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Park Ranger Anna Pigeon Stumbles Upon A Gruesome Murder With Frightening Racial Overtones In The Latest Installment Of This Bestselling SeriesIn Deep South, Anna Travels Cross Country To Mississippi, Only To Encounter Terrible Secrets In The Heart Of The SouthThe Handwritten Sign On The Tree Said It All Repent For Anna, This Should Have Been Reason Enough To Turn Back For Her Beloved Mesa Verde Instead She Heads For The Natchez Trace Parkway And The Promotion That Awaits Her Almost Immediately, She Finds Herself In The Midst Of Controversy As The New District Ranger, She Faces Resentment So Extreme Her Ability To Do Her Job May Be Compromised, And Her Life May Very Well Be In Danger But All Thoughts Of Personal Safety Are Set Aside With The Discovery Of A Young Girl S Body In A Country Cemetery, A Sheet Around Her Head, A Noose Around Her NeckThe Kudzu Is Thick And Green, The Woods Dark And Full Of Secrets And The Ghosts Of Violence Hover As Anna Struggles For Answers To Questions That, Perhaps, Should Never Be Asked

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    Deep South is the 8th book in the Anna Pigeon mystery series by Nevada Barr I have read 10 or so books in the series and I have to say this is one of the better ones.Anna Pigeon is a Park Ranger for the US National Park Service Each story highlights a different national park around the US In this story, Anna decides to bite the bullet and apply for a promotion and gets the job as District Ranger on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi With some trepidation she moves to this new job it being a new area for her and she feeling somewhat nervous about becoming a boss and dealing with the the administrative aspect of the job and of having to lead Rangers instead of just being one.She gets off to a somewhat rocky start as her two subordinates feel some resentment in being bossed by a woman and leave her to her own devices in the first two incidents Anna gets involved in a ruckus at the campground where she is housed, two cars of teenagers causing problems with the campers During this Anna discovers a young girl, drunk an abandoned It turns out another girl is missing and she is found later, nearby and unfortunately, murdered The body has been covered by a white hood with eye holes cut out and a noose placed around her neck During the upcoming investigation, Anna and her two rangers and the local sheriff must keep racial implications in the back of the mind.In its way, it s one of the straight forward mysteries of this series As incident after incident crops up, Anna deals with it and continues with the investigation She is threatened by an alligator maybe left at her place on purpose , she deals with feelings for this new sheriff, she deals with the obstructionism of her deputy rangers and all the time she learns of her new district and continues to investigate.It s an excellent mystery, lots of tension and sufficient action to satisfy you Anna must deal with being somewhat of a stranger in a strange land, being a woman, white and a Northerner in this area of the US The story works on many levels My one minor complaint is that I find it somewhat difficult to believe that she would gain such familiarity with the areas so quickly, since she only just arrived there But it s a minor complaint as the story is totally engrossing And, you ll understand this when you read it Give you doggie a hug Excellent story 4 stars

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    At the beginning of this series I though detective Anna Pigeon showed a lot of potential for depth and personal growth along with the adventures at various National Parks Now I m not so sure I liked the interactions with her new colleagues and how she had to establish herself in her new position I thought the detective work was pathetic with lots of holes in the process of uncovering the mystery Mostly I am really tired of the inevitable scene where Anna fends off incredible injuries and pain to somehow manage to continue on to catch the bad guy Again Oh, and she can function just fine on 2 minutes of sleep per night Riiiiight.

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    This was an interesting and pleasant read, the first of Barr s novels that I ve read Some of the characters didn t ring true purported teens using Princess Di and Kurt Russell as frames of reference, for example Still, I enjoyed the focus on the outdoors and Nat l Park Service processes and procedures, for a change from other mystery novel authors dominating the marketplace.

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    Gosh, another very tough read With Anna being as weird and depressed and the author expressing the horribleness of things we can not change, this book totally depressed me It is not that it is a bad book, quite the opposite It is another murder solved in a very observational and still quite unlikely way Once again nature is the main hero, but this time loneliness and hate permeate the book and it just made me sad Rangers have very little as a leverage, apparently, when it comes to investigating murder I am not sure how to rate it I would go with 3.5 , but this whole series is not for those who prefer light reading or humor with their mysteries And I would still cut it down with about 1 4th observation is good, but it can get just tedious at times.

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    Chalk up another exciting and informative episode in the life of Anna Pigeon Anna has been promoted and now is head ranger at the Natchez Trace Parkway, a National Scenic Byway Again, I learned about another part of our National Park System Not only does Anna have to adjust to the culture and the vernacular of Mississippi, she is supervising two male Rangers and must prove that a woman can do the job I ve said it before, but I ll say it again, Barbara Rosenblat does such a great job as narrator.

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    Natchez Trace ParkwayNice to have an escape from the news of the day I enjoyed the audio version I didn t even speed the audio up

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    A new park experience for Anna and the reader Anna has now received a promotion and is on the Natchez Trace in Mississippi It was kind of fun to see how out of her element Anna was here and she was learning about a new park and new culture I liked the story but this whole book seemed slow moving and slow reading for me Good ending.

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    In Deep South, Anna Pigeon has just accepted a promotion as District Ranger for the Port Gibson District of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi As it turns out, she s the first female district ranger in this area and that doesn t go over very well with some of the locals, or some of her staff for that matter However, Anna s not only dealing with sexist bigots, she s dealing with racist bigots as well not to mention a murder, a suicide and a handful of truly frightening situations.Anna s nightmare begins when she discovers one teenage girl drunk in an abandoned cemetery and another dead some distance away with a KKK type hood and noose tied over her head Local sheriff Paul Davidson helps Anna sort through the scant evidence and the likeliest suspects he also assists with some other strange but seemingly separate events.I love this series Nevada Barr excels at creating an atmospheric mystery, a variety of believable suspects, and a tough yet vulnerable heroine My heart did lurch a couple of times in this book and I teared up as well I ve encountered my fair share of despicable characters, but Randy Thigpen is definitely near the top of that list I suspect that there are than a few real life Randy s out there and I just hope there are than a few real life Anna Pigeon s to even things out And maybe a few Paul s, for good measure Love Piedmont and Taco .

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    Good book Liked the ending Not who I thought did it.

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    I always anticipate an Anna Pigeon novel with a bit of dread, because they tend to be graphic and intense however, once I start reading, I get completely sucked in and just can t stop.Set along the Natchez Trace Parkway, Deep South is an engaging read and captures the dense lushness of the Southern landscape Though it contains a bit about the Civil War, featuring Civil War re enactment buffs, this story doesn t educate the reader as much about that particular national park or the area s history to the extent Barr s previous Pigeon novels do.That said, it was a satisfying read, and I hope to see some true emotional progress development in angst ridden Anna as the stories progress There was a glimmer