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USA TODAY Bestselling Romantic Comedy SeriesSienna Diaz Is Everyone S Favorite Fat Funny Lady The Movie Studio Executives Can T Explain It, But Her Films Are Out Grossing All The Fit And Trim Headliners And Hollywood S Most Beautiful Elite The Simple Truth Is, Everyone Loves Plus Sized SiennaBut She Has A Problem, She Can T Read Maps And Her Sense Of Direction Is Almost As Bad As Her Comedic Timing Is Stellar Therefore, When Sienna S Latest Starring Role Takes Her To The Great Smoky Mountains National Park She Finds Herself Continually Lost While Trying To Navigate The Back Roads Of Green Valley, Tennessee Much To Her Consternation, Sienna S Most Frequent Savior Is A Ridiculously Handsome, Charming, And Cheeky Park Ranger By The Name Of Jethro WinstonSienna Is Accustomed To High Levels Of Man Handsome, So It S Not Jethro S Chiseled Features Or His Perfect Physique That Make Sienna Stutter It S His Southern Charm And Gentlemanly Manners And Habit Of Looking At Her Too Long And Too OftenSienna Has Successfully Navigated The Labyrinth Of Hollywood Heart Throbs But Can She Traverse The Tenuous Trails Of Tennessee Without Losing Her Head Or Worse, Her Heart

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    We are currently having a Grin and Beard it Reid Along in our Facebook group Come join the shenanigans as we discuss chapters, give away prizes, and ask Penny questions about the book You can join the fun here AUDIO AudibleiTunes eBOOK US UK AU GooglePlayiBooksKoboBNSmashwords

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    5 stars Penny Reid has done it again, my friends Her talent truly knows no bounds Anytime I m wanting a book that s smart, funny, romantic and sweet I know just the author I want to read I haven t met a book of hers yet that I didn t love This one was extra special to me because I found the main chapters to be so relatable To anyone who has ever felt like they ve been labeled in the past, and they re kind of stuck with that label this is the book for you Seriously, I just want to give a huge hug to Sienna and Jethro both I adored them so much Jethro Winston is the oldest of the Winston clan He s made some bad choices in his past, but they ve shaped the great man he is now Sienna Diaz is a comedian, actress, and writer She s big in Hollywood right now, but she s not stuck up or snobby In fact, she is the opposite of what you would consider a Hollywood girl She s down to earth, average sized, sweet and charming And don t forget funny this girl will have you rolling with laughter From the moment she and Jethro meet, their flirting is off the charts and fabulous Every step of the way I d been scolded for being happy with myself How dare I be happy with who I am, my size, the color of my skin, that I can make both men and women laugh I love that Jethro has no idea that Sienna is as famous as she is That is exactly what she needs Someone who sees her as her, just Sienna Their relationship had a slow start It was a friendship with a slow burn towards the romance side The growth of their relationship was great to see The way they learned to trust one another, and really truly fell for each other was beautiful I was mad for him Everything was grand We were perfect together Jethro and Sienna saw way beyond the labels that had been put on them from a young age Jethro always felt like a disappointment to his family He was a troublemaker as a kid and not the brother you could count on Sienna was labeled as the funny one and that s all she was to some people They saw past that and to the heart of who one another truly was deep down It was such a gorgeous thing I cannot get enough of these Winston brothers I am so excited to get each and every one of their books but especially Cletus s There is just something about him that makes you love the guy And I m so interested in how his story will be Also, after reading this one, I m a little intrigued to get Billy s book All these characters are so likable I m looking forward to them all There are always so many quotable lines in Penny s books Lines that make me say Yes This is so true These are just a few of them Think of how much better the world would be if people craved compliments about the beauty of their heart rather than the beauty of their face It s good to care, Sienna It s good to care about what others think, but only when those other people matter The best thing about a Penny book is that feeling I get when I start reading it I never want to put it down and I m always completely enraptured by the story I read with the biggest smile on my face never wanting it to end This has been true for every book of hers I ve read, and Grin and Beard It is no exception I fell in love with Jethro and Sienna s story The perfect combination of humor, love, friendship, and family with fantastic smarts and wit, this is a must read and is going on my favorites list

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    NOW LIVE 3.75 put your best fuck forward stars It s good to care what other people think but only when those other people matter Grin and Beard It is the story of the eldest Winston brother Jethro, and Hollywood starlet and funny girl, Sienna Sienna is a famous actress and comedian filming in Tennessee when she gets lost trying to locate the house she s staying in Ranger Jethro rescues her from the side of the road and the two hit it off right away.Both are hesitant to pursue the other, Sienna with her Hollywood career constantly interfering with her personal life Jethro has a wild past he is ashamed of and made vows about the kind of man he wants to be Both need to figure out a way to fit the other into their life plans, but the chemistry between them is potent and undeniable It felt real He felt real I loved that he was real I enjoyed this newest book from Penny Reid It follows along the lines of a traditional romance, one with a sweet story and a slow burn But while the romance itself is traditional, I felt there was a lot that was progressive about this story For one, this is a movie star romance novel, but instead of the star being a man, it was a woman Not only was she a star, but she also wrote her own movies and was Latina something unfortunately hard to find in the white washed genre of romance I loved reading about Sienna because I love strong intelligent women who work hard for what they want instead of lying down and letting a man take charge Every step of the way I d been scolded for being happy with myself How dare I be happy with who I am, my size, the color of my skin, that I can make both men and women laugh The portrayal of Hollywood was something else I liked in this book Growing up in LA I am pretty jaded about that whole industry and I hate how it s glamourized Yes there are positives to it, but many authors gloss over the negatives and Penny didn t do this Sienna s career affected her daily life in ways we take for granted, such as how to look, act, eat, drink, speak and The fact that she was size 14 and working in Hollywood successfully is impressive to me because you don t see that all too often As per usual in Penny s books, there s sharp wit and humor laced throughout the story I found myself laughing out loud at many points and smiling a lot as well I wouldn t say this is a romantic comedy but I think readers will connect with the humor spread throughout Where I m from they call your kind a hipster or lumbersexual, with the beard and the flannel and such Ah See, where I m from, they call my kind a man Side characters Cletus gets MVP Oh My Gawd That man I need Cletus in my life I can t ever put my finger down on what he will say or do next, or even what he is thinking He managed to be a comedic relief, relationship guide, and a scary MoFo all at once Also, I am dying to read Billy s book I m not kidding, the wait for his book will be the death of me I think we all need someone who sees the best in us So why not a full five stars Well, I blame it mostly on personal preferences Sweet romance isn t what I normally choose to read, and this book was fairly sweet and romancey I also didn t have that spark with it, the one you get when you absolutely love a book Overall I liked this book, but it wouldn t be my first choice to reread Readers far and wide will love this book and these characters, Sienna and Jethro make a delightful couple many will enjoy The Winston brothers are a fun and unique bunch and I find myself cursing my parents for making me an only child, even though I suspect my siblings wouldn t be half as cool as these guys If you want a book to curl up with on a rainy day with some tea, this is the book for you Jethro Winston was my forever person I would never be strong enough to let him go ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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    Title Grin and Beard ItSeries Winston Brothers 2Author Penny ReidRelease date May 31, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    She was still dimples and eyelashes to me Awwww 5 is not enough stars 3 3 3Sigh.Jethro is such a MAN He s just socapable He s the kind of guy who ll open doors for his woman, cook her a delicious meal and then go repair the roof after Oh, and maybe wrestle a few bears along the way D Are you sold yet Because you should be From the very first chapter when he showed up to rescue Sienna from being lost on the side of the road I was GONE He s pure Penny Reid swoony hero material.And Sienna She s my new girl crush I was laughing out loud so many times She s right up there with Cletus when it comes to bringing the funny Not to mention she and Jethro were just pure book couple heaven together.This story was the most delicious slow burn, you ll be just about ready to combust with anticipation D And as always, Penny depicts the lush Tennessee setting with a family you ll want to be a part of Every single character has their own particular quirks and personalities, and they re just so real You re going to love this book LOVE IT Now I just need to bide my time and wait for Cletus book I know for a fact it s gonna be epic

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    Jethro is proof that people can learn from their mistakesWhat I m about to tell you will either horrify or make you envious I spent a whole day in bed reading Now, I kind of planned it this way and luckily the stars aligned and all my ducks lined up in a row I had a girls night out last night It wasn t the wildest or the latest night, but it did leave me feeling a little under the weather Yippeee crazy to think I m excited to not feel 100%, but like I said it worked towards my dastardly plan I knew Grin and Beard It was going to be a long story but I was not keen to have my reading time span over days, so the fact that my copy landed on my kindle before today was like I planned it I started my day lost Sienna Diaz has a terrible sense of direction and when she finds herself lost with her GPS Nav thingamajiggy not working and her phone with no reception, she s a wee bit frustrated It doesn t help that the map seems to be written in hieroglyphics and all of the roads look the same Luckily, she is saved by a man in uniform and this man is HOT She is really attracted to him and can t believe it when this man doesn t recognise her Not tooting her own horn or anything, but she s a famous Academy Award winning actress and it doesn t happen EVER that people don t recognise her She s actually quite happy about it because he s flirting and seems interested in her and not about her fame, connections or money Sienna enjoys being normal for a little while and takes up the flirting challenge and this guy excels at flirting.This guy is Jethro Winston, the eldest of the Winston boys and a reformed bad boy When he meets a young lady on the side of the road who s having a spazzy fit at her map, he s very intrigued This woman is HOT She has curves that make him sweat and the funniest sense of humour that he can t help but feel attracted to her Then he touches her hand and feels a buzz under his skin that heats his blood and it s been a long time since a woman has made him feel this way He wants to get to know her .Good old Jethro has a very ugly past Luckily, he learnt from his mistakes and is trying to live a hard working and wholesome life I couldn t help but admire Jethro for making the changes to his life He feels shame and disgrace that he let his family down Being the eldest he knows he should have been setting a good example to his brothers but also protecting them from their evil and despicable father Unfortunately, his evil father, Darrell, manipulated Jethro into living a life of crime in a motorcycle club called the Iron Wraiths Everything you could imagine happening in an MC, Jethro had done Women, booze, drugs, and crime were part of his everyday life back then None of those things has been in his life for the last 5 years and he plans to keep on this track to make up for his past.Now Sienna isn t just a famous actress, she s also a very talented writer Her sister, Marta, is also her manager Can t say I was a huge fan of Marta It almost seemed like she was living vicariously through Sienna because her career as an actress hadn t taken off Marta thinks that Sienna should be single mindedly focusing on her work and have no outside distractions to take her mind off it Any relationships and decisions should be with thoughts of her work, not Sienna s happiness Sienna is tired She just needs a break from it all but it definitely doesn t seem like that s on her cards anytime soon I hated that Marta used her family connection to guilt Sienna into doing stuff Sienna eventually starts to stand up to Marta and realises that her career isn t making her happy and that she must make changes in her life if she wants to find happiness.The relationship between Sienna and Jethro is a slow burning one Obviously, with Sienna s fame, she must be careful who she trusts Sienna is also constantly surrounded by people whether it be her security staff, makeup artist, fellow actors, and crew When Jethro and Sienna attempt to have some private time together it s not always easy They both also have their own hang ups and issues to deal with especially Jethro and his belief that he doesn t deserve happiness He thinks he should still be paying for his sins in the past It was kind of funny because he s a confident man in some regards who lacks confidence in other things I m glad that they both had Cletus to steer them on the right track.Yes, Cletus steals the show AGAIN Cletus is funny, intelligent and a wee bit crazy I love him.I really enjoyed Grin and Beard It This is a long story that felt like it flew by in a flash The characters were funny and engaging, the sizzling attraction jumped off the pages and the drama never seemed unbelievable or unnecessary At times, I was nodding my head in agreement with discussions on love, priorities, and happiness I feel a connection with these Winston brothers and the people we meet in town I feel like I ve already met some of the ladies who will lead the other Winston boys astray I m not really sure who these women will best suit to or matched up with but I can t bloody wait to find out Stacey is Sassy, received an advanced copy of this story The copy provided is not the final copy and may be subject to edits and changes.

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    5 STARS This series is my favorite I love Winston brothers and I can t get enough of them Grin and Beard it is the perfect combination of super sweet,funny and hot moments Penny Reid knows how to make a reader happy, every time I finish a book of her I m always with a big smile in my face Sienna and Jethro are adorable and funny, they make me swoon and melt all the time.Seriously when these two were together I was smiling like a little kid It was so nice seeing them flirting all the time.I could definitely connect with them.Jethro is irresistible,charming,sweet,protective and hot And Sienna is an amazing heroine that you can easily relate with her I loved that she was independent,funny and lovable They were match perfect These men are hilarious,each one has his own unique personality and they have won me all of them I love the bond these men have.But in this book especially I can say that I have a crash for CletusThis man omg I need his book now I m not going to get bored with this series ever If you are looking for a fast paced and funny read this is perfect for you Read this series you will never regret it I m super excited for the next book An advance reading copy was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 Lure of the Winston Beard Stars 1 2 Spoiler FreeMen and their Beards are nothing newYet, recently there has been this new allure of this drawand Penny Reid has created a series with men who not only have them but are what all others attempt to be men who are unique yet solid The ones who would look naked without them and when naked, perfect with them Men who have an inner code of right..who have had their own conflicts and come out the other end betterand who hold family dearest of all.We first met these Winston Men in Beauty and The Mustache It was love at first sight for me I was a goner There we saw these brothers all different yet the same in their devotion to their mom and sister We were given insight to the family dynamicwho was serious, playful, part rebel and how these different brothers supported each other It was a very strong start of a love affair for these men Difficult to contain, with legions of readers clamoring for More came in the form of this series with the first official entry of Truth or Beard This brought the Winston Brothers to their rightful place Front and center with a love story to curl your toes There was the push pull of Duane s and Jessica s history and how they came together There was also insight into the family dynamic and a hint to Jethro and his conflicts It is in this book where we get the full on dose of all that is Jethro and Lordy it is something to want for your own.For Jethro is in redemption mode He has had his own Come to Jesus moment in his life He has seen the error of his waysHow flirting and hooking up without serious care can hurt othersHis past with women had been very clear he would have fun, make breakfast and send them on their wayno harm no foulYet when he was younger, his past with a motorcycle crew was not so harmlessthings happened which to this day, haunt him.When Jethro finally came to terms with all of his past hurts inflicted to others and even his familyhe turned the corner.Made serious decisions Work to prove to his brothers he had changed.Study hard and become a forest ranger.AndNo women until he found the one to marry.Jethro has been on his path for quite some time Five years of time Things are going well or at least on their way every day he is showing by his actions he has changed Most of his brothers have seen his growth He knows he is a work in progress, yet he feels good solid and strong in who he is.He is driving his route to the Ranger s Post when he comes across a car in a ditch with a woman doing some type of war dance on the paper on the groundstomping and kicking He turns his truck around and comes back to see how he can help This woman was all kinds of his type when he was having his flirt on Long hair, dark eyes, tall and curves than straight lines Everything to get his motor started As he got out of the truck and came over to her, he could hide his smile as he gazed at her He tipped his hat and said Howdy Ma am She seemed to relax seeing him in his uniform and smiled showing him the cutest dimples saying a Howdy Partner backwhich made Jethro fight laughing even harderWhen it was clear she was lost and on her way to a place close by, Jethro offers to take her to the location and have her car handled later As these two talk, it has a flirty undercurrent from herand he is trying not to revert to his past flirt ways..but the charming slips out and they are exchanging free and easy and it feels so good He takes her to her location, asks for her name and has to say goodbye Side NoteThis scene of the meeting, bantering, quick wit, and chemistry between them is pure Reid It captures every single thing you will need to see how these two connected perfectly it really was wonderful.it caused me to have an hours long grin plastered on my face while reading this entire book in one sitting REALLY Our gal Sienna Diaz is stunned, surprised and delighted As a famous movie star of Major proportions meaning she is an award winning, multi movie franchises and paparazzi capturing with her every move Star to meet someone with NO AGENDA is so refreshing, it caused her to let her guard down and just be be herself The Sienna she has not been able to be for a very long timeAnd oh it felt so good, too good because when she finally realized Jethro had no friggin clue as to who she was and all that flirting was directed at her the woman he saw before him, not a possible connection for another Hollywood project she did a bad thingshe gave him Sarah as her nameOh, she knew eventually if she even got to see him again, he would probably figure out who she wasthey were filming in this area after all that was why she was even hereBut oh, the joy the feeling of being with him was just so great He looked at her with all her curves as if she was just the sweetest thing everand their conversation had all her sparks snappingit was fun Sienna is a wonderfully fun character She speaks her mind, has dealt with the cruelty of stereo typing normal sized women as not worthy or sexy Men have never been a problem she takes what she wants and then is done She has made her career through her own talent in writing and then acting She sees what she wants and works to make it happen She loves her sister yet is torn by her management styleall well meaning but too relentless So this is the crux of it allJethro has met this woman from just this one meeting, she has him thinking about things he has put to the side for a very long time He thought she was just wonderful and was definitely taken with her When fate has her lost again, he finds her and from there they both feel the chemistryAnd our gal has now a problema huge Elephant in the room of her heartshe knows she has to tell him who Exactly she isbecause if she doesn tshe knows things are going to turn bad I am now going to be very cruelbecause I am not going to give you any This story was just too good to breakdown all of the complexitiesbecause Reid gave us everything She gave us Sienna a woman who is just as strong in her representation as Jethro We get Jethro s brothers, their women and all the family crazy that comes with it She gave us so much heart, it overflowedand she gave us huge doses of Cletus, hints about Billy and his secret loveoh, so much Winstonjust the best I will give you this tease, though..because it sums up everything we need to remember in our own lives Men live simply, but are not simple Boys are simple, but do not live simply Oh yes, there is so much I could have quoted but for me this is the telling of what is so attractive about these Winston Men Penny Reid has promised us Woot, Woot Cletus and Abbi Beard Science October 2016 Beauty and the Mustache Knitting in the City4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Truth or Beard Winston Brothers, 1 Grin and Beard It Winston Brothers 2 Beard Science Winston Brothers 3 Beard in Mind Winston Brothers, 4 Dr Strange Beard Winston Brothers, 5 Beard with Me Winston Brothers, 5.5 Beard Necessities Winston Brothers, 6 the series that started it all Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City, 1 Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 1.5 Friends Without Benefits Knitting in the City 2 Love Hacked Knitting in the City, 3 and the Mustache Knitting in the City, 4 Winston Brothers, 0.5 Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City, 5 Dating ish Knitting in the City, 6 Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 Before Reading 5 16 2016 It s not everyday you are sneaking a peek at your personal email during a work event and see you have THE ARC you have been waiting for.You look around to see if anyone is noticing your internal whoops and hollers going on inside your headSo far, no one has a clueheh, hehLittle do they know, I have mentally left the building and have hopped on the Penny Reid train of joy OMGthe blurb is up and it is fantasticA film star who will make us think of Melissa McCarthyWith Jethro always seeming to be in the right place at the right timeAnd both of them captivated by each other.I CANNOT STAND IT hanging head for outburstI will try to contain myself for this is a July 2016 release You know that old slogan for Lay s Potato Chips Betcha Can t Eat Just OneWell, now I have a hankering for Winston BrothersJethro figure out your womanMake it happen quickFor Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    5 ranger rides STARS She d stolen my breath, robbed me of thought and sense She was a master thief, and I loved her for it Yes, yes, yesthis book was all I have been waiting for Sweet, hilarious, smart, heartwarming and on top such adorable characters A win from start to finish That was hell of a escapism reading Saturday Thank you Ms Reid I needed that Grin and Beard It is the second instalment in the Winston Brothers series and it tells the story of Sienna and Jethro The Hollywood actress and the wildlife Park Ranger from Tennessee Hilarity ensues You re a movie star A celebrity with millions of fans And you re a wildlife ranger who traps giant, dangerous black bears for a living and acts like it s no big deal Tell me that doesn t sound like a heaping helping of crazy, with bizarre gravy, and a slice of mashed loco for Cocoa Puffs There are some books that just hook you right from the start This one falls right in the category Sienna Diaz, actress, comedian, writer and all around Hollywood Sweetheart is in need for a break and on her quest for a timeout Sienna gets lost in the Tennessee mountains Cue in the meet cute Jethro Winston, oldest brother of the Winston Clan, redeemed car thief and devoted Park Ranger stumbles upon the directionally challenged damsel in distress and rescues her Flirting and cases of mistaken non disclosed identity ensue When an opportunity presents itself, and you have a choice of either living life risky as it might be or continuing to do what s expected .You have to grab that regal centaur by the mane and ride it over the rainbow of opportunity We finished together, Or else it might mistake you for a unicorn and try to impregnate you What can I say about these characters First and foremost, they are adorable I keep using the word adorable , but it just hits the nail on the head Sienna is a very independent, smart and especially confident person As an A List actress who happens to be plus sized she has developed a thick skin and a assertiveness that shines above all the celebrity BS She is truly a remarkable character, a wonderful human being despite being surrounded by soulless human look alikes and she has mad flirting skills I fell in love with her after only reading 2 pages No regrets, neither has Jethro.Jethro is the black sheep in the family Five years ago, after some really devastating developments in his life he had decided to walk the straight and narrow path Go to school, become a Park Ranger and swear off women until the right one comes along He is the epitome of the bad boy who turned his life around If ever there was a swoon worthy nice guy I had to put on my shelf, he would be it A heart of gold and he also happens to be a capable handsome guy, not even Sienna knew they existed wink wink All in all, Grin and Beard It was a slow burning mountain escape, with hot mountain guys and beards Also, Cletus Just like all the other books that involve the Winston brothers, Cletus is MVP Matchmaking, scheming and slightly unconventional I am than happy to read his book next Just sayin.Most of you who follow my reviews know that Penny Reid can do no wrong in my book, but really this is a good one Three dimensional characters, laugh out loud humour and a beautiful love story Do yourself a favour if you never read her books before, start picking them up That s all Thank you for your time I don t think I knew what beauty was, until I met you ARC very kindly provided for the Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review.

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review And I was not a man eater I was of a man sampler If there was ever a book that I want to hug, Grin and Beard It would be it Seriously, I swear Penny Reid could write about knitting, rugby players, and bearded men and I would love it Oh yeah, she already did and I LOVE THEM Yes, that s right my fellow bookworms I am a Penny Reid addict and proud of it And that s when I noticed Officer Grins a lot was adorable Six foot something smiling eyes framed by thick lashes brown beard covering a strong, angular jaw Maybe most people wouldn t have described him as adorable In fact, I m pretty sure most women would call him a hot piece of ass But after working for the last fourteen years in Hollywood, all good looking men were regulated to benignly adorable in my headspace Grin and Beard It has me grinning big time and I am still grinning after a few hours finishing the book This book is another example as to why I love Penny Reid I swear Ms Reid just knows how tug our hearts with her smart, witty, quirky, and playful writing What I love about this author that she can make any book steamy with her playful innuendos and double entendres The beard Call it a hipster trend or what not, the fascination with hot rugged bearded men is here to stay And for Sienna Diaz, her knight in shining armor that comes to her rescue when she gets lost happens to be none other than a park ranger A park ranger with a beard A park ranger named Jethro Winston She may have been named Sienna instead of Sarah, and was apparently a celebrity of huge proportions, but she was still dimples and eyelashes to me As a famous plus size actress and America s golden girl, Sienna Diaz is in Tennessee filming a movie that she happened to write and star Tired of being hounded by the paparazzi, Sienna decides to travel and rent out a friend s house Getting to the house seems to be the only problem for Sienna because for the life of her she can t read a map that is until Jethro comes to her rescue and directs her to the cabin Jethro had been the disappointment I d been the clown Individually we had become But together and with each other, we didn t need to be our labels We were free to be just ourselves Soon Jethro and Sienna find themselves engaging in a playful and flirtatious banter Sienna loved that Jethro didn t know anything about her celebrity status and that she could just be herself with no pretenses And for Jethro, he found someone that could possibly be the one But when Jethro discovers that Sienna is a celebrity and their lives are complete opposites, Jethro begins to act different and starts distancing himself that is until his family and friends reminds Jethro that he is worthy of love and redemption As much as Jethro tries to stay away from Sienna, he just couldn t So when Jethro opens to Sienna of his troubled past, Sienna begins to fall in love with Jethro big time Thoughts of forever begins to linger and for a girl who never thought she would settle down, Sienna begins to come to the conclusion that she may have finally found the one. So can an A list celebrity and a park ranger find a way to balance their relationship and make it work Or will doubts and fears be their downfall I wanted to drive him crazy, open myself to him, trust him completely I wanted to be truly vulnerable I wanted him to dominate and cherish and use my body I wanted him to want me, need me I wanted him satisfied but insatiable, always craving Always thinking of me Grin and Beard It was just another reminder of why you gotta love those Winston brothers Each and every one of them adds a playfulness and seriousness to the story line But what I especially love about this book was that Penny Reid allowed readers to feel the tangible and palpable connection brewing between Jethro and Sienna For example, the anticipation of their first kiss and first time together was worth the wait I loved that Ms Reid laid all the proper solid foundations of their relationship so when Jethro and Sienna finally committed to forever, it had me grinning big time My heart was truly bursting with so much love and left me smiling big So if you are looking for a smart, fun, and adorable romance that will leave you grinning from ear to ear and possibly looking for a hot rugged bearded man, then Grin and Beard It is the book for you As always, Penny Reid will hold readers hostage as she delivers a fun story line with her smart and gorgeous prose All there is left to go say, go get lost and pretend you can t read a map and possibly your very own Jethro comes to the rescue Just Kidding don t get lost and learn how to read a map Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages Reid