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Fueled By An Obsession To Fill The Void In Other People S Lives, Milla Edge Finds Lost Children All The While Trying To Outrun The Brutal Emotions Stemming From A Tragedy In Her Past Traveling To A Small Village In Mexico On A Reliable Tip, Milla Begins To Uncover The Dire Fate Of Countless Children Who Have Disappeared In The Labyrinth Of A Sinister Baby Smuggling Ring The Key To Nailing Down The Organization May Rest With An Elusive One Eyed Man As Milla S Search For Him Intensifies, The Mission Becomes Treacherous For The Ring Is Part Of Something Far Larger And Dangerous, Reaching The Highest Echelons Of Power Racing Into Peril, Milla Suddenly Finds Herself The Hunted In The Crosshairs Of An Invisible, Lethal Assassin Who Aims To Silence Her Permanently

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    Linda Howard, where have you been all my life I am really REALLY late on the LH train, but OMG I am so glad I started reading her 3This will be gush all over the place, just a warning The writing He wasn t carrying a weapon, at least none that she could see But though his hands were empty, she wasn t reassured, because his eyes were the coldest, most remote eyes she d ever seen She was looking into the eyes of a killer, and though she was so frightened she was shaking, there was something mesmerizing about that gaze and she found herself unable to look away You can tell this is an old school writer I don t want to insult any of the new ones by saying this but it has so much quality and depth it is unbelievable I saw it from page one to the last.The characters are real and uber dimensional, the story is dark and emotional, overall this is just a brilliant piece of work Bravo LH You made a fan for life here The story She felt both relaxed and protected with him, at least from outside forces Nothing, it seemed, could protect her from him, and tonight she wasn t even certain she wanted to be Claimed, and mated She was his, but was he hers And if he was, what in hell did they do about it I don t even know what you want, she said fretfully, beginning to lose herself in rising sensation This, he muttered in a dark, rough tone You.Everything I don t want to give too much away because I started the book going in blind, I had absolutely no idea what it was about, NO IDEA And I think the impact was huge on me when the story started happening because I didn t see any of it coming I m just gonna give you a tease about it She is the head of an organisation that finds lost people.He is a mysterious assassin.Circumstances bring them to work together, and neither of them can fight the attraction.The emotions He crouched in front of her, his eyes almost level with hers I didn t mean to I m sorry Cautiously he reached out and took her hand, as if making such contact wasn t something he normally did and he wasn t quite sure how to go about it His fingers were hard and hot, his palm was callused he cradled her hand in his and stroked his thumb over her knuckles Are you okay Yes, this deserves a special category because that part of the book was amazing.There was that sadness involving her from the start, it is a difficult thing to endure and I can t imagine how she felt.The middle of the book was the romance which was amazing, the sexual attraction between those two just bursting all over DBut then came the last 20% or so.OMG my heart just broke.It broke for her and for him, and the absolutely horrible decision she had to make I wanted to scream at her not to do it, though I understand why, but it just ISN T FAIR Diaz 3 What he did in that last part of the bookHe is the most amazing man ever EVER I will always love him 3The epilogueYes, it deserves a category too.I was keeping strong throughout the book, I didn t cry though at some parts I really wanted to, but the epilogue broke me.Broke I am not a fan of crying while reading books I have to admit, and the fact that I still absolutely love this book should tell you something She felt him move as he heaved himself up then he was propped on his elbow, leaning over her and blocking the sun You d better say no, he murmured, flattening his hand on her stomach The heat from his palm burned through her wet clothing to her chilled skin then he slipped his fingertips under the waistband of her jeans and she felt the heat go all the way through her I was an idiot not to read this author before, but hey at least I m starting now This is a HUUUGE rec to everyone who likes suspense books, and ones that love a good emotional kick in the guts This will deliver it for sure

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    5 StarsWow, wow, wow Wow.I almost didn t give this book a chance I tried reading it a long time ago twice but I never got past the prologue I thought I wouldn t like it.But, oh how wrong I was Because this is, hands down, best Linda Howard s book I will never forget it Never.The hero and the heroine are one of the most lovable characters in the entire romantic suspense genre How can you not love them Milla One of the best heroines ever She is such a strong character She s honest, fierce, loyal, persistent I love her and admire her from the bottom of my heart.Diaz There was nothing romantic about Diaz, no murmured sweet things, no gallant gestures, just this kiss that went on and on, deep and voracious She d never been kissed like this before, with an intensity that stripped everything down to the simplest components male, female He held her with his hand burrowed into her hair, her skull gripped in his palm, her head tilted back while he fed from her mouth That was what it felt like, a taking And yet he gave, too.It was sex as she had never known it before, raw and powerful, surprisingly sophisticated in execution but primitive in design and intent.He is NOT just another perfect book boyfriend He is NOT just another hottie you forget as soon as you start the next book.He deserves a shelf of his own He belongs to the Best Hero Ever Hall of Fame Right next to Joe Callahan, Remington Tate, Lee Nightingale and other badassest of all the badass heroes out there Because they are in a league of their own.Dark Deadly Dangerous Stoic Silent Brooding Rugged Hot Faithful Devoted Strong men Manly men Real men in every sense Yum.I m not going to lie, this book is not an easy read It ripped my heart out It deals with a very difficult subject matter but the author handled it beautifully But don t worry, view spoiler it doesn t deal with dead exes, love triangles or cheating and it does end with a HEA hide spoiler

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    The blurb says this is my second time reading this I am sure it is my third Each time I read it I say to myself I am NOT reading this book again it is draining It is heartbreaking It is beautiful I have reviewed it before but below is my little homage to the book as you can see, I loved it so much, I went out of my way to get the Hardcover only with firm favourites do I do that ORIGINAL REVIEW She woke crying, as she always did Fueled by an obsession to fill the void in other people s lives, Milla Edge finds lost children all the while trying to outrun the brutal emotions stemming from a tragedy in her past I love a tall, dark and handsome hero Diaz certainly is that The strong silent type His profile was tough, contained, a little grim His jaw was still covered with stubble, his lips compressed as if he found nothing in his life to be joyous Milla has been in limbo for ten years.I suppose I don t really want to give much of the story away as it is better to read it yourselves Maybe if he tried it often, he thought with black humor, he wouldn t seem to hungry But taking care of the matter himself was easiest, so he did It was been a couple of years since he s seen a woman he was attracted to enough to consider having sex with until he saw Milla Edge Linda Howard is a wonderful storyteller Especially her older books To be honest, I have not read any of her newer books I must.Diaz doesn t have much in his life, only his work Her mouth was completely feminine, soft and full and pink And her eyes her brown eyes were the saddest eyes he d ever seen Milla is strong, selfless she deserves happiness Besides did she really want to climb into bed with a man she was half afraid of Maybe just once, her libido whispered By morning, she was raw and sore, and knew walking would be an effort By morning, she could barely remember what it had been like to not know his body, not to have felt him inside her and held him in her arms and absorbed the power of his thrusts as he came.By morning, she was his This is a tough journey that Milla and Diaz travelled There were tears But in the end I do hope that Milla will Cry No More The darkly overcast sky, the gray and turbulent Atlantic, and the cold gray rain all blended together, robbing the day of both sunlight and color

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    4 Stars An emotionally charged, action packed read Cry No More boldly delivers a generous combo of suspense, mystery, unconventional love, and heart wrenching scenarios not to mention, abundant steam, an intense alpha hero, and one of the kindest, most determined, selfless heroines to date In an attempt to avoid revealing crucial plot details, I ll simply say that this harrowing and gripping tale had me guessing from start to finish, thoroughly exhausting my emotions in the process.This story is expressed in a simple manner, which contrasts well with its poignant subject matter The writing is graceful, straightforward, and not overly expressive I do wish there had been a bit character development, in regard to the hero his mysterious character was wonderfully constructed, but I was hoping for a bit of his backstory and just a deeper look into his intriguing persona There were multiple twists and surprising turns some were easy to decipher and others held shock value The touching epilogue was a huge turning point in the story and offered a beautiful finish to a truly profound journey This story brilliantly personifies self sacrifice and the lengths one will go to for someone they love Inspiring read Book Stats Genre Category Contemporary Romance Suspense Steam Caliber Maximum Romance Very slow build, but solid Characters Mysterious alpha hero Strong and determined heroine Plot Suspenseful and emotional Twists and turns Writing Clean, smooth Great storytelling POV 3rd Person Perspective Alternating views Cliffhanger None Standalone HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    I ve always heard great things about Linda Howard, but with so many books out there, I ve just never gotten around to reading any of her work.I know I must be living under a rock Why have I waited so long This book was simply perfect, the suspense, the emotion, the romance, all expertly blended to create a story I will never forget I highly recommend this one.

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    5 stars Romantic SuspenseCry No MoreNo kiddingI don t think I had any tears left after reading this book I stayed up until 3 30 in the morning to finish because I just had to find out what happened and the ending made me bawl like a baby Seriously, I needed a box of tissues and a big hug when I turned the last page It s an intense, gut wrenching, thought provoking, heartbreaking, emotional roller coaster ride that stays with you long after you ve finished reading it Milla is one of the strongest and most selfless heroines of any book that I ve read, and her resilient determination in the face of such agonizing grief was brave yet often painful to witness DiazSighThe bounty hunter assassin is a calm, calculating, ruthless, sexy, complex, dark gamma anti hero worthy of his own Anne Stuart Ice story He s such a fascinating, hardened yet vulnerable character, and I just flat out couldn t get enough of him Although Diaz is a cold man of few words, he and Milla share a powerful, volatile connection and explosive sexual chemistry Their romantic relationship is complicated and intense, and the love scenes are off the charts, singe your fingertips, smokin hot With a plot that centers on a mother s relentless hunt for justice and involves atrocious issues like baby snatching, child smuggling, and brutal killings for harvesting and selling organs on the black market, it s a tough, unforgiving, and poignant read This is the ideal antidote for anyone who says that romance novels are shallow, meaningless wastes of time Big 5 stars

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    Cry No More has been added to my FAVORITE shelf because I LOVED it I love the way Linda Howard writes and found it refreshing that she was able to encompass so much within this story without overdoing anything This story was intriguing, suspenseful, and emotional The two main characters were strong and inspiring Milla had a full life She was married to an honorable man that she adored and she was blissfully happy that they had just started a family She loved them and they loved her And then one day it was all gone Her life was ripped from her She wasn t supposed to survive such anguish but she did Milla was such an inspiring heroine She had an unwavering faith that what she was doing, what she was living for, would one day fill the emptiness in her heart She wouldn t be deterred by her family or friends that couldn t understand She held on to hope and took every risk necessary Milla had no way of knowing what would happen when she decided to take a risk on Diaz Diaz Oh my What a sexy and mysterious hero he was Parts of him were ruthless and dark but he was also comforting and merciful Even though Milla feared him on some level, it was his strength and determination that Milla held on to The road that Milla and Diaz was about to travel wasn t going to be an easy one Milla s determination would be tested and Diaz would find himself struggling with choices he has to make so he can hold on to the little bit of happiness he has finally found There wasn t anything he wouldn t risk There wasn t anything he wouldn t do for her He would take her pain and he would be patient I absolutely loved the rollercoaster ride that this story took me on What a heart wrenching, sexy, sweet, tender and inspiring love story this was I loved that Diaz quietly gave Milla his strength when she needed it most and Milla had the courage to accept it and be happy Lots to love with this one.right to the very end Kudos to Linda Howard for writing a pretty fantastic, sexy and different romance story.

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    4.5 StarsI d like to thank my dear friend Karla for recommending this great book to me You know me well, Karla Even better than myself I don t know why I didn t notice this book This story is about a couple Milla and David that when they were in a foreign country Mexico their son Justin was born But six week after his birth, he was kidnapped They took him from her arms in a supermarket, she really tried to not let them take him but at the end she lost him Now after 10 years, her life s isn t like her former life They divorced David has his own life with his new wife and children But Milla has not stopped looking for her son Even she has organized Finders It s a group that their duties are finding missing ones So after 10 years how she can find his son Is he alive after these years If he s alive is he happy or sad Who was behind this kidnapping Who is friend and who is enemy Okay it was a little predictable and I guessed right but it was an exciting read even though you know who is are behind everything I mean at some point it can surprise you and you think your heart is stopped beating Milla s character was so much good I loved her I loved she hadn t lost her hope even after that, those around her were constantly dissuade her and no one had any hope She reminds me of my own mother or any other mothers who want dearly protect their own children and rest assured that they will live forever, well and happy.I had difficulty to connect with Diaz But I really could feel how scary he is When I was reading this book I thought I m reading a series, it was so complete in everything And let s don t forget about that ending It was sooo perfect It was my first read by this author and definitely isn t last The writing was perfect and compelling I think it s a talent The story is told in multiple POV, 3rd person It s a standalone story All in all, I loved it and enjoyed it, hope you enjoy it as well

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    It s hard to really say what I think about this story It starts out so beautiful, showing Milla with her beautiful new baby, and then her life becomes a living hell Milla is a character that evolves so much over the course of this book She really is a person who has to rebuild herself from the ground up You see this evolution occur painstakingly, and then you see her have to go through it again near the end of the book It s one of those books that I got to the point where I wanted no distractions while I read I turned the tv off, pulled the covers up over me and immersed myself to see how the conclusion would unfold And when I finished this book, it was past my bedtime, but I was too keyed up to go to sleep right away I had to start another lighter book to wind down.This is definitely a five star book The power of the story, the utterly believeable and intense nature of its protagonist, Milla, and her counterpart in Diaz really made this book a winner for me There is some suspense, but really it s a book about a inner journey with an external crusade Most of the violence is off screen I wonder if this was a deliberate move on Howard s part Would this have been written differently if this was about a man s search for his lost child I can t say I wanted violence I think it was great the way it was written This is Milla s story, and she owns it Yet, Diaz has a way of stealing the show without overshadowing Milla.There was a part of the book where I was asking, why is she showing Milla doing housework, and going through her beauty regimen in such excruciating detail Then it occurred to me This woman lost everything She has to have some sort of normalcy in a life utterly bereft of normalcy She has dropped everything so that she could find her baby, and that was all she focused on So she needed the few moments of normalcy in her life to stay sane.Most people who have read this book talk about how it made them cry We ll talk about the crying part later First let s talk about how angry this book made me I didn t get a headache, but I felt a smoldering rage inside at what Milla and other women who went unavenged and unresolved in this novel went through, and why How could people be so devoid of humanity to do some things that people in this book did Let s talk about who did it If I had one wish that this book had shown, it was to see Milla confront the people who were the masterminds behind her son s kidnapping The actual identities were such that my anger flourished as I read this book Betrayal of that kind could not be easily, if ever forgiven Yet we never see her confront anyone involved except the man who stole her baby from her arms, and a lady who took care of the baby for a short time We never see Milla confront her betrayers I wonder if Ms Howard wanted to focus on the most important aspect for Milla, closure And then let s talk about Milla s family I wanted to be angry at her ex husband, David, but in the end, I felt sorry for him He didn t have it in him to be with the as he called Milla He wasn t a warrior in the sense that Diaz was He couldn t walk at her side, as Diaz does But he does support her in the best way he can Not so for her brother and sister There is a scene where I wanted to slap the living tar out of Milla s sister, Julia She comes to pick a fight with Milla when it s clear Milla doesn t have the time or inclination to be around either her brother or sister, when they toss out callous directives like, Forget him He s gone As if that s so easy a thing to do We don t see how this is resolved either Again, I felt that Howard wanted to keep a sharp focus on what really mattered, Milla and her resolution of losing her baby.Diaz is one of the things that kept me reading I m sorry if that sounds shallow of me He was so fascinating to me He was like the opposite of what many heroes are, and so appealing He is a social misfit, but in the most intimidating of ways People are scared to death of the man He does some questionable things But deep down, he has a lot of honor I cannot even call him an antihero He s a hero that willingly gets his hands dirty instead If there was a man that was made for Milla, it s him It was interesting to see Milla deal with her feelings for Diaz She doesn t understand how she could connect with him on such a deep level, with him being so cold, so remote, so deadly Well the old Milla certainly could not have But she wasn t that person any The new Milla needed a man like Diaz, in my opinion I didn t think that Diaz was blameless when he betrays Milla He does something that he shouldn t have It was wrong He knew it But he did it for the right reasons in his mind He didn t know what Milla would do, and he did what was characteristic of him dirty to keep things clean in the end I was very glad that Milla was able to forgive him, because he really did need and want her forgiveness He needed the connection with her to be human and to have a chance at a normal life.I think that he showed his love for her unreservedly when he stood by her side when she had to do one of the hardest things any parent could have to do there are worst things, not too many, though I loved his caring, consideration, and patience with Milla towards the end of the book, how he watched out for in ways that few people could or would have, without ever being asked I loved how he knew she was what he wanted and needed, and stayed the course He was the soulmate for the new Milla Ah, the man just fascinated me terribly.I didn t cry until the part that was very hard for Milla occurred I started crying when she went to see her ex husband with the news The interaction between them was brilliantly written because it showed that they would still be happily married and a cohesive whole if their baby hadn t been kidnapped Yet at the same time, you see that they have gone in different directions and they will never be one whole again David was the soulmate for the old Milla, who would never exist again Yet they would always have a bond through their mutual son and their love for him That was one of the best scenes in this book, in my opinion.I was glad that we got a great epilogue that showed that Milla would have a good life in the future I really needed to see that after so many years of her sacrificing, and the cost of what she gave up It was great to see.This is one of those books it took forever for me to get around to reading Honestly, I avoid stories with children being hurt and kidnapped and loved ones suffering Too real life for me But Linda Howard managed to make me love this story so much, because Milla is the kind of woman that you cannot help but admire and root for And Diaz is the kind of hero that is needed in this dark world One of my all time favorite kinds of heroes, dark with hidden depths of light Cry No More is without a doubt a wonderful book.

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    5 shiny stars I just want to start off by saying that this was probably the most difficult review I ve written to date Even though my friends on GR warned me that this would be a tear jerker, nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for actually reading, and experiencing what happened at the end of the story KUDOS to Ms Howard s storytelling THE BEFORE1993 Mexico In the beginning of the story, We re introduced to Milla and David Boone David is a surgeon working for a year in Mexico offering a free clinic Milla s found out she was pregnant just before David was set out to leave, but after meeting with the teams OB GYN, Milla she feels secure in having her baby in Mexico with David Milla and David s baby is now 6 weeks old, and they re looking forward to finishing up in Mexico and moving back to the States One morning while Milla is at the market getting a few groceries, two men corner her One of the men cuts the sling that holds her baby Justin to her front and frantically she leans forward to prevent her baby from falling, only to realize that her son has been snatched out of her arms Milla viciously fights the man clawing at his face, until he loosens his hold on her son Just when she thinks she s able to get Justin, she feels a searing, paralyzing pain in her back and she drops like a rock to the market floor When she finally looks up she sees the man running away carrying her son like a football under his arm, She calls out for someone. anyone Someone get my baby but no one helps her THE AFTER 10 years later. El Paso, New MexicoMilla is now 33 years old, and here s the countdown of her last 10 year..10 years ago, Justin was stolen from her, and she barely survived the stabbing to her kidney.9 years ago, David divorced her She didn t blame him David hadn t just lost his son, he d also lost his wife From the time she d regained consciousness after being stabbed, her every thought, her life, had focused on finding Justin There simply hadn t been anything left in her for David.8 years ago, following another lead to find Justin, Milla recovered a stolen baby, and was able to return the infant to an hysterical mother She didn t have any closure with her own son s disappearance, but somehow she was able to offer it to some other mother.7 years ago, she organized Finders, a group of people set out to mobilize and hunt missing or stolen children.6 years ago, David remarried.5 years ago, Finders received their first missing persons case They didn t just search for missing children, but adults as well.4 years ago, David and his new wife had their first child, a daughter.3 years ago, Milla s brother told her to get on with her life, and forget about her son She hasn t spoken to him since.2 years ago, Milla heard the name Diaz for the first time, and the possibility of him being involved in Justin s disappearance David and his wife had their second child, a boy That night Milla cried herself to sleep.Tonight. tonight following a anonymous tip telling her Diaz would be at a meeting behind a church in Mexico, she saw the man who tore her son out of her arms She would never forget his face, but also she left her mark on him, because now he only had one eye Milla puts word out that she looking for Diaz She asks her friend and a sponsor of Finder s, True Galligar to find any information on Diaz She soon discovers that Diaz is not the person who has stolen her son, but that he is an assassin, and if the money s right, he can find anyone After a rather scary first meeting with Diaz, Milla convinces Diaz to help her find her son At first Milla is wary to be around Diaz, because he moves like a panther, has a cold look in his eyes like he s a sociopath , and screams predator whenever you look at him But, after awhile, Milla soon realizes that Diaz is only cold, and cruel to those who deserve it, and she knows in her heart that he would never hurt her Milla soon starts to become attracted to Diaz She s never had this type of attraction to anybody else in her life before and it scares her because she knows this man can be brutally dangerous.As a reader I really did not like Diaz z character, but as the story progresses, and the I get to know him I soon fall in love with him He is guarded, and only opens himself up to people who he trusts, and that seems to be only Milla.As the story builds, so does the bond between Diaz and Milla They soon realize, by putting pieces together from information they ve discovered, that for last 10 years Milla has been fed misinformation to keep her off track from finding her son.There is a huge conspiracy going on, with deceit, and absolute betrayal from people Milla thought were her friends and people she loved.This is were the story gets really exciting, and without giving too much away, I gotta say that I DID NOT expect the ending this story had.Milla s journey was so well written, and her heart breaking obsession to find her son..even after so many years, after everyone else gave up was so touching and believable.When Milla finally finds out the truth, and what happened to Justin the best way I could describe how I felt for her is THE PRESENT and then there s the Epilogue All I can say is MY GOD It is how it should be because, she deserves nothing else One of the best stories I ve read to date, and definitely one I ll be re reading