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Devil Inside is an original, exciting, fast paced and sexy paranormal read that has your blood pumping from start to finish A definite must for any fans of the genre Harley is a young woman with a zest for life Especially with what she holds within from her past She s a strong, beautiful woman that has a knack for picking up hot guys Don t get me wrong, she s not a hooch or anything She s just a lucky gal After her and her best friend are brutally attacked one evening Harley s life as she knows it changes She finds out some unbelievablethings and has her eyes opened to a whole new world A world that sure knows how to keep her on her toes There s a very interesting touch of a love triangle within that kept me VERY interested I loved all of the characters, even the baddies I look forward to the next book of the series I received this book from the LOP group and author Brandy Isaacs I was intrigued by this story the moment that I read the blurb for it, but at the same time, I was thinking it may be another story similar to Twilight I had just read a book that reminded me a whole lot of Twilight and although I like that story, I don t want to feel like I m reading the exact same thing with different character names Anyway, I was completely wrong This book has creatures that you would consider to be vampires, they sure act like it anyway Sleeping during the day and drinking blood being a couple of their means of survival However, there are also some counterparts to the Nocte the vampire like beings They are called the Lux The Nocte and the Lux share a common goal, to rid the world of Ignis See, the Nocte and Lux are the good guys, the Ignisnot so much At the beginning, it appears to be just your normal New Adult type of story A girl is in a club having drinks with her best friend They both have their eyes set on a couple of guys One girl has enough liquid courage to talk to the guy she s been checking out They go to his place for what she thinks is going to be for one night and she will never see him again And then things start to spiral and BAM Next thing you know, she s a supernatural creature who has a pretty darn important job to do that includes saving a bunch of lives Paranormal fans should grab this one, it s worth it The devil inside is a fast paced paranormal book that is both original and exciting It took me a bit to get into the book though I did like the characters though i wasnt sure how i felt about the main character at first But in all it was a good book and i would recommend it. There s a rash of vampire books that make little or no attempt to explore some of the basic moral issues that you d imagine they d face when surrendering their souls and killing people Devil Inside as the title suggests does not duck the issue of good v evil So although there is a superficial similarity to the commonplace moody vampire stories out there, this novel attempts to go deeper Certainly there is the familiar no nonsense, kick butting heroine and there s plenty of sex too but it is the violence that challenges the thoughtful reader Often these scenes are just exciting Good v Evil occasions but frequently they make for uncomfortable reading when life even evil life is snuffed out and the feelings of empathy for the central character are challenged.Is this intentional I think so The author is showing that life isn t black and white there s a large area of grey Is there a devil inside us all and who decides when the ends justify the means The central character is an individual with a damaged past and her moral decisions are not always right My empathy for the central character fluctuated usually I felt for her but often found her callous and animalistic and I m sure that s the point.The storyline featured a convincing backdrop of mysterious organisations which gave some depth and meaning to the conflict Harley becomes a key player in Without providing any spoilers, I think I would have preferred the revelations about the religious organisation to have come slightly sooner and perhaps be detailed I think this would have helped with pace but that said, at no time did my interest flag or fail The author can describe action scenes well, the sex scenes are not cringe worthy and the dialogue is realistic In short it is an entertaining book for those who just want action and has the merit of being thought provoking for those wanting something a little complex. For Every Light There Is A Dark Harley Finn Had Never Had An Easy Life Despite Having A Difficult Childhood, She Has Worked Hard To Create A Safe And Comfortable Life For Herself Harley Does Her Best To Enjoy Her Simple, Mundane Life But After A Random Hook Up Her Life Will Never Be The SameAt First Levi Bonham Seems Like The Ideal, No Strings Attached Kind Of Guy, But Harley Soon Realizes That He Is As Dangerous As He Is Enticing Harley S Connection To Levi Leads To Disastrous Consequences Suddenly, Harley Finds Herself Plunged Into A World Plagued By Creatures That Prey On Human Suffering And Misery Reeling From Tragedy, Harley Must Confront Her Own Demons To Save Herself And Those She Loves The Most Her Desire For Revenge Collides With A Centuries Old War Waged At Humanity S Expense Harley Must Decide If She Is Willing To Put Aside Her Vendetta And Risk Her Own Humanity For The Sake Of MankindCurrently Available On E Book I m not a paranormal, sensitive, sexy vampire aficionado This does lean towards that vein I don t sympathize with the heroine here in Devil Inside.Getting all that out of the way this was an above average version of what s standard fare with vampire lore these days a strong woman who kicks butt against the creatures of the night As I said above average It didn t give me the shocks or jolts I was hoping for, but it didn t bore me either It could be I ve become jaded with horror and especially vampires The descriptions of the action and motivations were well thought out and executed If you like the Twilights, watch Vampire Diaries and True Blood you ll like Devil Inside. Devil Inside is a vampire story with a difference In some ways it follows the modern trend for lots of sex, but it does at least keep the violence in there as well The vampire legend is a little different in this story and works well in the world that it creates.The main downer for me was the main character, I found her hard to empathise with, but she did do what was needed to keep the story going In many ways she felt shallow and not enough was done with the duality of her condition Still the story works well for the most part and the writing itself is pretty good.Overall it s an entertaining book and if you enjoy your vampires then this is well worth a read.