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When Lola Comes Home To Her Parents House To Find A Horde Of Relatives Mourning Her Death, No One Is Surprised Than She Is The News Had Reported That One Lola Cruz, PI Was Found Murdered In An Alley, Causing Great Alarm In The Cruz Family Before Lola Can Say Boo, A Cop Comes To The House It Turns Out The Dead Woman Had A Driver S License With Lola S Information Between Avoiding An Unsavory Ex Boyfriend, Sorting Out Mixed Signals From The Very Interested But Not Yet Committed Jack Callaghan, And Filling In As A Waitress At Her Parents Mexican Restaurant, Lola Tries To Find Out Who The Woman Was And Why She Stole Her Identity Was The Woman Hiding From Someone Who Meant Her Harm, Or Is There Someone Out There Who Wants Lola Dead Dolores Lola Cruz is back, working for handsome but forbidding private investigator Manny Camacho, and trying to resolve her attraction to newspaperman Jack Callaghan She wants to concentrate on office gossip, but the death of a woman gives her something very personal to investigate Jack is willing to help her, but he won t come clean about romantic entanglements in his past Meanwhile, Lola s grandfather wants her to find out what s wrong in her cousin s marriage. Another fun mystery If I were to compare this to anything, it d be early Stephanie Plum I wish there were than 3 books in the series. A weak mystery whose solution you will figure out in about 20 pages, but the super sleuth and her group of helpers require several days and lots of pages.The setting, Sacramento, CA is nice for a change from the usual California haunts where murders occur I would have liked local information, such as its use as a deep water port almost 80 miles from San Francisco.A cute twist Ms Ramirez, who is an Anglo married to a Mexican man, uses is to salt the dialogue with lots of Spanish 101 words and phrases It makes for a colorful read.An annoying twist are her middle school concerns about whether the guy she has a crush on likes her or not Will they kiss, or Please spare us the angst and save about 100 pages of distracting text.This is apparently the second Lola Cruze mystery I am not sorry I missed the first one She could have done so much with the setting and characters. Dolores Cruz has just finished up a divorce case in her PI business and is ready to be assigned to the next when she finds out that she is dead Or rather a woman who was killed in an alleyway in Sacramento has stolen her identity Lola investigates why and how her identity was stolen, in the middle of being romanced or not by the sexy childhood crush Jack Calahan and working her family s Mexican restaurant Mystery is good, the characters are great The sexual tension between her and Jack is held annoyingly at bay by Lola s expectation that all sex needs to be accompanied by declarations of undying love an expectation at odds with her general sexiness and active hunk detectors Good story though not as good as the first book I am eager to read.