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Finally, a design book that addresses color and pattern Soooooo tired of the overuse of creams, whites, greys etc It all looks alike and increasingly sterile This book is vibrant and alive, the rooms have character Some of them sing I use it every day both as a reference point and for pure enjoyment More please Who, Exactly, Is A Haute Bohemian Leave It To The Discriminating, Gimlet Eye Of Photographer Miguel Flores Vianna, Who Enjoys An International, Cult Like Following He Has Journeyed Through Four Continents To Capture An Extraordinary Group Of Fashion Designers, Landscape Architects, Artists And Art Historians, Potters, And Interior Designers, Where They Livecountry Cottages, Beach Bungalows, Canal Side Lofts, And East Village Apartments, As Well As Assorted Estancias, Chteaux, And Palazzi Some Of These Spaces Are Grand, Others Are Modest, But All Are Original, Stylish, Charming, And Above All Authentic, In The Sense That They Reflect Their Owners Care And Taste His Work Is Introduced By Amy Astley, Editor Of AD A lovely coffee table book including some very inspiring interiors A lot of the fun, of course, is just gawking at these remarkable homes of very rich bohemian style mavens and trust funders It really is a nice step beyond good taste.These interiors often look collected than custom designed That is, nothing says old money bohemian better than a motley collection of gorgeous antiques, hand made Moroccan tiles, and boldly colored fabrics in a to die for old chateau or apartment Never mind the pop sociology claptrap of David Brooks bestseller from a while back, these images give substance to a deeper aspirational image of Bobos in Paradise Just imagine having a stack of your deceased father s big weird paintings leaning casually against your living room wall or it a ballroom Oh, and your dad happened to be Cy Tyombly and you happen to live in a glorious old Italian home And your own art isn t so bad either.To these eyes, this book is a tonic after seeing too many monochromatic minimalist homes and custom designed homes arranged by play it safe decorators with clueless but very rich customers in a hurry to knock down walls and make a Grand Statement The eccentrically collected look lots of books, eccentric art choices, odd tiles makes for a welcome departure from what we usually see in Architectural Digest, Kinfolk, etc.And even for those of us well outside the rarefied world of the haute bourgeoisie, there are nice takeaways for our homemaking The big takeaway for me is the bold use of COLOR in many of these homes In contrast to the prevailing white box style or similarly conservative color schemes, it s a relief and an inspiration to see pink plaster walls with green wood trim or blue walls with yellow trim I will be returning to this book again and again for inspiration. This gorgeous tome is full of endless inspiration Each room has details that I could look at for days Miguel Flores does a brilliant job of capturing the spirit of the homes he photographs I cannot give this a high enough rating It is stunning I loved every page and felt it brought such beauty into my life I just keep flipping through it, as it is a big book and every time notice some other gorgeous detail Miguel FV has a masterful eye Everyone should have this book to refer to if they are ever feeling less than at peace and completely happy It will sort them out. Perfetto Se si vuole rifarsi gli occhi in tanta bellezza bisogna comprarlo Si rimane incantati dallo splendore delle foto che sono sublimi Haute Bohemians presents 20 home decors that have evolved organically, informed over time by the artistic sensibilities of their notable owners We have here, in residences located in continental Europe, England, North Africa, the United States, and Argentina, interiors best described as high end flea market in style Collections abound, especially of books, framed works on paper, art supplies, Chinese blue and white porcelains, and patterned vintage fabrics All these interiors testify to the joie de vivre, creative energy, and passionate interests of the owners, whose lives are undoubtedly equally fascinating It is regrettable, therefore, that the effort devoted to textual descriptions of each residence is often limited to a paragraph or two.