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An author having a conversation with his fictional character or losing control of his character mind numbing points leading one twists and turns spinning the mind of the reader with hallucinogenic colors concepts and eurekas The short stories begin simplified and walks together with the author as he takes a personal journey deep within the universe of his own consciousness dwelling prodding dissecting and creating This book is a play on different writing styles uniuely conjured by the writer from random inspiration and experimentation with poetry as prior experience This is a chronological anthology spanning the imagination and sanity of the writer This book is a collection of humour satire and philosophy with the most uniue writing style and twists This book evolves as one reads from basic and simple stories of humor to deeper and profound satire best savored twice

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    Reading this book is a horrible mistakeIt made me insaneOverall I think this book has one humongous mistake A very huge irredeemable mistakeWe are fooled thinking that this book is about how insanity evolved Do not judge the book by its title that is aptly appropriate than the original uotation We expect to read about insanity and maybe read what author has to say about it and about all its possible forms and appearances throughout time of how it grows and instills itself to one of what it does and what it is capable of becoming This book has made a very unforgivable mistakeInstead of the Evolution of Insanity this book should be correctly titled as The Evolution of GeniusI love it I loved it the first time I read it and I know I will love it the next time I will read it I love the complexity of the book Some stories may be somewhat shallow some are deeply profound some are lamentable some are funny some are spicy and ironic some are mundane some are exceptional but most of all every story is a jewel This book is a veritable treasure box I have never read such a powerful short story collection This book transcends every genre I ever loved and known It can be described closest as post modern but then there are elements of magical realism of fantasy of horror of realism of parodies and of excitingly innovative ideas i cannot put this book in the shelf of fiction or non fiction I rather put copies of this in a pedestal behind the bookstore's window for all to see if I were a shop owner This book is definitely beyond any classification Haresh Daswani speaks of truth and lies and creatively made up half truths and half lies but most of all it shows you how diverse the universe is This book commits the totality of the cosmos with its myriad instances its plenty characters the multiple emotions that it shows and make us readers feel the love the terror the hatred the disgust the outrageousness and many I cannot help but surmise how can a writer this good have escaped me for years I love weird books strange literature that goes beyond normal mainstream and popular plots I love innovation and postmodernism Some writers I love are Jeanette Winterson John Fowles Haruki Murakami Julian Barnes and now I am a big fan of Haresh Daswani for sure He can be ranked with this great writers because the scope of this book is exceptional and beyond comprehension Before reading this I must advise that the reader must be open minded and wise enough and prepare himself for anything I admit there are some parts which I did not get immediately there are parts which reveal themselves upon the first glance and there are even ones which are harder to decipher But nevertheless I will struggle to see all the secrets of this books The author has many things to tell us and I would be a willing ear to all of it This book may be as complicated as House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski but this one is readable and enjoyable A lot betterYou will be totally mad and stupid if you miss the chance to read this This is not the evolution of insanity as it states rather it is the story of the evolution of a great writer's mind The stories are representative of his skill as a storyteller or a liar or a religious figure of truth whatever he may be in your eyes after you put this book down You will surely not stop thinking of this long after you finish thisI am excited just thinking of rereading this again But this time I want to relish the magnificence of each story I will read it in a non chronological manner the way Aesop's fables must be read This book must be read for enjoyment It also must be read to learn things I also must be read to discover the universe with new eyesThis book changed me It made me want to be a better writer who could make something even one fourth of this I am sure as a reader or a fellow author this book would surely leave an impact to you It will always leave a place in your heart and your mind and of course irrevocably it will make vibrations on your soul that will forever resonate with the whole creationSo put me now in a strait jacket or inject me with tranuilizers I have to somehow stop raving about this book

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    Evolution of Insanity is a book consisting of a great number of short stories which on a first look don't seem to have much in common Some are darker than others some are funny and some are sad like my favourite one the protagonist who commits suicide because they cannot live up to their own expectations and would rather sink into their own despair than allow themselves to be as they are As the reader progresses through the book they'll start to realise the stories are all interlinked giving the impression of moving from one book character to the next from one life experience to anotherThis is a book that hasn't been done before a remarkable book with surprising depth beautiful writing and certainly no dumbed down language to allow it to fit into a genre When it comes to the language I'd call it literary; the voice however is sharp and educated with plenty of humorous layers to it The stories are connected in their depth and ability to link reality with fiction dreams and mysticism with satire and belief lifestyle and choice with art and many many It is a philosophical read and while I'm into all that is philosophical I often find philosophical books bordering on the boring side Evolution of Insanity kept me reading from one tale to the other wondering what would come next I particularly liked the observational nature of the tales and how they brought to light all that is dark hidden and twisted in human nature giving insight into the various facets of humanity in a uniue way I was astounded at the immense creativity and diversity of this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bit of dark fiction with plenty of humour and excellent writing

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    First of all I would like to thank the author of this book Mr Haresh Daswani for giving me a copy of this book and the opportunity to read it and give my thoughts about itAnd now for the review Obviously I would not be thanking the author as publicly if I had not enjoyed this book It is witty entertaining filled with crackling anecdotes and hilarious commentary Best of all it is fraught with intelligent observations of how we humans liveLet me go so far as to say that this book is best read when you are in your most intellectual mood as it would dare you to think beyond the words of what is written and delve into the author's mind about how he views things In a way I felt that this was not just a book created from the author's imagination but a reflection of how the author views the world One would laugh at the humor filled statements the comic scenes and settings but once one understood the essence of such remarks one could not help but nod and say Yes that is uite true Why did I not think of that myself? Or maybe even add one's own ideas maybe disagree with what has been said? Either way one is challenged to agree or refute the author's ideology and rationalize one's own beliefsReading through Daswani's book I could not help but be reminded of those times in Philosophy class in college His writing makes the reader think that they are having a conversation with someone else probably a very favorite teacher a smart friend or better yet the author himself Which reminded me of those times when we studied Socrates and how he conducted his discussions with his students Now I am not saying that Daswani is a modern day Socrates but what he talked about in this book could spark a lively debate in any Philosophy class and if I were still in college right now I'd probably bring Evolution of Insanity to school and make our professor torture the whole class with intense conversations about the things talked about in this book Which is not to say that this book is only good for super intelligent conversations or musings You can also read this solely for its entertainment value and probably use a few lines from this book as your new joke or ice breakers The possibilities are endlessHis writing style is also one for the books In one chapter he would go all narrative like and describe in witty detail a funny story and in another he would abandon all thought for story telling and write ideas observations in prose straightforward and directly addressing readers oftentimes even issuing a challengeSimply put this book is a good one to have on your shelf to read during moments of boredom moments of severe bursts of intellect moments of good conversations and practically any moment that you would prefer to read Which in my case is very often

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    Haresh Daswani has a fascinating story telling style that engages the reader from the very first page He shows uite a gift for creating rather ordinary people in somewhat odd situations It's that twist of just a bit odd that brings a uniue life like uality to each story His descriptions of both the character and the environment are impeccable You don't just read the story you experience the story That takes talent I'd love to have his talent for description Most fascinating of all is how Daswani weaves extraordinary philosophical ideas into these ordinary almost unassuming characters and settings You're not expecting it to be as profound as it turns out to be That's a big plus in my bookIf that weren't enough Daswani's sense of brevity is uncanny The story is not so long that it interest is lost yet short enough to leave the reader wanting and pondering what happens nextThis collection of short stories is highly entertaining thought provoking insightful and funny Best of all they are stories very well toldI would read of his stories any time

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    Kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope is made up of small colored pieces And when they are turned and given a different angle they jell into one beautiful scene That is what I would associate Haresh’s book with Like a kaleidoscope Evolution of Insanity is made up of different pieces each a uniue reflection of the author’s wild imagination Each story piece has an exceptional storyline that would simply leave the reader in uestioning awe wondering where in this world could Haresh have possibly picked up that twist The variety of themes of the short stories also makes up the pieces of the kaleidoscope The themes run a wide range – from spirituality to philosophy to life to beauty of girls All with profundity wrapped in wit and dry humor These short stories put together in one book reveal the beauty of a kaleidoscope PSCaution Read at your own risk This book is not for the faint hearted You must have your mind so open your heart so universal your humor so flexible and your imagination so border free to take utmost pleasure from reading this book

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    I don't know author Haresh Daswani; I've never met him But I bet that among his friends he's the storyteller the one they wait for to liven up their nights the one that can make any story seem interesting from a trip to the grocery to a night out at the clubsThis collection of short stories runs the gamut from poignant to poetic to darkly humorousDaswani plays with words like a child plays with toys each story is different each character a surprise He takes small moments and puts them under a microscope; he looks at life and uestions whyHis perspective varies as well from first person to second to third There's some deep thoughts here some solid creativity But just when you think Daswani is taking himself too seriously he throws in a wink and a nod to let you know he's notHis characters are memorable funny sad puzzled and argumentative often finding themselves in fairly desperate straitsI'll admit this isn't the type of book I normally pick up my books are usually far straightforward whodunits and mysteries But part of reading is expanding your comfort zone trying new things In this case it was fun to try something new

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    The Evolution of Insanity is a collection of tales stories and fables about a variety of beings Imagine for a moment you are able to stop and listen see witness and understand a segment of the lives of a collection of beings Gods godlike god hating and god wannabes the dead the living the fictional the alien male female the young and the oldStories that would have you believe that Santa was killed tongue in cheek stories stories intermingled with intellectual descriptions of body functions of the human despair and condition Stories like the one about a long suffering psychiatrist finding his emotional wastebasket Adam and Eve personas Herman of whom we all know one of the passing of the torch of thoughts and observation as depicted in London in the Mind Stories that enlighten us about the complexities of the interrelationships between the opposite sexes Haresh Daswani is a complex writer who writes with intellectual wit and philosophy interlaced with humor “We are all insane who hide in rooms further making us insane”A great read

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    True curiosity comes forth in further pursuit of understanding and knowledge Go ahead take the first sipThe above line written by Daswani himself from the short story Kripaal offers a great teaser to the consciously written prose Evolution of Insanity In his book Daswani offers a compilation of short stories though essay format writings and often times ramblings of a writer that took painstaking care to use his words to interpret rather sculpt an intricate description of struggle life God and many other concepts This is definitely not light reading and one can find themselves and they should contemplating the meaning behind motivation behind and thought process behind each tale There is very little material that offers up what this book delivers From a writer's lament to philosophical conversations Evolution of Insanity is brimming with thought provoking ideas philosophical insights and strong prose Go ahead take the first sip and read this book

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    To read Evolution of Insanity is to admit that the world is not perfect to learn to adapt to the reality of the world and to see just where your own behaviour could be construed as insane or even offensive to someone with a perspective necessarily different from your ownI thought Evolution of Insanity would be a novel or at least a set of linked stories with an overall arc but it seems to be a collection of the Haresh Daswani's storeis essays and poems While there is no story link the individual entries are linked by Daswani's wry humour and razor sharp observationsThe entries in the book include short stories some very short absurdist observations of the vagaries of everyday life; observations on social trends; essays on religion life and people; and even a few poemsI have to admit I was put off at first by the large number of grammatical punctuation and typographical errors But these are than offset by the humour and underlying honesty of the work That's what I mean by accepting imperfection there is much to enjoy in this book I found myself smiling even laughing several times; but often I found myself recognizing the characters as people I had met in my own lifeSome of it is absurd sure But it's all grounded in Daswani's ability to see what people are really doing and analyzing so accurately the often twisted thought process behind those actions Ultimately it makes us uestion how logical or straightforward our own thought processes and actions are Do I do those things? Do I stare at inanimate objects for inspiration while writing about something completely different like the author in the first vignette?Grammatical problems aside Daswani's book is enjoyable and interesting You cannot stop reading it once you stop So maybe the best description is subversive and addictive No It's a positive force in the world Just buy it read it and let the rest of the world know what you think

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    Haresh’s novel combines narrative styles as short passages to uncover the center of madness His work shifts from the poetry of T S Eliot Cervantes Joanne Greenberg and Willkie Collins A vast and impressive number of arrows in Daswani's uiver lead the narrative The reader shifts from reading as a careful annotator to racing through popular fictionThe writing is literary meaty and puts a blanket over you to read on to the finish Bravo and six stars out of five for Haresh Daswani’s Evolution of InsanityYou ask me how can a novel walk through The Waste Land read as Fast as I never Promised You a Rose Garden and have the mourning ache of The Woman in White? It is here I highly recommend you read it and the answer is in The Evolution of InsanityWhen Cervantes set out to draw Don uixote did he fall in love with his breath? I'm smitten