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4.5 starsNormally too many POVs in a book would ve peeved me out Three is my limit but apparently I can actually manage than that Because this book has five POVs Yes, FIVE Yet I seriously freaking adored it I didn t expect to enjoy this book so much but boy, no matter how many povs it had or how cliched it was it still kicked my ass This was a fuuuuuun read but had its deep and insightful moments too that definitely made it wonderful and enjoying The characters were the best part of this book Kylie and Max were both adorable and fun characters Despite being flawed their characters seems to be so genuine They were opposite characters you guys know how I loved that kind of arrangement and had zero interest to each other but through their forced and unexpected journey they discovered so much about themselves and realized things they might actually really liked about each other I love how these two grew and developed throughout the story The romantic build up was great I adore authors who can manage to write a well developed romance even when the story was set for a short period of time I loved how Kylie and Max s relationship progressed The attraction between them doesn t feel forced It was well paced and very genuine Their chemistry was really good so when the final moment came, it was absolutely swoooooooooning It was just so sweet, sexy and cute Supporting characters like Will, Jake, Lily and Charles were never left on the side too They had their own moments that didn t feel unnecessary to the story Aside from Kylie and Max s pov I really enjoyed Will s Being inside the head of a gay was just really fun He was also a very wonderful and caring best friend and I like how much he loved Kylie Jake s pov Kylie s younger brother with asperger syndrome was a touching one and Lily s, although she could be a bit bitchy, I found myself empathizing her situation The five povs in the story were all so different but what was so good about that was it gave us some level of understanding to these different kinds of people without being one sided or too judgmental With awesome characters, intriguing plot, and sexy and fun romance all I could do was just to simply adore this book I would absolutely recommend this especially if you re looking for a fun and sweet read but with great and in depth lessons Thanks to Netgalley and Hyperion for providing a copy of this awesome book This review is also posted at Book Overdose Review posted at Bewitched Bookworms How do you usually find your next favorite books Well, sometimes they just happen to find you From What I Remember was a book I wouldn t have picked up myself, but when I got a Galley I couldn t resist giving it a try Boy how glad I was this book jumped my like this Stranded in Mexico with no passports and just a few hours from their graduation is the situation Max and Kylie find themselves in Kylie s adamant that if Max had agreed to do their partnered assignment yesterday as planned, they wouldn t find themselves in this mess in the first place But if Kylie hadn t gone sprinting off after two scary thugs who had her laptop Max would have been enjoying his last ever day at school and not be stuck here, that s what he keeps telling himself But Max and Kylie ended up getting a bit than they bargained for when they ended up stuck together They ve never said than five words to each in the last six years they ve spent at school together, with Max being the school s hottest jerk and Kylie considered a social geek their social circles never mixed, that s until they re forced to partner up for an assignment on the penultimate day of school Kylie needs to get it done, she s school valedictorian and has always handed every piece of work on time, so she s not going to stop now for all she knows it could affect her GPA Whereas Max is the complete opposite, he doesn t give a damn So both you can say are thrilled to be partnered together.From What I Remember was a book full of misunderstandings and misconceptions A lot of the characters went into situations thinking they knew what to expect or what a person was like but time and time again they were proven wrong I liked the fact that we were treated to five separate pov s, initially I found myself wanting to zip through the pov s of certain characters and get back to the pov s where the real action was happening But then as the book progressed I found myself warming to all the pov s, they provided great insights into the characters and proved me wrong in a lot of assumptions I d made of them too.Max and Kylie were an unlikely pair, but the time they were forced to spend together, the they realised how much they had in common Kylie s initial character reminded me a lot of myself I was always pre occupied or stressed out about studying and just never had or made the time to sit back and have fun And so I liked how in Mexico, Kylie was a lot less uptight, she was able to let her hair down and finally have fun Max also had initially come across as a jerk, but in Mexico he was able to open up a bit He was genuinely a sincere and nice character, I may have also been a bit biased towards him because of his floppy hair this does me in every time I just loved getting into his head The secondary characters Lily, Will and Charlie also brought so much fun to the story When together with their high speed car chase, unexpected announcements and try as they might to make it to graduation on time, made their escapades so much fun I would have loved to be part of their group Stacey Kramer and Valerie Thomas did a brilliant job with From What I Remember I loved the unusual premise they provided us with, the fun loving characters and the endless banter along the way I especially loved how the characters were able to take the mick out of themselves from time to time and not take each other so seriouslywe both smile at the classic misunderstanding.It s all so clich ridden, it s embarrassing I wishour stay could have some original twistsand turns Maybe one of us will turn into avampire or something From What I Remember was a fun adorable adventurous read If you re looking for something to kick back with over the summer I definitely recommend picking this up This review and can be found on The Readers Den This book was a TOTAL TRAIN WRECK But I LOVED every minute of it Man, just when you think it couldn t get any better worse, Thomas and Kramer throws yet another surprise at you This was such a FUN book to read, and it kept me on my toes the entire time.First, let s talk a prologue Can you get a better hook in It was kind of like The Hangover except even intriguing It kind of made me want to flip to the end of the book because I didn t want to rewind to two days earlier But I kept myself in check, and I read the book in the order I was suppose to.You would think this book was cliche, and maybe it was, but the story goes so much beyond that I admit, the book was a bit long because so much was going on I mean a special brother, a father who s had a tragic past, overbearing parents with expectations, a father with cancer, gay issues when to step out of the closet, being an uptight valedictorian and looking beyond the surface and getting to really know people This book also had its deep moments.And the characters in the book, I just loved each one of them for their own strengths and faults I love banter as well as the soul searching conversations between Kylie and Max I like how each have their own problems and how they learn there is to each other than they originally thought I think they had great chemistry, and I think the progression of their relationship from between to end was well paced and exciting.And I m not usually a fan of authors who have the token gay best friend who s just overly flamboyant not because I have anything against gay people but that I m not a big fan of annoying sidekicks in general but Will s role in this book fit perfectly It just somehow worked really well how they would become friends and they connected on a level that s beyond understanding.And I don t really like it when authors throw in than two or three points of views and there were FIVE in this one but for some reason, it worked in this one too Somehow Thomas and Kramer managed to take everything I normally hate in a book and twisted them in a way that I really enjoyed Like I said, a total train wreck but I loved it anyway. I did not have high expectations for From What I Remember, to be honest The summary sounds a bit too much like an MTV reality show, and the cover doesn t really do anything to contradict that Yet, I can t deny that for the time being, the book entertained me It did not blow my mind, no, but it was definitely a welcome distraction on an otherwise uneventful, partly sunny Sunday afternoon on my back porch.At Freibury Academy, Kylie is an outsider in every possible way Coming from the wrong side of town, scholarship student, determined to succeed and working hard for it even on the last day of senior year She and her best friend Will are okay with spending their time alone watching movies, waiting for college to start and life to move on away from Freiburg and its rich posse.But when Kylie is forced to work together with school heart throb Max to get back her stolen computer and ends in a Mexican border town with him but without passports, things are about to get interesting While best friend Will comes to the rescue, Kylie has to ask herself one question Is Max maybe not the dumb and arrogant jock she always thought him to be Seriously, does that not sound like one of those movies always starring Freddie Prince junior Okay, maybe I did my best to make it sound like one, but the similarities are definitely there Loner heroine who thinks she s ugly but in reality just manages to hide her beauty well hello there, strict bun and baggy clothes and spends a lot of time at home taking care of her younger brother Gay best friend who likes to wear ourageous clothes to attract attention, is somewhat of a drama queen, but really just wants to be accepted like he is Popular jock who deep down is interested in books and photography and might be rich, but has his own package to carry Not to forget the beautiful girlfriend ready to scratch Kylie s eyes out.So cetainly, if you are in the mood for it, you can find heaps of faults with this book I did try to stop the analytical part of my brain from paying too much attention I just wanted a few fun hours, after all but some things just couldn t go unnoticed I am not completely sure what this book tries to be does it want to comment on minorities at posh private schools or is that just the most convenient setting for the story to unfold Does it want to show us what it s really like to live with a sibling with Asperger s, or is that just a way to add tension to the heroine s family dynamics More often than not, I felt like problems where just created to add a special flavour to the story, not to really explore them Characters were ladened with issues, but did not truly seem to suffer under them The altogether five point of views did not really help much with that either I always had the feeling that the realness in each character only simmered through in rare moments real depth was often missing.In the end, the book remained quite forgettable precicely like all those high school flick starring Freddie but I had a good time with it nevertheless Still, I have already forgotten some of the characters names although it has only been two days That means I honestly can t give out than two stars.And, seriously, what are those ellipses doing in the title Thanks a lot to Netgalley and Hyperion for the review copy. You can read this review here God, I don t even know where to start This has been a hell of a ride and I loved it From What I Remember might look similar to Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles, which is the best YA Romance ever Strike that, folks From What I Remember is actually very different Better Funnier Crazier And I liked it even than Perfect Chemistry, if that s possible I recommend this to everyone who wants to have a fun time reading a 465 page book Yeah, it was kinda big Very big, but whatever I wasn t bored at all and I devoured every single word So here is the plot I ll try to not spoiler too much, because it s just so lovely to discover this amazing story on your own The book follows the adventures of high school, almost graduated and very different teenagers, but the main ones remain 4 freaky characters 3 were really awesome and one less awesome from Freiburg Academy in La Jolla, San Diego Dios Mio That s far far awayThey are 1 Kylie, the smartest girl in school, half Jewish, half Latino, with some skills in car burglary and some nasty problems waiting for her at home her brother has special needs She s the clever kind of girl, the one who has won a scolarship to NYU from her own work she made a roleplay and dreams about making screenplays for some big movies. This is basically cliched characters, slut shaming and boredom, all inside one very pretty cover.There was little to no chemistry between Max and Kylie And to be honest, Max needs to get some balls and man up.And couldn t Max and Kylie have waited an, oh, 1 DAY to rip their clothes off and start making out with each other I mean, pfft, it s not like Max has a girlfriend or anything, right Yeah I didn t think so. Before I start having difficulties to remember I need to voice my impressions of From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas, for I thoroughly enjoyed reading the review copy, the publisher, Hyperion, had been so kind to provide me with via Netgalley.When I first stumbled across the up coming book s description, which promised four points of view I usually love that , flashbacks, a trip possibly a road trip Yay to Mexico, fleeing criminals, a high school graduation, and a drug or alcohol induced accidental wedding of the goody two shoes valedictorian girl, I guessed that the story might provide lots of fun in a Meg Cabotish style A cover reveal and some early reviews later my expectations felt a little dampened That chihuahua and that sombrero, those four stereotypically American Teen Movie kids and comparisons to films like She s All That, which I have not watched, but which I have come to fear as an allegory for everything soppy and shallow Still, the possibility to snatch a digital ARC presented itself Thank you, Jasprit and the switching points of view kept enticing me So I decided to have a go and see for myself Now I can say that the the novel s chemistry did remind me a little of one of those few American teen movies I happen to know 10 Things I hate About You There is also a slightly prickly girl who wants to gain entry into her dream university, there is also a boy who pretends that everything is sunny and easy going and problem free for him, there are some mean girls, there is an embarrassing drunk scene, which involves inhibited dancing, and there are attracted opposites and the probability that the unlikely attraction will be buried under a number of obstacles I don t know about you But I liked that film and did not find it too superficial And I have been rather surprised by From What I Remember, its depth, its characters and points of view and by how much I craved to go on reading The latter, the pull a story has on my willingness to spend time with a book, is a great indicator for my personal enjoyment I must say that have been very reluctant to let go of this book Some might argue that five points of view are main character overdose, but apart from bitchy Lily s narration I thought they were all crucial to getting the big picture and to growing close to Kylie and Max, the main players Although I have no means to check his fictional personality against reality, I enjoyed the chapters told by Kylie s 13 years old brother Jake, who has Asperger s, and followed his way of thinking with interest Kylie s best friend Will felt a little forcefully gay to me as if for demonstration effect , but not annoyingly so Kylie herself is not depicted as the brainy, mousy girl with a secret wonder body under some rags, who always dreamt being one of the in crowd, but is too shy to make a move Kylie is someone who has her hands full with balancing her 80s and 90s film addiction, her grades, her scholarship and her much needed, but only marginally appreciated input at home and is truly contented with having one wonderful best friend on her side Max learns to his own astonishment that Kylie really did not deem the rest of her rich and inambitious classmates to be interesting enough to spend her time with All in all, Kylie is someone very spontaneous, very brave bordering on dangerously stupid and very likable Someone, who like Max, too fears to find her family broken into pieces rather soon Someone, whose conversations with her father, whose realizations about her father and whose introduction to strangers who consider her family moved me to tears Someone, who still has A Cup boobs and a rather large behind after shedding her gray jeans Max behavior angered me at times, but I liked it that there was to Max than what meets the eye What I did not buy was Kylie s obsession with getting her stolen laptop back and the measures she takes for reaching that goal A girl as structured as her simply has to have some back up files of her private and academic writings, by the way Also the idea that a teacher might fork out an assignment on the day before graduation, which is to be dealt with in pairs selected by said teacher and will have effect on the final grading of the course, seemed to be eyeball poppingly farfetched to me But once the unlikely pair got to Mexico I did not care so much about the unbelievable premise any One note concerning sex It occurs as a part of the plot, and I am always grateful, when authors do not turn it into something dirty or inappropriate only because of an underage readership Thank you, authors, for not being cowardish on that front And one last second note on the final cover I wish there was enough time to exchange it Kylie, for instance, has a mop of dark corkscrew curls and big, light brown eyes How difficult would it have been to reflect her being half Mexican by a fitting stock photo I personally would have loved a picture of her and Max relaxing together in a frayed garden hammock with a tray of Sangrias nearby or of the two of them standing dishevelled in front of a small, cosy boutique with that figure hugging, red evening dress decorating the window display I know, I know but a girl can dream and remember. KYLIE Mexico What A Nightmare I Should Be Putting The Finishing Touches On My Valedictorian Speech Graduation Is TODAY Wait Is This A Wedding Band On My Finger MAX It Started With Kylie S Laptop And A Truck Full Of Stolen Electronics And It Ended In Ensenada It Was Hot, The Way She Broke Us Out Like Some Chick In An Action Movie But Now We Re Stranded Here, With Less Than Twenty Four Hours Before GraduationWILL Saving Kylie Flores From Herself Is Kind Of A Full Time Occupation Luckily, I, Will Bixby, Was Born For The Job And When I Found Out She Was Stuck In Mexico With Dreamy Max Langston, Sure, I Agreed To Bring Their Passports Across The Border But There S No Reason To Rush Back Home Right Away This Party Is Just Getting StartedLY This Cannot Be Happening It S Like Some Cruel Joke Or A Bad Dream I Close My Eyes And When I Reopen Them, They Re Still There Max And Kylie Flores, Freak Of The Century In Bed Together If Kylie Thinks I M Giving Him Up Without A Fight, She S Dead Wrong Read This Review More Like It On My Blog From What I Remember is exactly what that synopsis makes it sound like fluff Utter, complete, involving, engaging, occasionally laugh out loud funny, and compelling fluff It s light, it s charming and it s fun, despite the near 500 page length Aside from a few 5 vocabulary choices that had me seeing red, this was an unexpected and amusing roadtrip coming of age story The characters may veer a little too close to stereotypes at times in their presentation, especially the flamboyant, cross dressing Will and the uber mean girl Lily, but on the whole,From What I Remember does what it aims to it entertains the reader while making them care about these flawed, human and vastly entertaining characters It s a beach read for teens and adults that enjoy a fluffy, sweet romance.I m usually wary of a rotating POV scheme, especially when it s used by so many characters, like it is here Kylie, Max, Will, Lily and Jake Kylie s brother with Aspberger s all get a shot to share their inner monologue Fortunately for both myself and the novel, each of these unique perspectives actually managed to bring something different to the table, while adding to the overall picture and plot of the novel I do wish Lily and Will had been less of cliches in their expected roles seriously, Lily mean girls the shit out of Kylie for 460 out of 475 pages and it got old fast , but Will, especially, grows into an actual, rounded person instead of a caricature These are characters that actually evolve and grow over the course of the book it s refreshing to read and makes it easy to invest in most of the cast.This is a happily ever after type of novel, and that s not a spoiler The romance is the most obvious part of the entire plot, and though one of my least favorite plot devices the miscommunication stalls the inevitable for a while, this remains engaging to read through the predictable ups and downs of teenage love The payoff in reading From What I Remember isn t in seeing if these two end up together, but in reading how everything comes together as they grow up significantly this 48 hour adrenaline fueled adventure Max and Kylie are two interesting people who work well together one of the few YA pairings that aren t based off instalove or pure lust Kylie is the perfect foil for Max s studied cool act, and he complements her outrageousness nicely.This was so close to being a perfect, lazy read for a relaxed and lazy day But There s always a but For From What I Remember, the problem honestly surprised me It wasn t isntalove, or Mysteriously Missing Parent Syndrome, but something else I ve been noticing in a fair few YA novels Kylie has a brother with Asperger s syndrome and persists in using the word retard as an insult Repeatedly That bothered me immensely, enough that I was jerked out the book every time it was uttered No Just no First it s wrong Second Kylie has a brother that in all likelihood, would ve heard that leveled at him in a mean way That is life, but that doesn t make it okay, especially for his sister to use so glibly For a novel that takes care to show so many awesome examples of gay youth, I was disappointed not to see the same civility and consideration for the handicapped From What I Rememberwas a nice escape for a few hours Despite its impressive length, this is a book that reads both easily and well It s cute, and for the most part, inoffensive as it tackles growing up and moving on from high school It s brain candy a bubblegum book for when you just want to read something cute and predictable instead of a literary meal that needs digesting It easily could be billed as The Hangover In Mexico for teens Buckle up for one hell of a road trip, filled with border dodging, illegal gangsters, mass weddings, and even a police chase of sorts From What I Rememberis best termed a fun romp one that will engage and please its readers from the get go.