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This is the third volume in the History of Men s Magazines This one was the 1960 s at the Newsstands Like the previous editions the author had some interesting information to share It was amazing to see the effect Playboy had on men s magazines both here in the U.S and particularly in Europe In both locations it spelled the doom of the digest type magazines or pulps as they were sometimes called But in Europe where men s magazines led the way in the 30 s, 40 s and even early 50 s now the U.S was the leader and the European magazines were now copying stuff coming from the U.S Of particular note in this edition was the chapter on Bill Ward a major player in the cartoon features of men s magazines and the history of Penthouse Like in the previous edition where the author covered the history of Playboy from it s start in the 50 s to the time of the printing of book in 2004, she does the same with Penthouse This makes for a very interesting chapter As usual the covers are amazing There is also an interesting chapter on Men s Adventure Action magazines These magazines were a big hit after WWII with the veterans and apparently had many stories on battles from that war While they hinted at sex on their covers most did not have pinup pictures inside Halfway through the series and so far I have enjoyed the books Easy read as most of the book is pictures of magazine covers Also the book is printed in 3 languages simultaneously so only the first column on the page is in English The other columns are in German and French. Part of a great series Arrived as promised Thank you. I am building my set of these phenomenal books by Dian Hanson pick them up in decent shape used while you still can, this is a fantastic and invaluable set to have that will only go up in value The printing quality on these huge originals is superb Some people complain about the matte paper they re printed on, but this was done because most of the images contained in the books came from pulp printed men s magazines of the day transferring that to glossy paper wouldn t have worked well and would ve resulted in blurry images Taschen knew what they were doing when they put this set out.Buy them while you can, this one is particularly interesting due to the explosion of men s magazines which occurred during the 1960 s This one and Volume 4 are some of the better volumes in the series. Begins with the late 50s redefinition of obscenity laws and documents the resulting avalanche of sex titles around the world in the 60s The emergence of Penthouse and magazines from around the world Ms Hanson breaks the topic down from the universally known to the obscure, countries and pivotal individuals, and illustrates each chapter with photos and drawings from the various magazines and lending her own personal stories where appropriate. I seen these books at the Museum of sex in NYC, but they were on display at the customers bar area I get home to order them online, but when I receive them it is only then that I discover that they are of poor printing quality, 2nd generation printing, out of focus and un sharp images I was so aggravated because I was already sending back a few other products to that I was not happy withso I just put the books on my library shelf, never to really open them again as of yet, because I really feel cheated out of decent quality merchandise No where in your web page does the book get described as 2nd generation printing, or poor quality printing Would I like to send them back for 1st rate quality printed versions Of course I would I was just to disappointed to even bring this to s attention and send them back It is time consuming to pack up a book, go to the post office, wait on line, pay for postage, and wait to hear of a refund or account credited So no, I was very, very unhappy I would like to send them back for top quality printed ones Edition In Three Languages English, French, German The Definitive Annotated And Illustrated History Of Girlie Periodicals Volume III Begins With An Explosion Of New American Men S Magazines Following The Redefinition Of US Obscenity Laws In The Late Fifties We Examine The Enormous Impact Of Playboy, Not Only On American Titles, But On Magazines Worldwide This Is The Decade When France Finally Declines As A Great Force In Magazine Production England Starts To Show Her Pervy Side Argentina Embraces Burlesque And Germany Once Again Blends Political Activism With Nudity By Even Australia Has A Booming Men S Magazine Industry The Volume Ends With A Look At Those Great Back Of The Magazine Ads For Party Pills And The First Inflatable Dates The History Of Men S Magazines, Volume III Contains Over Full Color Pages Of Vintage Covers And Interiors And A Well Researched Text Profiling Quirky Publishers And Artists, Individual Magazines, And The Place Of It All In The Swinging Sixties Culture