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Design As Politics Confronts The Inadequacy Of Contemporary Politics To Deal With Unsustainability Current Solutions To Unsustainability Are Analysed As Utterly Insufficient For Dealing With The Problems But, Further Than This, The Book Questions The Very Ability Of Democracy To Deliver A Sustainable Future Design As Politics Argues That Finding Solutions To This Problem, Of Which Climate Change Is Only One Part, Demands Original And Radical Thinking Rather Than Reverting To Failed Political Ideologies, The Book Proposes A Post Democratic Politics In This, Design Occupies A Major Role, Not As It Is But As It Could Be If Transformed Into A Powerful Agent Of Change, A Force To Create And Extend Freedom The Book Does No Less Than Position Design As A Vital Form Of Political ActionTony Fry Is A Director Of The Sustainment Consultancy Team D E S And Adjunct Professor Of Design, Griffith University, Queensland College Of Art He Has Taught And Lectured Internationally And Is Author Of Remakings Ecology, Design, Philosophy, A New Design Philosophy An Introduction To Defuturing And Design Futuring Sustainability, Ethics And New Practice Berg