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Loyalty Is The Deadliest Sin AdrianaEvery Devil Doesn T Always Get His DueI Survived A Fate Worse Than Death, And The Only Thing My Family S Traitor Got Was My BirthrightI Used To Rule An Empire Brody Harcourt Made Me A PariahNow, I M Back For Than Revenge I M Here To Reclaim And Ruin All I Want To Do Is Build Him Up Just To Watch Him Fall But Sometimes, Things Don T Go As Planned He S The Enemy, The One Man I Can Never Fall ForAnd The Only One I DoBrodyEventually, Everyone S True Colors ShowI Swore To Uphold An Oath Then Sold My Soul To The Darkness I Fought So Hard To DestroyI Used To Put Criminals Behind Bars Adriana Carrera Turned Me Into OneI No Longer Ask For Permission, And I Care Nothing About Forgiveness I Ll Protect What S Mine By Beating Her At Her Own Game She Should Know I Take What I Want A Year Ago, I Took The Queen S CrownNow I Want The QueenDrawn Blue Lines Is The Final Book In The Carrera Cartel Trilogy While It S A Standalone Novel, For Maximum Enjoyment And To Avoid Spoilers, Reading The Series In Order Is Suggested

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    Anyone that knows me knows that I have been struggling lately with a major reading slump In fact, I haven t picked up a book in two weeks However, I have been waiting for this book like a kid waiting for Santa, I love Cora s writing I love this series, and frankly, as readers and reviewers we need to support author s like Miz Kenborn that are both talented AND know how to act professional This industry is imploding because too many readers are settling for mediocrity and allowing author s to get away with shady and unprofessional behavior OKoff my soapbox and onto the review I could gush forever about this book I legit loved every minute of it Fantastic writing Well paced Engaging plot Smokin sex scenes No OW or OM drama Some super hilarious one liners Excellent banter between Brody and Adriana There weren t too many secondary characters, but we get to see the couple s from previous books a little However, there was one that stole the show for me I won t name names, but COME TO MAMA Both Adrianna and Brody were fantastic main characters I already mentioned the banter between these two, but the sexual chemistry melted my tablet I am sending you a bill Miz Cora I loved that Adrianna was a strong lead, feisty, but without coming across like a psycho Which honestly is a fine line to skate Last, it was all wrapped up in a good happy for now.So ya I loved it I recommend it anything by this author And I hope you enjoy it as much as I did


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    Talk about saving the best for last Now I loved Val and lusted for Mateo but Brody set my soul, and other things , ablaze.Ever wonder what happens when a tornado and a volcano collide Well you get Drawn Blue Lines I mean I was left awestruck and utterly speechless reading these two Former ADA, and current Mexican Cartel lieutenant, Brody Harcourt is sexy, deadly, and way than meets the eye Former rival Cartel queen Adrianna Carrera is a smart and sassy femme fatale clawing her way back from rock bottom Val and Eden were smoking hot, Mateo and Leighton were a five alarm blaze, but Brody and Adrianna are a volcano eruption.Cora Kenborn has broken the mold and set a new standard for what Mafia Romance is Drawn Blue Lines is mucho caliente to the 100th degree What a great way to end an explosive series Five stars aren t even enough This is definitely one of my top 5 reads of the year 2019Top5MustRead

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    Have you ever been so engaged with a story that you FEEL everything that the characters feel THAT is exactly what happens when I open up a story from Cora Kenborn, She pulls you into all the turmoil and angst and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end And what a bittersweet end to the Carrera Cartel Series, but I have a feeling it s not the last we see of Val, Matteo, Brody and Adriana Adriana and Brody have a toxic relationship to say the least but what they both don t realize is that love happens when you least expect it to with the person you least expect it with The plot twists and turn had my head spinning trying to figure out who did what and who knows what and WHO IS WHOM I think this has to be my favorite Carrera book because it ends where it all began and EVERYTHING came full circle and things ended up the way things were meant to be ABSOLUTLEY LOVED this series and I am sad to see it end but as I stated before I have a feeling we will be seeing of the Carrera family in the future I CAN hope Cora Kenborn to you and your brilliant writing

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    This book literally kept me up at night reading So stoked to have finally gotten my hands on the final Carrera Cartel book in the series of standalones Having caught glimpses of the characters, Adriana aka Marisol and Brody, in previous books I already knew these two were stubbornly set in their ways which made me all the excited to finally see exactly how many fires they d be setting ablaze Drawn Blue Lines did not let me down There were so many intriguing revelations and crazy explosive plot twists that it had me thinking just one chapter then I ll think about sleep But holy moly it s the tension between the counselor and his princess that kept me fanning myself and thinking Ay, Dios m o These two are sizzling together and just need to give in to what they both need I definitely don t want to give away any plot line details because this book needs to be read going in blind The build up of everything coming together is what will have you thinking you know but trust me you have no idea I totally recommend this suspenseful read to all romance readers and believe me when I say it s caliente hot

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    The Queen of dark romance has outdone herself Adriana and Brody s masterfully written journey is filled with plenty of darkness and grit, condescending yet teasing banter and sinfully arousing heat Literally Sinfully arousing and delectable deliciousness Did you get that These two will make your Kindles combust into flames The suspense and shocking twists will indeed catch the readers off guard Readers won t be able to help themselves as they become entangled into the web woven by these two They ll grab hold of you and drag you down into the depths of their Mafia Underworld This entire series, starting with book one, Blurred Red Lines, followed by book two, Faded Gray Lines and ending with this impressive and explosive conclusion, Drawn Blue Lines, are all truly epic works of art and shows just what makes this author the Queen of all things dark mafia and enemies to lovers genres of romance.

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    Brody and Adriana give new meaning to the phrase they deserve each other I love a heroine who isn t strong or sassy but will straight up cut you Adriana is a cartel princess and she is not about to put up with Brody s All American smarm Yep, I said it He s smarmy Two people who d gladly kill each other have to work together instead Chaos ensues they can t keep their hands off each other or themselves, as the case may be and mafia stuff goes down There are some sexy laughs and gasps , but also ruthless bad guys, kidnapping, mayhem, and murder And at least one of them isn t showing all their cards

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    Drawn Blue Lines is the final book in the Carrera Cartel Trilogy And let me tell you it s an amazing end to the trilogy Brody and Adriana s story is explosive and they are a great match Cora has out done herself with this story Adriana comes in like a wrecking ball to Brody s life Now mind you Brody is no push over He comes back swinging just as hard at Adriana This story has a lot of twists and turns, but that s one of Cora s specialties You never see the end coming She keeps you on your toes through the whole story I absolutely love Brody and Adriana Now mind you Niko and Ava Darkest Deeds is the favorite couple Brody and Adriana almost took the top spot

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    Adriana Carrera aka Marisol Mu ez s life is one big complication Raised by a monster she thought she was the daughter of the former slain cartel King She wants to seek vengeance for her real family for the lies, decent and betrayal that was bestowed upon her Brody Harcourt is the way to get that revengea pawn so to speak Brody is a former DA and now the second lieutenant of the Carrera Cartel Revenge, blackmail, deception lies, is what you get in this romantic mafia suspense Adriana and Brody are twisted yet the perfect mix of hate love Their push and pull together can spark a fire This is the third book in the series but can be read as a stand alone, however I feel it would be helpful to read the first two books in order to understand some of the other characters backstory Get ready to enter the carrera cartel world Told in dual POV

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    Brody and Adrianna are EXPLOSIVE Holy Crap You need to have your fan on high while reading this book Drawn Blue lines is the final book in the Carrera Cartel Trilogy and holy hell, Kenborn saved the best for last If you are looking for a story of two characters who are just completely broken, this is the book for you This is part of a trilogy but you can read it as a standalone though just read all of them, trust me, they are fantastic.Adrianna is lost Everything that she thought she knew is a lie, and she is going after the one who made everything crumble around her, Brody Harcourt I m not gonna lie, I have a hard core crush on Adrianna She is EVERYTHING that I love about a heroine She is strong and not afraid to go after what she wants, she makes no excuses for who she is and man, when she loves, she loves DEEP The growth of her character throughout this entire book is amazing She is ready to take what she is owed and what has been stolen from her, and she isn t afraid to play dirty Now Brody OHH Boy I didn t know that he had all that bad boy alpha in him from the previous books Brody is broken, he feels that he has let all the women in his life down and he doesn t know how to redeem himself, or if he even wants too Adrianna comes strutting back into his life, and he just can t resist her, but he is going to play by his own rules Brody is SMOKING hot I LOVED his character as well To watch him go from just basically giving up and making stupid choices, to finding who he is again with Adrianna, and learning to live again was amazing and I loved every step of it Brody and Adrianna together are a fierce couple I love how they were made for each other, and how together, they were able to pull themselves through all the crap in their pasts and move on together with lots of hot scenes as well I am sad to see this series come to a close, however, I think I caught some teasing by the author on a possible new series I can t wait to get my hands on that The plot was great, moved forward well, and makes it hard to put the book down The writing is fantastic though, with Cora Kenborn, I know it will be , Character development is fantastic While reading, I can feel their pain and the struggles that they went through in order to come out on top I HIGHLY recommend Drawn Blue Lines as well as the series and really ANY book by Cora Kenborn.

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    I have been waiting for this book to come out for awhile Now I have read the first two in these series and will state that Drawn Blue Lines is a stand alone book I do suggest that you read the other two books later on as they too are outstanding Now back to Drawn Blue Lines Cora Kenborn has baffled me yet again Her style of writing just gets better and better.I devoured this phenomenal book the day it landed in my kindle I had to stop and think about how to tell all of you about this book.This is one of those books that will stay with you for many days after you are finished reading It grabs you by the heart and just won t let go Cora Kenborn is magical as she is able to get the reader s attention with the opening sentence, run the gauntlet of emotions, before stunning us so completely that we struggle for words when the last page is turned Adriana and Brody are dynamic characters Their journey is filled with lies, secrets, discovery, darkness and hot steamy times Down this road they must learn to trust and overcome what life throws at them I am not going to give any details of this book away, because I want everyone to go in blind and get the full impact of the story I will say that this book is incredibly well written, has amazing character development, a fully developed storyline A perfect ending for an epic series.