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A Handbook To The Exegesis Of The New Testament Is A Substantial Theoretical And Practical Guide To The Multifaceted Discipline Of New Testament Exegesis This Handbook Will Serve Well As Both A Textbook And A Reference Book For The Major Tools And Topics In The Area Of New Testament ExegesisPlease Note That A Handbook To The Exegesis Of The New Testament Was Previously Published By Brill In Hardback, ISBN Still Available

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    It has been a few years since I made use of this book, but I see no one has reviewed it, so my few comments can only help.This is a top quality resource, providing papers and essays by some of the finest biblical scholars on each of the main methods of critical interpretation The tone is academic, but accessible enough for your regular pastor or serious student of theology, if not the entirely untrained layman.I would not hesitate to recommend this as the best volume of its kind available, although on the negative side, not many people are going to be in a position to spend dollar amount on a single volume I recommend ordering a copy from your library or finding some other way of borrowing it.For an infinitely better priced compendium, albeit only a second runner to Porter s volume, you can purchase I H Marshall s New Testament Interpretation for dollar amount or less.