was confident about his career and his sex appeal to the point of arrogance, but he mostly did it to get Grace to lighten up I liked how this confident arrogance was juxtaposed with his vulnerability of giving Grace his heart He really grew too from the beginning when he was mercenary about his job to the end when he started considering career choices that actually touched him.If you re looking for a nice Contemporary Romance where the romance is steamy between two people that really come into their own by the end, give this one a try. The short version Loved, Loved, LOVED this story It was funny, sexy and heart warming, everything one could wish for Now if only there were a film adaptationThe longer version I can t remember the last time I enjoyed a story this much, that my enthusiasm and happiness lasted well after I reached The End I found In Bed with the Opposition utterly delightful, and I urge all of you who love their contemporary romances witty and sexy to pick it up and not miss out on this terrific story because it must be so boring since it has a political setting as many blogger friends have said , because it couldn t be farther from the truth In Bed with the Opposition is not at all boring, I was either chuckling aloud while reading the witty repartee between Grace and Ethan or sighing swallowing when they turned up the heat with their scorching and sensual romance Both Grace and Ethan were great, very lovable characters, with a lot of unique traits quirks and a whole lot of heart I found it especially wonderful that Ethan, the very virile hero had a softer side, him being comfortable and certain in his love for Grace than her about her feelings for him I just loved how in In Bed with the Opposition it was the man who wanted commitment and take their relationship to the next step and not the usually clingy woman Ethan lifted an eyebrow Is there something I m missing here I m fine with taking things slow sexually, but I feel like we re taking things slow in other ways, too I already know how you kiss, how you taste, how you feel I know you love waffles and holidays I know you can t get out the door in the morning without making a list and that you can t sit at a table if the salt and pepper shakers aren t lined up I know you keep a lint brush in your purse to obsessively brush off the cat fur on your clothes But I want to meet the cat I want to spend time with your friends I want to see where you live Let me in This story was a wonderful blend of heartwarming romance, sizzling chemistry and chuckle worthy humour Oh, sure, he hadn t done a great job of romancing Grace No flowers, no fancy dinners out He hadn t been rolling in dough back then But he d given her his prized DVD set of The West Wing That had to count for something Of course I let him go What else was I supposed to do Jump him Molly said I would have Verdict I loved, Loved, LOVED In Bed with the Opposition so much that it became one of my Favourite Reads of 2012 It was funny, sexy and heart warming, everything one could wish for Stephanie Draven was meant to write sexy and witty contemporary romances, her writing style flows easily and I m sure you ll find the story highly entertaining and ending way too soon Put this one on your wishlists, In Bed with the Opposition is a wonderful romance you definitely shouldn t miss I give In Bed with the Opposition 5 winning stars Plot 10 10Characters 10 10Writing 10 10Ending 10 10Cover 7 10 I still prefer the old one above even though she looks like she s wearing a bit too much make up I realy dislike the new one The cover model looks nothing like Ethan, who is dark and sweet and compassionate and does not smirk smugly I enjoyed this book so much It s sexy, funny, and so smartly written Grace is an awesome heroine and I couldn t help but route for her And the sexual tension between Ethan and Grace is off the charts I highly recommend it In Bed with the Opposition by Stephanie DravenFirst I have to say this book really surprised me, I thoroughly enjoyed Stephanie Draven s writing, it flows well, the character descriptions were great and you felt like you got to meet everyone and understood their personalities good or bad This novel is filled with romance and politics And yet it s a great story and I really got into it I had a hard time putting it down and stayed up a bit late so I could finish it We meet Grace, she was attending school to become a lawyer but ended up dropping out, now she is back home working on a political campaign with the one man she thinks she is madly in love with Grace is funny, loves her lists and pretty much is waiting around for Ethan Ethan and Grace s relationship is like a friend with benefits situation but she really believes eventually he will step up and pick her Then Grace runs into a man she met in school name Ethan who she had a lot of fun with but the relationship ended badly As her and Ethan reconnect you see why she had so much fun with him, he really made her let go Ethan decides to stay in town and work on the opposition s campaign so he can be close to Grace Of course nothing is easy for Grace and Ethan some secrets are revealed and Grace has to figure out what she wants for herself.In Bed with the Opposition is a great read, I would recommend anyone who loves a good romance story to pick this one up I definitely will be reading anything Stephanie Draven writes as I said before I thoroughly enjoyed the novel.