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This Illustrated Guide To Wild Flowers Enables Quick And Easy Identification OfSpecies Found In Britain And Ireland The Text Includes Information About Distribution, Habitat And Reproduction And The Identification Photographs Show Height, Flowers, Leaves And Fruit

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    Really lovely clear photographs of the wildflower with its immediate surroundings This is invaluable if you want to check the plant out as it looks in real life Close ups are great in theory but you can easily be misled by the plant s size and its habitat I need the feel of a plant and not just a close up picture, as some look very similar in photographs illustrations but are completely different when you see them side by side in real life Not in this book, as the plants looks pretty much as you could well have spotted them as you walk Personally, I need several books because you really need to see than one of the plants pictured before definitively identifying it This book fits in, for me, perfectly with the drawn illustrations of other books, that show up details or photographs of nodules and stamens I would recommend this book as a sensible, useful guide that gives geographical information to know if you are in the right area to see the plant , size, description, fruits and comparisons with similar varities and a short description of anything else of importance, all in the same format for ease of accessing facts, but you still might need those close ups of some similar plants to be sure Looking on the web is fine but not all are accurately labelled

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    Great book, delivery great

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    Useful book and excellent service from Electric Chicken.

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