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This is one of the best books in print on this subject and should be on the shelf of every serious lover of jewelry as an art form What Is Contemporary Jewelry What Makes It Unique What Distinguishes These Objects And Practices From Other Visual Arts Contemporary Jewelry In Perspective Provides Clear Definitions, Concise History, And Cultural Context For The Form, Along With Abundant Illustrations Of An Amazing Range Of Work Featuring Notable Contributors From Around The World, It Offers Fascinating Discussions On Creating, Collecting, Exhibiting, Selling, And Wearing These Pieces, As Well As Individual Essays That Present A Global Perspective On The Art Over The Past To Years Jewelers, Designers, Students, Collectors, And Historians Will Find This Essential ReadingThe Book Is A Joint Venture Between The Art Jewelry Forum Artjewelryforum And Lark Jewelry Beading Great book Lots of interesting information and inspiration. I had been salivating over this book since first seeing it at the Tampa Museum of Art If you are looking for than photographs, and want context for your inspiration, this book is perfect. This book goes deeper into the discussion of what jewelry means now and through the past I m still devouring the contents, I highly recommend this book Has a great range of writers and contributors.