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Loved This Book It s a great fake boyfriend story that kept me mesmerized This author has a wonderful fluid writing style that really appeals to me The characters are well developed and intriguing Definitely one for the must read list Kate is getting pressure at work to settle down Dominic is getting pressure from his family to get back out there Just a little white lie could solve both their problems, or perhaps start new ones Get this one I highly recommend it 4.5 out of 5I ve been reading a number of tense emotional reads lately, and enjoying most of them immensely But sometimes I m just in a mood for light and fluffy and this book fit the bill just wonderfully well.Kate is quite the uptight focused lawyer who had her life all planned out She came from nothing and rose above her rather sad childhood to become quite a success But when the book opens, she s been dumped by her fellow lawyer boyfriend He s a wimp and she s actually much better without him He comes from a high class family and Kate just wasn t good enough for his snooty family As if that s not bad enough he s now engaged to someone else AND his fianc just happens to work at the same law office And isn t that a set up to make one twitchy Kate isn t satisfied with just being a lawyer in the firm She wants to make junior partner with hopes of becoming a judge someday As the book opens, she s had a crappy day and is in traffic, stuck behind someone going real slow when all she wants is to get home As she follows the car, he seems to be going the same route she is and much to her disgust, pulls into her neighbours place.Turns out he s our hero and nephew to her neighbour Dominic is exactly my kind of hero, a blue collar hero He s helping out at his father s construction company while his father is laid up but what he really wants to do is go back to school and continue his plans to become an architect And as it turns out, Kate has recently purchased an old house which needs quite a few repairs and Dom does this kind of thing on the side Though reluctant, she knows there is chemistry between them but she finds it inconvenient, but she does hire him to do the work Meanwhile, back at the office, because of a social event she doesn t want to go to alone, and because of the former boyfriend now engaged to fellow employee, she makes up a boyfriend.Due to a series of events, Dom becomes her made up boyfriend and all it entails if she will do some pro bono work for his sister who is going through a bad time And in typical but nevertheless cute and sweet and very readable way, feeling develop but assumptions are made but boy and girl do get past all hurdles and end up happy.I loved both Kate and Dom Kate s sad and lonely childhood really makes us feel for her And on the other hand, Dom comes from a very close family and it s clear he will do anything for family, from giving up his dreams to help his family, to bargaining to be a fake boyfriend And the fact that he has a strong and sexy Latin vibe going for him, his mother is from Mexico, makes him most appealing.I also love the author s voice, very readable, very fun and humorous and I ve already bought and am currently reading the next book, Her Accidental Husband which is about Dom s older brother and Kate s best friend I very happily recommend this book and this author The book is just what I needed. One Little White Lie Leads To Than She Planned Straight Laced Lawyer Kate Matthews Always Plays By The Rules But When Her Ex Gets Engaged And A Big Promotion Is On The Line At Work, She Blurts Out That She Has A New Boyfriend And Now That She S Proved She Has A Life Outside Of Work, Everything Is Perfect Except For One Teeny Little Detail There Is No Boyfriend And Now Kate S Liable For Her Little White Lie Dominic Sorensen Is Hot, Charming, And Very Definitely Not Kate S Type But Not Only Does Dominic Want To Help Kate Renovate Her Home, He S Also Willing To Play Boyfriend All He Wants In Return Is A Little Pro Bono Work For His Sister Now Instead Of Mr Right, Kate Has A Delectable Mr Fix It Right And Some Unbelievable Sexual Chemistry And If Falling For Dominic Is A Breach Of Contract, Kate Is Guilty As Charged FREE today 6 1 17 There are times when I just need a quick and easy romance, and while I had hoped that this book would fit that bill, it didn t quite make that for me.The first half of the book starts out rather slow, and I really had a hard time caring about the characters at all Things start to pick up in the second half of the book, but by that point the romance was half ruined for me I understood wanting to be cautious, but too much caution was not a good thing for this romance I did like the eventual chemistry between Kate and Dominic, but it wasn t enough to save the book for me.I may or may not read in this series. Her Backup Boyfriend was a pleasant surprise It was a little slow to start, but I ended up enjoying the book Kate is working toward a promotion to junior partner at her law firm She is single and works all the time Her boss implies that having a significant other will go a long way toward impressing the board When he neighbor s nephew offers to play her boyfriend for a couple of months in exchange for law work for his sister, she reluctantly agrees.The romance between Dominic and Kate was sweet I loved how they really became friends before lovers They helped each other realize they needed to go for what they wanted and not hold back Kate learns that what she thought she had always wanted wasn t going to make her truly happy I liked Dominic a bit than Kate I was annoyed at how long it took her to do the ethical thing involving the case she was working on with her firm It seemed a no brainer for the type of person she was I felt like the hesitation was only a way to make unnecessary tension for the couple Dominic s family was a nice addition to the story They were hysterical I look forward to reading about his siblings finding love in the future This is a fairly mild romance in terms of love scenes They build up then quickly fade to black leaving most of it to the imagination If you are looking for a cute romance, give this one a shot. 3.7 starsAfter my recent bad book woes, I was in desperate need of something simple and sweet and that s exactly what I got with Her Backup Boyfriend The feels it gave me were just an added bonus.I really identified with Kate s social awkwardness and loved how she slowly but surely came out of her shell and gained confidence as the story progressed Dominic was refreshingly free of douche syndrome and an honest to god gentleman so of course I loved him from the onset The romance was a warm and tender kind of slow burn, the kind where they supported and accepted each other effortlessly and unconditionally And since the book features no explicit love scenes, but at the same time was not entirely sexless, it made Dominic and Kate s emotional connection feel genuine in a way because they weren t constantly thinking about boning each other.I also liked the way work life balance was addressed and how life goals can change or evolve over time Love Irresistibly by Julie James featured a similar theme and it s one I d like to see often The scenes featuring Kate interacting with Dominic s extended family were among my favorites And book 2 apparently features Kate s vivacious best friend Payton and Dominic s stoic older brother Cruz so I am already looking forward to their story and reading of Ashlee Mallory s engaging prose. It is a heart warming romantic novel Kate and Dominic are both likable It written in way that keeps readers interested throughout the book Kate has still not gotten over her ex, who also happens to be her co worker When she finds out that he is now engaged to a perfect girl who is nothing like Kate, she is feeling quite bad about herself Dominic is her neighbour s nephew He is helping her with renvations But then circumstances made them to struck a deal pretend to be in love with each other so that Kate can get that promotion she has always wanted and Dominic can get his sister s life sorted out with Kate s help that is As always with these kind of stories, things don t go the way they envisioned and soon their lie becomes the truth.Now its up to them to convince themselves that they can make it work. ARC provided by publisher in exchange of honest review image error Her backup Boyfriend Date of release Jan 19thI love cute little stories like this If you Enjoyed the Proposal with Sandra Bullock this is your book Kate is a lawyer and was dating her fellow lawyer Michael for 3 years but his family was very hoity toity and Kate didn t come from good stock so he left her During her recovery time she has focused on being one of the top billable hours lawyer and bought a new old house that is in desperate need of a remodel While moving her things in she meets her nice if not over excited neighbor Mrs Sorenson and exhchanges pleansantires At work it is come to light that Michael has proposed to a girl named Nicole who comes from the right stock and in a panic she tells Micahel she is happy for him and she has met a man Dominic Sorensen agrees to help Kate fix her house and takes her to Home Depot so she can buy supplies for small repairs and runs into Michael and Nicole as they are buying paint to repaint the bedroom Kate and Michael once shared and Kate blurts out that she is dating Dominic Dominic goes a long with it and tells Kate he will be her fake boyfriend if he takes his sisters custody battle probono What happens is that the Sorensen s all fall in love with her and Kate cant bear to lie to them but then again she never lied her feelings were never as contractual as they should have been My only question at the end did they move into Kate s remodled home or Dominics amazing built from the bottom home This was the cutest little love story Squeee No Regrets