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The Thrilling New Novel In The New York Times Bestselling Series In Southeast Minnesota, Down On The Mississippi, A School Board Meeting Is Coming To An End The Board Chairman Announces That The Rest Of The Meeting Will Be Closed, Due To Personnel Issues Issues Is Correct The Proposal Up For A Vote Before Them Is Whether To Authorize The Killing Of A Local Reporter The Vote Is Four To One In FavorMeanwhile, Not Far Away, Virgil Flowers Is Helping Out A Friend By Looking Into A Dognapping, Which Seems To Be Turning Into Something Much Bigger And Uglier A Team Of Dognappers Supplying Medical Labs When He Gets A Call From Lucas Davenport A Murdered Body Has Been Found And The Victim Is A Local Reporter

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    Anybody who ever served on a school board and had to listen to people complain about the curriculum or the budget or what the cafeteria served could probably relate to this book in which a small town board votes to start murdering people That s one way to keep parents from whining about their kid s grade point average.Minnesota state cop Virgil Flowers has come to a rural community at the request of his old fishing buddy Johnson Johnson to look into someone who has been stealing dogs to sell to research labs As he tries to track down the missing pooches a local newspaper reporter is murdered, and Virgil finds clues that it s linked to a massive embezzlement scheme by the local school board Virgil s investigation riles the board and soon bodies are dropping as they attempt to cover up their scam.This is a prime example of what Sandford does well He cooks up an interesting criminal scheme, lets us see what the bad guys are up too, introduces one of his main characters, and then the game begins While the stakes are deadly serious there s also plenty of humor along the way with cop thugs Shrake and Jenkins making an appearance to back Virgil up and give him a lot of grief in the process As a longtime fan of the Lucas Davenport series I continue to appreciate the way that Sandford contrasts Virgil as being the laid back and the softer of the two who is concerned with right and wrong Yet Virgil also has a sly way of flouting the rules that infuriates many which is why he is generally referred to as that fuckin Flowers , and he s than capable of pulling some sneaky moves to get things rolling his way.The school board scheme is a great hook to hang a story like this on, and Sandford does a nice job of laying out how a small town criminal conspiracy like that would work as well as the carnage that could happen once things start going sideways The subplot with the missing dogs is also a good one with Virgil having to try and keep angry owners from going vigilante.The books Sandford puts out, the impressed I am at his ability to deliver entertaining thrillers that keep the elements fans like while still providing enough fresh ideas to prevent them from becoming formulaic and stale.Also posted at Kemper s Book Blog.

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    You don t need to have read any of Sandford s Prey series, featuring Minnesota cop Lucas Davenport, to enjoy these offshoot books, but it does help to get a full picture of Virgil Flowers if you have He can come across as lazy he d rather fish than do just about anything else but on the other hand he s pretty relentless when he gets his teeth into a case He s also likely to have left his gun in his truck just when he needs it most But most of all, Virgil is a collaborator he s inclined to use his gut feel to test whether he trusts someone and if they pass the test then they re likely to become part of the team In many cases these people are not law enforcement officers in fact, far from it, often they are just random people he meets whilst he s investigating cases They trust him and he trusts them They like him and start to share information and then actively participate in helping to solve the case All in all, it s a different, subtler approach to that taken by his boss, Davenport.In this episode, Virgil s downtime is interrupted by a friend who is seeking his help to track down some kidnapped dogs Virgil works in the outlying areas of the state but this is the sort of Hillbilly problem that really shouldn t be taking up his time But it s his friend However, it isn t long before the search for the murderer of a reporter shot and left in a ditch is taking up of Virgil s time He soon finds out that the reporter was about to break a big story concerning a crooked school board Sandford tends to allow you to see both sides of the coin whist you watch the cops chasing the crooks you re also on the inside with the crooks as they attempt to wriggle and evade detection and capture It makes for a fascinating and often amusing double view As the net starts to close the efforts to avoid arrest become ever desperate Its very well done and hugely entertaining I m a huge fan of John Sandford s books He s managed to differentiate the Davenport and Virgil series sufficiently, so that you can appreciate the synergies but enjoy the individuality of the two men I m probably always going to be a Davenport man, but Flowers is beginning to breathe quite heavily down his neck.

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    This is another hugely entertaining entry in John Sandford s series featuring Virgil Flowers of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Virgil most often deals with crimes committed in the state s rural areas and usually arrives towing his boat behind his truck, just in case time allows for a little fishing.The book opens when Vigil is awakened in the middle of the night by a frantic call from his friend, Johnson Johnnson Johnson s father named his sons after outboard motors, and Evinrude was already taken Someone is kidnapping valuable dogs in Johnson s hometown of Trippton in Buchanan County, and the townspeople are in an uproar So Johnson convinces Virgil to come take a look into the matter.Just as Virgil arrives, the Buchanan County Consolidated School Board finishes it s public business for the evening and goes into executive session to discuss a personnel matter Once the school security officer ensures that the building is clear, the Board commences its discussion which centers on the question of whether or not they should kill a reporter who s been poking his nose into matters that the Board would rather not be made public After a minimal amount of discussion, the members vote unanimously to instruct the school security officer to shoot the reporter while he s out for his nightly run Meeting adjourned.When the reporter s body is discovered, Virgil suddenly has a second investigation to conduct The rest of the book details Virgil s efforts to solve the crimes and time is of the essence as animals are dognapped and bodies pile up The plot moves swiftly and, as always, Sandford has created a great cast of characters At times the book is laugh out loud funny and, as a person who has attended way than his fair share of school board meetings, I loved watching Virgil pit his skills against the members of the Buchanan County School Board.The action builds to a great climax and this book is sure to appeal to the fans of That F n Flowers and to anyone who enjoys a crime story that is very well told I can hardly wait for the next one.

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    If you like detective stories with quirky characters, flights of humor, and a focus on the travails and suspense of solving a case where you already know who the perpetrators are, this could be a book for you Virgil Flowers of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is so wholesome and lovable, I just want to spend time with him He loves fishing above all activities and makes a fetish of wearing t shirts with odd band names on them Unlike most detective heroes these days, he is not an alcoholic or twisted by a dark past Like Peter Falk his best skill is in drawing suspects out in conversation His routine fault is forgetting to take his gun with him.In this story 8th in the series he comes to a remote rural small town to help an old friend Johnson Johnson named after the boat motor company is brother is Mercury who now owns a lumber mill There is a problem of pervasive dognapping To these country folk it s like having family members abducted When it turns out that many of these pets are slated for sale to medical laboratories, Virgil has his hands full trying to stop a vigilante massacre of various suspects The kind of bumper stickers tese guys brandish include Heavily arms and easily pissed and Point and click means you are out of ammo Just as their tracking along waterways and woods starts to home in on where the dogs are being held, Virgil identifies some remote facilities as a meth lab This higher priority crime gets him sidetracked into helping the DEA commandos with planning a raid.Life starts getting especially complicated for him when he gets a call from his boss Lucas Davenport asking him to check out a nearby murder of a reporter, who was shot in the back The story he gets from various town people is that this fellow was a speed addict Meanwhile, the reader knows he was working on a big case of embezzlement by the entire county school board This is no spoiler, as the book jacket notes that the school board in private session to discuss personnel issues has come to a vote on a motion to kill a local reporter There were no votes against Thus, you get the picture that the story here is not after the meaning of particular crimes and the sociology of psychopathic killers It s about how Virgil works by enlisting various colorful characters to help figure things out, dodging all the snares and traps set by equally colorful criminals, and finally bringing them to sweet justice The chaos that results here, and in others in the series, reminds me a bit of Donald Westlake sometimes There is a wonderful night chase sequence at one point involving boats and golf carts and a grand finale of violent anti vivisectionist women against the dognappers This one really hit the spot I have to forgive Sandford again for letting the body count get so high before Virgil solves the case

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    Don t think Sandford s ever made me snuffle up before Virgil walked around to the driver s side, tagged by the yellow dog Virgil looked at the dog, and the dog looked at Virgil The dog had golden eyes, and it looked past Virgil into the empty passenger side of the truck Virgil said, All right, and waved his hand, and the dog hopped up onto the driver s seat, then crossed to the passenger seat and sat down Virgil said to the dog, With my lifestyle, I can t have a dog The dog nodded, and looked out through the windshield, ready to rollAnd to the dog, Really I can t I ll give you a lift back to Trippton The dog nodded again and smiled a dog smile Virgil said, Really.

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    Unless I miss my guess, there may be some griping about this installment in the Virgil Flowers saga, from a portion of it s fans, but I loved it for the same reasons some will probably complain.Those who read the Flowers series and the Davenport Prey series are used to a certain kind of bad guy and a certain kind of case and to put it succinctly, this ain t it There s no serial killer There s no mass murderer There s no international intrigue And what there iswell, it doesn t sound especially exciting Flowers actually starts by investigating a dog napping for his good friend Johnson Johnson While he s doing that he accidentally hooks into a case of corruption on the local school board That s it, folks Then againit s not that simple This Flowers book is certainly a departure, but in my not so humble opinion, it s a good one This book has a Justified Fargo feel to it that s always been a thread of this series, but in this book it s really brought out to the forefront And while the corruption case itself might not be very interesting, the murders that start happening to cover it up, committed by rednecks with guns, make it fun.My only complaint is a minor one Typically, I applaud Sandford for his breakneck pacing This book lacks that It s a slow roll to the bottom of a gently sloped hill instead of the typical barrel over the waterfall, but it s worth pointing out that the pace he chose suited the countrified story well So, while I kept waiting for the pickup in pace, it s probably for the best that it never came.If the whole series was like this, it might be an issue, but I, for one, applaud Sandford for mixing it up a bit and not being afraid to give his heroes lesser cases from time to time I most definitely recommend it and the whole series And for those of you who are fans of the seriesyou will fall off your chair laughing, at the end, when you hear the name of the dog That s all, I m saying though.Read it.

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    If you enjoy John Sandford, you will love Deadline My favorite Virgil Flowers story so far.

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    Warning This review contains adult language although I ve heard it from ten year olds Well maybe not in Latin Audiobook Eric Conger and Sandford are perfectly matched, especially when Conger is reading the Virgil Flowers series He has just the right articulation and sardonic quality to his narration that truly adds to the enjoyment of a fun series I really enjoy them.Virgil, a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent, is asked by a friend, Johnson Johnson, Johnson s father was enad of outboard motor manufacturers and his brother was named Mercury Johnson to investigate who has been stealing dogs in the area During the course of that investigation he discovers a meth lab, and a local man is murdered The main investigation focuses on the members of a local school board no spoiler here, the reader is fully apprised of the conspiracy from the start that has been ripping off the district and splitting the proceeds among themselves, the superintendent and the security guy I found it stretching credibility a bit to accept such a successful conspiracy among so many people and that what is portrayed as a very small community has such a huge district budget, but the story does work and in any case the details are irrelevant I do have a small gripe with regard to how most writers regard town size I live two miles east of a small town The population is 1,800 people One PT cop I used to live near a smaller town with a population of 176 Those are small towns The school district where I now live covers a very large area encompassing several other small towns and has a budget of about 6 million The closest large town, about 17 miles away, has a population of about 28,000 and the school district s budget is about 40 million, similar to the one in this story The interaction of the characters in this story is much closer to a town of 1,800 than one of 28,000 But a small town with the characteristics Sandford describes would never, imho, have a budget approaching 40 million permitting embezzlement on the scale he describes But I suppose writers who live in cities assume a small town is something around 100,000 That s a big city Then again, you can read about the Queen of embezzlers, Rita Crundwell, who stole 57 million over several decades from Dixon, Illinois, population 16,000 In classic understatement one of the city commissioners said of her financial stewardship as comptroller, she looks after every tax dollar as if it were her own This has to be the best Virgil Flowers story yet Some very funny scenes and conversation, often in the midst of serious situations I loved the boat chase across the Mississippi near the end using two very slow fishing boats followed by a golf cart chase ending in a sand trap And the Attorney General s representative who, when discussing extradition from the Cheeseheads said he would need to look up the Latin legal phrase for Fuck Off My high school Latin is very rusty, but, I believe it s Futete Don t even ask what Te futueo et caballum tuum means The Internet is amazing Virgil s new girlfriend, Frankie, does some farming and Virgil Sandford under his real name, John Camp, wrote a book about farm life in southwestern Minnesota , when given the choice between following a hay wagon and throwing bales around or having his testicles dropped in a bear trap, has to take a while to think about it I know exactly why the delay, having had to throw about a thousand bales a day into a barn daily for several summers It s dreadful.If you haven t tried the Virgil Flowers series, I highly recommend them Start with the first although they stand alone quite well Much better than the Davenport series, which are also enjoyable.

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    I love Virgil Flowers and this book takes him right into the area of Minnesota where he shines He s a good old boy, from his cowboy boots to his vintage band t shirts When a good friend tells him some dogs are being stolen, why shouldn t he hitch his boat to his truck and check things out Of course there are much serious things afoot in this little town meth cooking and the cooking of the books by the local school board Virgil is up to his eyebrows in trouble as fast as you can say What the f I just couldn t put this book down and of course I was worried about the dogs from page one Don t fret, they come out all right in a hilarious conclusion that will make you smile when you finally put the book away This is why I have Sandford on my auto buy list Must admit Virgil has leaped over Lucas Davenport as my fave character Thanks, author, for making my weekend fly by.

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    Virgil Flowers is asked by his buddy Johnson Johnson to help local dog owners catch someone stealing their dogs Virgil quickly becomes embroiled in breaking up a meth manufacturing operation hidden in the hills and a series of murders related to covering up massive fraud and misappropriation by the local school board Virgil s friendliness, homey style and determination are his strong points, but his process of sharing his developing theories with non police personnel seems unlawful and dangerous I liked some of the pick up bumper stickers at the local bar in Minnesota Got Hollowpoints and Point and click means you are out of ammo.