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Meet Crash Coogan Crash Seems To Be All Brawn And No Brains, But He Will Need Than Mere Muscles To Face The Upcoming Challenges In His Life Now Available In Paperback, Award Winner Jerry Spinelli Has Created A Hilarious, Poignant Story Of A Cocky Seventh Grade Super Jock From The Trade Paperback Edition Crash was about a kid who s nickname was Crash He used to make fun of a boy called Penn Webb I liked the book because it had detail and I felt like I was there I recommend this book to many people who are interested to read it. Crash John Coogan is the typical jock At least what most of us have in mind as a jock Crash has a wonderful life, until life deals him a hand that he could not have expected When Crash s grandfather unexpectedly has a stroke, Crash unconsciously steps back and re evaluates his life without even realizing he s doing it Suddenly, his cool friends don t seem so cool any Things that were once the most important in his life, become trivial As a result of his grandfather s illness, Crash becomes aware of the world around him and realizes there important things in life than breaking records in football I can connect because Crash and his Grandfather were really close My grandmother and I were really close too before she died I felt really different without her I changed a lot about myself and she was a role model to me like his grandfather was to him This book can be related to many people and situations Its a very common issue.I would rate this book a 3.5 or 4 because I like who people can think about their personal experience They can compare how they dealt with it and how Crash changed Its very detailed and explains everything it need too. I myself am a 7th grade jock just like John coogan the main character in the novel Crash by Jerry Spinelli In this book I was really able to relate to the main character John This book is about John coogan who plays on his schools football and track team and is one of the bullys at his school Springfield middle school he likes to pick on this one kid named Penn Webb because he is a nerd and a cheerleader to John would shoot Penn with a water pistol john said well, it ain t going to work sonny Hasta la vista, hambone Bam Bam Bam I fired three quick ones But he realizes that even though he set the record for most touchdowns scored in a season for his school He can t have everything like this one girl who is very pretty named Jane forbs who he is crazy for and for some reason likes Penn Webb This book is about how john s 7th grade year changed him forever John coogan is one of my favorite parts of this book because I can relate to him and I have been in a few of his situations before I also like him because jerry spinelli makes it so I can picture everything that happens Jerry spinelli wrote this book in a way that I just want to keep reading and this is one of the few for me One of the problems that John has is that his grandpa came to live with him and falls out of a tree and has a stroke John s grandpa does not even remember his name any He does not know if he wants to be in the Penn relays for track or instead give the only spot left to Penn Webb something he would never do in a million years Crash is filled with characters like Penn s parents, uncle Herm, Abby, and Bridget Jerry Spinelli makes it seem like they are all you friends and relatives This book can be a real page turner if you into football, kids day today lives or just want a good book to read so go out and read Crash and then recommend it to a friend.