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SFX Magazine Review Don T Panic Works As A Lean And Focused Adam S Biography As Well As A Complete Fanboy S Trawl Through The History Of The FranchiseThe New York Timesbestselling Authors Hilarious Idiosyncratic Delightful And Definitive Companion To A Global Phenomenon Publishers Weekly Douglas Adamss Six Part Trilogy, The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Grew From A Blip Of A Notion Into An Ever Expanding Multimedia Universe That Amassed An Unprecedented Cult Of Followers And Became An International Sensation As A Young Journalist, Neil Gaiman Was Given Complete Access To Adamss Life, Times, Gossip, Unpublished Outtakes, And Files And Became Privy To His Writing Process, Insecurities, Disillusionments, Challenges, And Triumphs The Resulting Volume Illuminates The Unique, Funny, Dramatic, And Improbable Chronicle Of An Idea, An Incredibly Tall Man, And A Mind Boggling Success Story In Dont Panic, Gaiman Celebrates Everything Hitchhiker The Original Radio Play, The Books, Comics, Video And Computer Games, Films, Television Series, Record Albums, Stage Musicals, One Man Shows, The Great One Himself, And Towels And As Douglas Adams Himself Attested Its All Absolutely Devastatingly Trueexcept The Bits That Are Lies Updated Several Times In The Thirty Years Since Its Original Publication, Dont Panic Is Available For The First Time In Digital Form Part Biography, Part Tell All Parody, Part Pop Culture History, Part Guide To A Guide, Dont Panic Deserves As Much Cult Success As The Hitchhikers Books Themselves Time Out

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    Also das Zeug, was Sammler und, so hei t es w rtlich, Verehrer ber eine Pers nlichkeit zusammentragen.Don t Panic ist der freundliche Klappentext des Hitch Hiker s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams der traurigerweise viel zu fr h verstorbene Autor Neil Gaiman schreibt ber beide und beides ber den Guide, das f nfb ndige Hauptwerk, und ber Adams, den liebenswert chaotischen Geek, der bei der Urform, dem BBC H rspiel, im Studio die letzten Zeile schrieb, w hrend hinter der Glasscheibe die Sprecher schon aufnahmen.Ein Mu f r alle Freunde des Werks, Standardwerk aller Abonnenten von a.f.d a ach ja, und schaut euch den Film nicht an.

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    It s not anyone s fault that I didn t enjoy this book any than I did it s actually to the credit of Mr Gaiman and everyone else involved that I enjoyed it even this much You see, I don t like non fiction and, as a general rule, don t read it For me, non fiction gets way too bogged down in facts and too quickly forgets what makes anything worth reading in the first place ie a narrative thread to hang onto and someone relatable to root for Biographies, of which Don t Panic is sort of one, gives you the second part, the someone to root for, but too often gets lost on the path to it s narrative thread by having to stick to the chronological facts exactly as they happened I gave Don t Panic a try, however, because A it s written about The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy, one of my favorite books and book series and B it s written by Neil Gaiman, a certified genius and one of my favorite writers If Gaiman couldn t find a way to make the story of one of my all time favorite stories interesting, then such a thing just wasn t possible.Apparently, it s not possible Mr Gaiman does his absolute best here, letting his own sense of humor run free against the landscape Douglas Adams created and he drops in all sorts of deleted bits of Hitchhiker s dialogue amidst the quotes from friends and collegues, but it seems here that Gaiman is so dedicated to giving Adams story and the stories he wrote it s due, that he forgets, or perhaps doesn t feel he has permission to, delete the parts that are just too dry read boring to keep the narrative interesting Because make no mistake, this book includes EVERYTHING that has ever happened in the world of making The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy one of the best and funniest radio shows books video games movies, etcetera and soforth and so on in the history of the known universe, and while you will learn much about the vagaries of Adams world famous procrastination and the corporate ins and outs of the BBC and Hollywood, you will also find yourself nodding off in points, or if not nodding off, certainly wishing the current chapter would come to an end and that the next chapter would be about something completely different Mr Gaiman has a deep love and appreciation of Douglas Adams and his work and if you share that love to the same extent, you will find much to enjoy in this book However, as someone who was mainly interested in the rocky road of the Hitchhiker s Guide with a bit of Dr Who and Dirk Gently tossed in for good measure, there s an awful lot about conservation specials and climbing Mount Kilamanjaro in a Rhinocerous suit that was set way beyond my interest level Don t get me wrong, Mr Gaiman has probably written as good and entertaining a book about Douglas Adams as you could possibly want or expect, but the chapters devoted to projects outside the ones the title led me to expect grind the whole thing down to a screeching halt This is a book for the truly serious Douglas Adams afficianado the merely curious should find their entertainment and their towels elsewhere.

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    I read the Hitchhiker and all its sequels many years ago As a result, the details are long gone from my memory Gaiman writes to the reader who has memorizes and retained every possible detail involved So, I was bored or lost much of the time I did enjoy reading about Douglas Adams.

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    If you have ever stood in a field staring up at the myriad stars in the night sky and wondering just how it came to be that the humanoid life form known as Douglas Adams managed to dream up such infinitely improbable adventures, or if you have ever stood in front of a vending machine that has just provided you with a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea, then in all likelihood you will enjoy this book.Neil Gaiman has taken time off writing his own fantastic adventures to share with us his research into the life and times of Douglas Adams I for one am very glad that he did as the story he so masterfully unfolds is both sympathetic and enlightening Gaiman manages to shed not a little light on Adams creative process and life, from the rigors and panics of his early days of script writing for Doctor Who then the Hitchhiker s radio series all the way through to the very end of his career Gaiman does a marvelous job of not only telling the tale but also revealing something of the man who said, I love deadlines I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by Adams was a unique writer and a comic creator of genius He died all too young, but this book is a great tribute to a life fully lived and to a very human humanoid.

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    Neil Gaiman s Don t Panic succeeds in so far as the author manages to capture the humor of the late Douglas Adams It lacks depth as a biography but than blankets the various aspects and versions of the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy H2 G2 as well as the five book trilogy It is correctly described in one of the other reviews as the hyperextended bonus feature that was too long to include on any of the CDs or DVD versions of the radio broadcasts, televisions shows and unfortunately the Disney movie.If you have come looking for this book and have read this far my assumption is you are a Douglas Adams fan H2 G2, Dirk Gently or possibly Dr Who fans constitute the target readership for this book Granted Douglas Adams had a very slight association with the Monty Python s crew of common friendships than creative participation but none of this qualifies Don t Panic for a general audience.That portion of the book that is about Douglas Adams is clearly intended as a friends and family type biography That is, one that is affectionate than analytical or critical A very large portion of the discussion of Adams the writer centers around his inability to meet any deadlines which is nothing new for people who know about Adams s history Daiman does do a decent job of explaining Adamns and missed deadlines by providing the additional context of Adams too often self inflicted complex life.Gaiman succeeds as an apologist for Douglas Adams and is someone who can speak in a voice very much like Douglas Adams I have read as much of Adams published works as are available in America I own and enjoy the original radio series and the original television series of H2 G2 So I was interested to get to read about the intimate background on most of what occurred in the making of to include electronic games and live performances.My conclusion is that this is a fan s book There may be some other audiences such as those who collect biographies of writers or who wish to know about the creative production process in any of several media The ironic humorous tone makes for easy reading but one can get somewhat bogged down in details.