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Erin Summers Is Having A Ruff Week Her Boyfriend Is A Cheating Bastard, His Mother Has Blacklisted Her In Town, And His New Bed Warmer Is Accusing Her Of Murder Add That To The Moody Dogs At Her New Job And The Gorgeous Detective Breathing Down Her Neck, And She S Not Entirely Sure She Ll Survive The Week

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    Get ready for alot of laughter and fun with Fido and Fendi.This is a great read with sass, humor and a mystery that keeps you guessing Plus dog owners will affectionately attest to the authors description of canine behavior Another winner from Adaline Chase

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    This was a good little quick mystery It read quickly without getting bogged down in details upon details or skimping on the needed info to keep the plot moving along Pretty impressed, I picked it up the other day for free Erin is a little rich girl in a small town dating the big shot lawyer from the big shot family in town Well, he cheats on Erin and gets caught Erin loses it, almost gets arrested and run out of town She decides to buck up and not run out of town, back to her parents and gets a job, as a dog walker When she goes to pick up the dogs to be walked she finds a dead body and it just so happens to be the roommate to the girl her boyfriend was cheating with You would think Erin would come off as a little rich girl airhead, but she doesn t, at least not completely The girl has some spunk to her and gets a few friends that have just as much.Very enjoyable

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    Fido and Fendi is a cozy mystery about a fashionista turned sleuth named Erin Summers who is wrongfully accused of murder by her cheating ex boyfriend s new girl and has the whole town hating her Will she be able to solve the murder, clear her name, and juggle all of this on top of her new job as a dog walker At the beginning Erin Summers seems a bit one dimensional She only wears designers, she doesn t really care to get to know anyone, she just wants to do everything she can to get her boyfriend to put a ring on her finger But her character develops into something so much She s still into fashion and enjoys making an effort into her appearance, which I can identify with, but there s to her than what meets the eye She has a soft heart, noble cause, and is on a journey to discovering her strength I loved how the author incorporated a doggy daycare and dog rescues into her story It was heartwarming to watch Erin summers open up to the pups she walked and I empathize with the feelings she had about the kill shelter I rescued my own baby and so this touches close to home Six years ago my husband and I went to an Adopt A Dog day at our local shelter We walked many, but when the lady told us this adorable three month old would be put down in a week we adopted him on the spot.I thoroughly enjoyed this story and could not put it down I loved solving the mystery of Tilly s murder along with the spunky MC, Erin Summers I also enjoyed the surprising love interest Their banter made me giggle like a girl flirting with her first crush However, that ending killed me But I have it on good authority that the author is currently writing the second one so hopefully I won t have to wait too long to find out what happens next.Report Card 4.7 Stars1 Character development 2 Overall pace 3 Plot Consistency 4 Conflict 5 Experience 6 Dialogue Read reviews like this one at

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    4 Stars At first, I wasn t even sure if I was going to finish this book, but I perservered and I finished To my surprise, I even enjoyed it Erin was a real stuck up, shallow, enough stinker, but then she changed Oh, not radically, that would be too much to swallow, but just enough to be believable I do hope that this is the start of a series I would enjoy reading about Erin.

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    Never give up or bow down to small mindedBrilliant Finding your soon to be a finance in a compromising position is bad enough But being shunned by the small community is worse Will she be able to find a job Her bad luck continues when she finds a dead body Who and how now rate upmost in her thoughts as she has been tried and found guilty by the community without any proof Loved the gutsy, no backing down attitude of the main character Some parts were amusing and hope to see books in this series.

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    Having not read for a few nights, I fancied something light to read and once I started, I couldn t stop Fido and Fendi is funny, heart warming, and who doesn t like dogs Erin Summers is a thoroughly loveable character and I found myself rooting for her or less off the bat I adored the small town feel with gossipy neighbours and town politics, and Erin s transformation away from city girl felt natural and provided a few giggles along the way.I normally go for grittier reads and I ve never read a cozy mystery before, but I ll certainly will again, after this show stopper

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    Good oneQuick read Good characters Twist at the end makes me want to read the next one Will check out other books written by this author.