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Bought for my son as he is loving this topic at school Very good and insightful and easy for my eight year old to read and digest My son loved this and has read it twice, well laid out for children An ok ish book. Very informative for children interested in this sort of thing , good pictures. Record Heat Record Storms Record Drought, Snow, Rain, And Ocean Levels What S Going On In A World Of Crazy Weather Exacerbated By Climate Change, Knowing About Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Droughts, Derachos, Blizzards, And Storms Is Important Than Ever This Book, Based On Cutting Edge Science And First Hand Accounts, Helps Kids Learn About What S Going On And What To Do About It My grandson loves the pictures in this book and learns a lot from it Once he can read I think he will gain a lot of knowledge from it. Lots of interesting facts the kids loved it. Nice book and the kids learned something about our weather system and environment.