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They Came They Saw They Came And Took What They SawThe Esker Sisters Are Shoppers Loving, Caring, Driven, Merciless Shoppers Ida Never Passes A Store Without Slipping In And Buying Something To Give Away Pola, Who Only Buys In Bulk, Would Have Been Good In Foreign Affairs If A Nation Acted Up, Aunt Pola Would Buy It And Hedy, Dearest Of Them All, Proved The Whole Thing Was Genetic Or Maybe Environmental Either Way, She Passed The Bug Of Galloping Consumption Onto Her SonHer Son Is Joe Reckler Twenty Six Yale Grad No Job No Ties Nothing To Keep Him From Joining Mother And The Aunts On A Week Long Shopping Extravaganza Disguised As A New England Autumn Leaves Tour That Takes Them Everywhere From Bloomingdale S To L L Bean But Soon Joe Notices A Difference Between Himself And His Mega Shopping Mentors You See, He Figures You Re Supposed To Pay

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    This was one of my mother s favorite books, so much so that she was hesitant to lend it to me for fear that I would never return it I always hate it when my mother is right it s almost 10 years later and the book is still sitting my shelves Even worse, I tell others about it, but for fear of losing it, won t lend it to anyone The book is based on a story of one adult gay son who travels with his mother and two aunts to see the leaves change He goes only because he knows the women love to shop, as does he However, as it turns out, his mother has a plan to rob a large department store, because, as she says, there s really just not enough money to redecorate the living room Yes, she wants to rob the store not for the money, but for the housewares With great gentle humor interspersed with laugh out loud moments, I ve always been surprised that this book has not been turned into a movie My only guess is that it too rooted in Jewish humor to translate to screen well part of the comedy comes not from stereotypical behavior, but from very Jewish family interaction I almost wonder if anyone who didn t grow up in a Jewish household or any ethnic household in NYC would really understand and appreciate the full bodied characters or the subtlety of the plot.

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    1989, January 1Such a weird book, and such a delight The plot is just a hanger for the interactions between the mother and son, the sisters, the aunts and the nephew I dearly love these sisters, and their crazy trip to take in the autumn foliage of Vermont 2014, August 26All these years later I still adore it just as much Joe s love for these three women is complete and accepting and generous And the contrast between the middle class suburban working women and the fantastically wealthy WASPs of Maine slays me.Personal copy

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    I love this book, it s funny and definitely a relaxing read just like some other reviewer s have said it s a bit dated but has really good dialogue, the characters are definitely interesting and in someway is very complex, the plot is little silly but definitely worth reading The relationships between the sisters, the mother and her sons etc are definitely worth time than they are given, but the story is really good overall

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    This was the first and last book I read for my book club Not that the book was so bad I never wanted to go back to my book club again, I just got tired of having to come up with questions about books for fun when I have to read and come up with discussion points for grad school and then read and come up with acquisitions proposals for books at work Basically, I m a little talking about books out by the end of the week and while I still like to kick back and relax with a good novel, I d rather do it on my own, with books I chose, and write reviews where I can enter into a conversation if I want to.But that s really besides the point Back to the review.As you can tell from the publication date this is a 90s book, and it reads like a 90s book By chapter 2 I was getting vibes from War of the Roses and that genre of literature While Paul Rudnick has built up some celebrity for himself over this book and a few of his other works including plays this book has not aged well While the idea of want and spending to excess still exist in the 2000s, something about this book just doesn t seem to cross over into the new decades In other wordsthis book has not aged well At all.Joe Reckler is a Yale graduate who steals things for a living He s going on a trip to see the leaves change in New England with his mother and his aunts, the notorious Esker sisters Except the Esker sisters aren t really interested in leaves and nature They re interested in shopping And not just shopping Extreme deal shopping These women go crazy for a bargain But Joe s mother has gone one step beyond that, she wants a new living room, and to do that she wants to rob L.L Bean After all, they won t miss it As the shopping trip continues it turns out it isn t just Joe and his mother that steal, all the Esker sisters get in on the action and the leaves just serve as a nice excuse for their shopping thieving escapades Everything is blown out of proportion just like War of the Roses in that typical 90s fashion The Esker sisters are almost too big to be believablebut Rudnick has thrown in enough characteristics that make them feel like your crazy aunts, even by the end of the book you feel like you just might know a woman whose almost like them I know I could see some of my Italian aunts in this Jewish bargain hunters.I enjoyed the book to a certain extent, but I couldn t shake that 90s feel This book is still living in the past, and if that s what you re looking to this book for you ll find everything you want and However, there are other books that deal with these same topics in a way that s a little current and have withstood the test of time better than this one, and overall I finished the book shrugging my shoulders and ready to move on to something else.

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    For a shot in the dark pick, it ended up being pretty entertaining The dialogue is truly funny I wanted to take a highlighter to my favorite lines on Bennington College, It s for mime majors I think it has the highest tuition in the country It s for rich people who want their kids to take cocaine near trees Joe s road trip with his quintessentially Jewish mother her sisters disguised as leaf peeping but truly an excuse to shop out of state , the book is a fun and funny read with very little plot but a lot of spunk.

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    This is one of the most hilarious books I have read Rudnick is a Jewish guy from NY In this novel he portrays his aunts and mother shopping, rather bargaining for the best possible deal in the world Having grown up in the south, this strikes close to home because my mother and aunts were the same way about being compelled to make the best bargain in the world The reason all these ladies needed to buy so many worthless things was they had to give presents to everyone Same story for my own family Presents for everyone Bring on the guilt Rudnick captures it all.

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    This might honestly be my favorite book of all time I read it as a teenager and probably re read it at least once a year If you are jewish girl who loves your family and loves to shop, I think you would love this book I am sure there are also many people out there that are not that combination of things and will also love this book, especially if you have funny crazy relatives or love a good bargain

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    I discovered this book through a fantastic Ask Metafilter thread where someone wanted recommendations of books about people shopping for clothes I ll Take It is a comic novel about a guy who gets roped into going on a road trip through New England with his mother and her two sisters, who are all obsessed with shopping and in some cases shoplifting I d estimate 50% of this novel is descriptions of the group shopping for everything from luxury goods to outlet bargains to rustic pottery These scenes are very funny and occasionally veer into the ecstatic Rudnick will have you convinced that shopping is the deepest form of self expression As Joe watched his relatives stalk the various aisles, he tried to condemn them He tried to discover an evil in their passionate shopping, a callous materialism, a lurking psychosis But he could not with the Esker sisters, shopping was entirely sensual, a form of dreaming They simply relished the possibilities of the world, the beckoning romance that overflowed the shelves of every gargantuan mall and intimate boutique and bargain basement.The novel is also very much a family story, as the three women chafe against the stereotype of the Jewish mother, while all remaining gloriously themselves Rudnick s loving characterizations are one of the highlights of the book I particularly like this description of Aunt Pola, a take charge kind of person who can t help herself from trying to improve the lives of those around her Aunt Pola was not a dictator She was an elemental being, a cleansing typhoon, the implacable voice of reason with a large handbag.

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    Just pure fun my favorite is the Loehmans chapter which is described perfectly

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    I have given as presents several copies of I ll Take It, which is one of the two funniest books I ve ever read Paul Rudnick is a playwright and author and is from New York This book is about the three Esker sisters, two of whom live in New York and the other one, for reasons the two New Yorkers will never understand, lives in New Jersey The three are going, along with the son of one of them, to New England for an autumn leaves tour The son s mother s real goal is well, I don t want to ruin the book for you Save it until you need a good laugh, but read it.