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An Engaging, Action Packed And Memorable Techno Thriller For Young Readers MidwestBook Review Makes Important Political And Environmental Statements As Well As Providing Pure Entertainment KLIATT Most Young Readers Would Like To Follow The MacGregors Into These Exotic Lands And Adventures Sunday OklahomanA Quaint Shop In The Heart Of Old Cairo, A Lost Subterranean Chamber, Or Even Seti S Exquisite Temple May Give Up The Clue That Will Solve The Mystery Of The Falcon Of Abydos, The Sky God Just When Egyptologists Believe That The Last Of The Great Discoveries Have Been Made, The MacGregor Family Unveils A Secret That Could Lead To A Major War And Forever Change The History Of Egypt While Dr Jack MacGregor Is Attending Classes And Speaking About Environmental Problems At An International Summit, Wife Mavis, Sons Chris And Ryan And Daughter Heather Set Out To Discover What Secrets The Sahara Holds They Encounter Old And New Enemies, Including A Man Out For Revenge, Egyptian Mobsters Who May Have Ties To Terrorists, And Former Russian Secret Police Trying To Steal High Tech Weapons In This Third Book In The MacGregor Family Adventure Series, Richard Trout Has Once Again Devised A Techno Thriller Story That Will Keep Young Readers Reaching For Their Flashlights As They Find Themselves Caught In The Dark Among The Tombs Of Ancient Pharaohs The Falcon of Abydos Oracle Of The Nile is an intriguing and fascinating book, for where you are trying to constantly keep up with the action of MacGregor clan Continuing their year long trip around the world they soon embark on a small adventure in Egypt The very witty group of siblings are able to quickly overcome the obstacles Although a seeming sneaky spies soon entangle the whole MacGregor clan along with Natalie Crosswhite in their schemes With help R.O., Heather, Chris, and Natalie breeze pass the archaeologists, thieves, and secrets as if it wasn t their first rodeo In all of these extraordinary mini adventures the best part of the book is when they find the secret passageway in the oasis of the Sahara Desert The precise detail gives a clear picture of the action that is continual throughout the entire book Falcon of Abydos Oracle Of The Nile is a classic action packed book that gives a great impression of the characters, as they made their debut into a world of amazing adventures to have Follow the MacGregor clan and their friends as they have an amazing adventure in the exotic country of Egypt Don t miss reading this book This is a good adventure for Young Adults with lots of action and a good setting in Egypt I only gave it three stars, though, because although it is a good story, the writing is occasionally annoying in the way the author repeats some of the details about the characters over and over again It is also the type of adventure story where you as the reader have to suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy it, for example, when the 18 year old just starts flying a helicopter and does it successfully without having had a lesson Overall, though, it is a good adventure story combined with some ecological themes, and both boys and girls will like it.