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Read This Book Before Lowering The Price On Your Property It Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars Has Your Home Been On The Market For Days, Days, If That S The Case, There Are Probably Some Very Good Reasons Why Your Home Isn T Selling One Of The Most Common Reasons Why A House Isn T Selling Is That It Doesn T Show Well So, If Your Home Isn T Selling, It Will Most Likely Benefit From The Home Makeover Tips In This Book To Help You Attract Qualified Buyers The Good News Is That Most Of The Work Required To Get Your Home Into Tip Top Selling Condition Is Cosmetic And Relatively Inexpensive By Using The Information In This Book, You Give Yourself A Leg Up On The Competition And Have The Best Chance Possible To Realize A Quicker Sale For Money If your home has been on the market for a long time, read this book before lowering the price Over 100 great tips and recommendations to stage a home and get it sold The section on paint colors is great This book is an absolute must if you are selling your home. The book is a quarter inch think, appears to be self published with type not square on the page, very little info per page and most of it a kindergartner would know without someone telling them This book was an extreme disappointment and extremely over priced Don t waste your time or money. This book really showed straight forward tips of things needing to be done for a quick sale I recommend it to every home seller It helped me do my homework to sell